10 April, 2013

Mi Na Rae Korean BBQ @ Sri Petaling

Strategically tucked in the commercial area of Sri Petaling, Mi Na Rae may not be a very renowned Korean restaurant but it has gained much popularity over the years for its authenticity of Korean food as it is run by a family of real Koreans themselves. 

Reflecting a contemporary and casual-style Korean dining, Mi Na Rae incorporates a Korean oriental design as we notice the interior is walled with soft tones, matched with wooden furniture and flooring.

 #1 Banchan (Korean Side Dishes) 

I am a regular at this restaurant, as my family loves going Korean when it comes to celebrations and special occasions. Each time visiting this eatery brings me excitement, as the lady boss welcomes us with different kinds of Korean side dishes and the varieties increase by the frequency of our visits. 

 #2 Pumpkin Pancakes (Side Dishes)

Luck is on my side every time at Mi Na Rae, because they always have my favourite pumpkin pancakes as a side dish. They just won't mind refilling this for me, about 4-5 times during each visit!

  #3 10 Types of Banchan (Korean Side Dishes) 

  #4 Neck Shoulder Pork @ RM25

I guess what excites us the most during a Korean dinner is the range of pork the restaurant offers. We love the well-marinated pork to be barbecued into juicy perfection, then add a dollop of special spicy sauce and finally wrap them in a lettuce. Delicious! 

Hygiene is one of my main concerns when dining outside. Mi Na Rae always serves the meaty portion fresh while maintaining the air ventilation within the restaurant. No smoky odour upon leaving home :) 

  #5 Kimchi Jjigae @ RM16

One of my favourite is the kimchi stew, a hot stone bowl stuffed with assorted vegetables, bean curds and Korean glass noodles. For kimchi lovers, you'd expect a well-flavoured soup that is spicy enough to tickle your taste buds and that's exactly what I found here!

The broth is hot and spicy, but at the same time it gives comfort to my tummy.
Definitely love it!
 #6 Sam Gae Tang @ RM30

For the faint-hearted ones, the Korean Stuffed Chicken Soup with Ginseng is the next best broth after kimchi. Boiled in a broth of Korean ginseng, the chicken was stuffed with glutinous rice and it absorbed the ginseng flavour well. However, I'd enjoy better if the taste of ginseng can be heavier and more noticeable, but I couldn't ask better for this price.

#7 Pa Jeon @ RM25

A must try! The Korean pancake with seafood and spring onion at Mi Na Rae had been improvised to a thicker, fuller version but remained at the same price. A dip into the sweet chilli sauce brings out the aroma of the stuffing in the pancake and it is best served while hot. 

 #8 Dak Galbi @ RM23 per pax

If you're a fan of Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, you may want to try the Stir-Fried Chicken in Chilli Pepper Paste here. I love robust flavourful from the sweet hot chilli paste that suffuses well into the diced chicken and rice cake. The minimum order for Dak Galbi is at least 2 persons.

After finishing about 70% of the dish, the waiter will add some rice / noodle (based on your choice) into the sizzling hot pan and fry it with the ingredients until dry so that we can enjoy a stronger taste and aroma. 

1. Mi Na Rae offers a pleasant dining experience with its high quality and authentic range of Korean food, at a comparably low price.
2. If you prefer comfort food and a homey ambiance, head to Mi Na Rae and you wouldn't regret :) However if you're craving for more barbecued pork, I'd say Daorae makes a better choice.
3. Recommended: Kimchi Soup and Pa Jeon 

Mi Na Rae Korean BBQ Restaurant
39, Jalan Radin Bagus, 
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 016-340 2658 / 012-695 6987
Business Hours: 11am till 10pm daily


  1. Not really a fan when comes to Korean foods but would love to try the stir fried chicken in chilli pepper paste cause I love spicy foods.

  2. *DROOLING* ahhhh
    Love Kimchi Jjigae! ;-)

  3. Kimchi Jjigae is the must when I dine in Korean restaurant :)

  4. Of course I remember you.. I am doing fine.. :) graduating soon.. hee.. Will work as a doctor in Malaysia.. Weeeee.. how bout you?? doing great I suppose?

  5. Dak Galbi :D shall try this next time!

  6. addicted to kimchi jigae, i almost have to minimum eat once every week! shall try this soon.
    however, i never like daore, a few experience there and i no longer go back, since there are so many option lately.. =p

  7. I'll never say no to Korean food and I just had it last Saturday :P

  8. oh this is really near to my boyfie's place! have to drag him here next time :D

    i love kimchi stew!

  9. Fuhhhh craving for korean food now TT

  10. would love to try it some other days :P

    boh jio la u :P

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