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16 April, 2013

SHARP Workshop x ChurpChurp 2013 @ Blu Med, Mid Valley

Recently I participaed a contest by ChurpChurp x SHARP Malaysia. 
All we needed to do was tweeting a creative answer on “Why Is Clean Air Important To You?” 

 So here’s my answer. ChurpChurp favourited my tweet yet I didn’t know it was chosen as 
one of the 5 winning entries until I received an invitation from them to the SHARP Workshop.


 Perhaps I should say, it was a SHARP Beauty Workshop instead. The personnel gave us a brief introduction on SHARP best-selling Plasmacluster Ion Generator, aka Air Purifier

 What does Plasmacluster Air Purifier Do? 
1. Purify the air
2. Eliminate odor
3. Beautify your skin

All it does is emitting high-density Plasmacluster ions, so the ion generating unit needs to be replaced periodically. Theoretically, after 17500 hours (around 2 years when operated continuously 24 hours a day!), it needs to be replaced. 

 Well, if I use only during bed time, say 8 hours a day, then it can last me 6 years! *happy*

SHARP Plasmacluster Hair Conditioning Dryer

SHARP's range of beauty care products include this magical hair dryer!! My ultra dry and damaged hair looks healthier and shinier after the hair blow. Now my fingers can run smoothly through the hair!

Of course I must thank the professional hair stylist too! He is the handsome Steve from number76 hair saloon, Mid Valley Northpoint branch. Make a reservation if you want to see him there! :P

Proceeded with some lovely cupcakes prepared by Blu Med Restaurant at Boulevard Mid Valley.

Say Cheese!

It's Michelle from the-kins :) Bumped into her in the morning, and went to this event together later in the afternoon. She is a very nice person indeed, and I love her fashion alot! 

A picture with Cheesie, before she dyes her hair red! :) 

Met BoboStephanie too, she's such a cute person :) 

AND...all of them are married yet looking so youthful and pretty. 
I swear I must be as pretty after getting married. Lol. No 'aunty' type okay.

After filling our stomach with some light bites, it was time for games and more fun with the bloggers and churpers of the day! We were given an ion generator each and asked to decorate it based on our creativity. The winning person would walk home with her very own creation!

The pure white ion generator had turned into a colorful one :)

Beauty Pageant. Lol. Who's the winner? 

SHARP was being really generous to us during the event.
 All of the participants can bring their very unique Plasmacluster Ion Generator worth RM499 home!

Not to forget, we were given a compact and lightweight Plasmacluster Air Care Equipment each 
to  keep us beautiful and fresh on the go! 


Baby, please treat me well for the next 6 years :)


  1. wow that's an interesting stuff i think i kinda need that

  2. Wow! So many nice free things to bring home.. Lovely workshop!!!

  3. What an awesome event to attend :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Haha. You're so funny with that last line. I do have two sharp air purifiers at home ler. They should sponsor me for being loyal. lol.


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