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17 April, 2013

SKINZ Girls Day Out Beauty Workshop: Nurul Wahab & Hannah Lo

Hi. Do you miss me?

It's time for some selca before I share with you the fun and knowledge I gained during the girly event 
with SKINZ, a prominent Malaysian skin care brand.

#1 Beautiful White Setting

It was a girls day out with the celebrities, fans and bloggers, held at a romantic white private room at Gardens Lifestyle Cafe, Sunway Pyramid. It was the same venue I had my lunch with iFeel Magazine Crew few months back. 

#2 Hand Massage by Face Factors Clinic

How thoughtful is SKINZ to include some pampering sessions for us as well! Staff from Face Factors Clinic is here to pamper us with hand massages using Skinz UV White Protective Hand & Body Lotion.

#3 Skin Analysis

Professionals from SKINZ are there to assist us in analyzing our skin condition. After listening to her advice, I know I must be more hardworking in using skin care products coz' skin is always of utmost importance to me! 

#4 SKINZ UV White Series - Day Regime

#5 SKINZ UV White 10 Dimensions of Radiant Whitening

#6 SKINZ Infinite Series - Night Regime

#7 SKINZ Infinite Revives Your Youthfulness!
#8 Welcoming Speech by SKINZ Brand Manager

#9 Dr. Anjalee Mohandas, Skin Professional from Face Factors Clinic 

Next is a beauty talk by the skin professional. Having better knowledge towards our skin will definitely help us to treat and pamper our skin in proper ways!

#10 Day Regime

 #11 Night Regime

 #12 Try and Test It Yourself!

Each table is well-equipped with mirror, cleansing tissue and 5 types of SKINZ products for us to sample on. SKINZ not only produces skin care product range, bur also makeup base product as it recently adds a new member to the UV White family--- BB Cream SPF 30 PA++!!

 #13 Nurul Wahab Depp

Nurul Wahab is one of the friendliest artist I've ever seen. She has been in the music industry since 16 years ago, while running the business of Herbalife company with her husband. 

#14 Sharing Session with Nurul

She is the ambassador to SKINZ, so here she is to share her years of experience with SKINZ. She said she really loves the scent of the products (Same as I do!) and even uses them for both the face and body!

#15 SKINZ UV WHITE Perfect White BB Cream SPF30 PA++

Although I already have many different BB cream in my cosmetic box, I don't mind trying new ones! Among those I've tried, this is the first stored in a tube, with a pump-head cap.

The colour is slightly lighter than my skin tone, nonetheless I love the easy blending and smooth coverage that doesn't feel too sticky on the face. The texture is not so airy, but light enough to freshen my skin.

#16 SKINZ UV WHITE Miracle Blackhead Exfoliator

As the name suggests, the exfoliator really works like miracle!  It is quick, easy and convenient to use.

Rub the translucent gel around the T-zone area in a circular motion and it will clump into rubbery-like substance that removes rough, dull and dead skin cells.

#17 SKINZ UV WHITE Whitening Day Moisturiser SPF20 PA++

A water-based day cream that is quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin 
to whiten, protect and hydrate your skin during the day.

#18 SKINZ INFINITE Deep Moist Cleansing Foam

The cleansing foam looks delicious! Haha. I always love face cleanser that appears milky in a way that it feels so soft on the skin. I think for this, you don't even need to wet your face before application.

It works like a cream on dry skin, slowly changing into foam as its small particles penetrates deeply into the skin to remove dirts, dust and moisten your skin.

#19 SKINZ INFINITE Youth Recall Serum

Combat aging! Best for women aged 28 and above. It feels light and non-sticky at all, and I love the fast absorption into my skin. As it infuses deep into your skin, it helps to renew skin cells from within. Now, wave goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation!

5 products for trial and testing. I love the exfoliator and cleansing foam the most!

#20 Special Guest: Hannah Lo

The pretty lady, famous in the Malaysian modelling industry, Hannah Lo is here with us for the day too. She prefers light daily make-ups but still will rely heavily on skin care products to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. That's where SKINZ products come in handy :)

#21 Yours truly, Hannah, Caroline 

#22 Entertainment Time: Love Songs

I guess bloggers and the fellow fans of Nurul Wahab are really fortunate to be able to watch her performing live on her old songs as well as some universal hits including I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.

#23 Group Picture of the Day

It's an all-girls picture! Thank you, that's a lot of fun!

#24 Nurul Wahab, Yours Truly, Hannah Lo

#25 Light Refreshments 

Honestly speaking, I love this place and I have even reviewed this restaurant here: Garden Lifestyle Cafe. They always serve good food and lovely desserts. Pretty satisfying and comfort to my palate. 

#26 Chocolate Mousse and Brownies

#27 Mini Chocolate, Fruity and Nutty Tarts

#28 Petite Strawberries

Thank You SKINZ for the lovely afternoon with loads of goodies to bring home! :D

SKINZ™ UV White comes in classy white packaging trimmed with silver and pink lettering.
SKINZ™ Infinite is packaged in black packaging with purple tones that bring out its characteristics.

Guess what I found at the Guardian store :) 

SKINZ is available at all major pharmacies and leading retail outlets nationwide. 
 For more information, kindly log on to or


  1. another set of beauty products huh can male use that?
    haha yumyum for the cakes

  2. wah, so nice to be at this event. liking the products so far?

  3. I am using their cleansing foam and also eye revive therapy. ;-)
    Din know Skinz has BB cream too...

  4. can guys use the products too? :)
    you look so pretty. :)

  5. u all look gorgeous <3 <3
    the photos of the desserts are making me hungry ><

  6. What an awesome day with fabulous products and desserts :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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