15 August, 2013

Scholl: My Shoes Boutique Experience

Walking has been part and parcel of my life when I first started walking to school since I was 7. This continued up to my high school years. And now I'm in university, I guess old habits die hard because I love to park my car further so that I can walk for 10-15 minutes to the campus every day.

As much as I enjoy walking, it is sad to see that the sole of the shoes getting worn out easily. And my legs often get tired although it is so used to walking. I was clueless about the importance of foot health until I met Scholl, the 'doctor' for my feet

Scholl, is a global brand that I believe, needs no introduction. Established since over 100 years ago by Dr Scholl in USA, Scholl is the pioneer of footwear that uses ergonomics and technology for the best of foot health, comfort and well being. 

Choosing the right pair of footwear is as important as picking what to eat everyday. Often we hear that "What you eat is what you are", now I learn that what I wear is what I am too! Trust me, looking great and fashionable is nothing comparable to owning a pair of shoes that gives adequate comfort and support for the best of foot health.

So I was at Scholl Sunway Pyramid to shop for a pair of footwear that suits myself the best. I must admit that Scholl is always my Mum's favourite but not for me. But looking at Scholl's latest collection, I totally change my mind! 

Latest in store is the Eilina Range in July 2013 Autumn Winter Collection- Fashionable slip-on and sling back heels in beige, blue, brown and black. Definitely a must-have wardrobe staple for casual wear!

A couple of months later, you'd see this Eliza Range in September 2013 Scholl Autumn Winter Collection, comprising open-toed wedges and covered shoes which feature the Scholl Arch Support foot bed that supports flat feet, weak or fallen longitudinal arches, relieving foot strain and tiredness.  

Oh did I forget to mention that Scholl has incorporated 8 different comfort technologies to their footwear? During my visit at Scholl, I got to know of all unique foot bed features and managed to work out the best pair for myself.

(1) Bioprint (2) Gelactiv
(3) Arch Support  (4) Sole Support
(5) Memory Cushion (6) Massage 
(7) Biomechanics and (8) Starlit

Now let's try them out! The new arrivals [Sole Support] look trendy and easy to use. As soon as I slip it on, I feel that it is so sturdy and comfortable. Suitable for long hours of walking without damaging your feet.

They come in various colors and designs that you wouldn't feel bored anymore!

 [Bioprint] Slip-ons and sling backs look great with any skirts, trousers or even dresses! Bioprint foot bed conforms to the natural contours of your feet, absorbs shock from every step you take and provides maximum support to each part of the foot. 

For the heels collection that I tried, they are so light-weight that I don't feel anything on my feet! But... there are so many varieties here, I really had a hard time choosing one.

How about a pair of [Arch Support] red leather wedges? The Arch Support foot bed feels soft and gives a 'cushion' to the arch so that it doesn't feel tired and weak.

If you wish to relax your feet even while walking, then the colorful [Massage] sandals are great to massage the soles of your feet and improve blood circulation.

Half an hour later...
I still couldn't make up my mind! At Scholl, I am spoilt with wide array of choices of styles, designs, colors and foot wear technologies.

Finally...I was convinced by the friendly staff that the [Biomechanics] floral series in the front row suits me the best because she explained that it is clinically designed to reduce heel, ankle and lower back pain and helps to realign the posture of your feet and body, which I feel very useful for myself. 

But this range is too popular that it went out of stock for my size :( 

So I decided on a red pair of Sole Support leather slip-on with adjustable buckles on the sides.

...with premium quality leather strap, slip resistant sole, thick cushion shoe base, easy slip-on. 

Additional support by tightening the buckle so that it doesn't slip easily. 
I feel more secure wearing Scholl now! 

Does it look good on my feet? I have been wearing them for a week now, and I still can't accept the fact that it is so wonderful! Sorry, my dear feet, I realise I've been treating you badly all this while. Now you're protected and relieved from any tenderness =)

Since I couldn't decide which is better, my final decision is to have them both! Don't ask if my metallic bronze Bioprint slip-on has similar design with the red one, coz' ease of wearing is my style!

To compare both pairs, this is even lighter and more comfortable as my feet sink onto the contoured surface of the foot bed. Now my feet are loving me for this pair of gift, no more complaining about tired and aching feet!

Which pair do you prefer? Or do you fancy something else from the store? Feel free to hop by at any Scholl outlets to experience the comfort and style for yourself! The staff there is more than willing to assist. As for me, I think it is a great experience to try different types of foot wear and learn more about your own feet.

If you are facing issues with your feet / shoes, here are some of the remedies 
such as odour control spray, heel repair cream, foot cream, heel cushion and more!

Have not found something you like yet?
More new collections are coming your way throughout 2013...

Edge Range in September 2013 Scholl Autumn Winter Collection 

Have your man looking sleek and stylish in this edgy design of lace ups and slip-ons. 
The special Massage foot bed improves blood circulation and smooth away tension.
Evelyn Range in October 2013 Scholl Autumn Winter Collection 

Give your feet a break with Scholl’s Evelyn range in stone, black, olive, mustard, brown and cream. The Sole Support foot bed helps lift weakened metatarsal arches so that the ball of your foot is protected and relieved of any tenderness.
For Her: Camelia 2 Range 
For Him: Edison Range

November will see the releases of heels for her and shoes for him! Show off your femininity floral heels with Arch Support in peach, dark brown or taupe. And let your man look young and hip with the Velcro and lace up shoes with Gelactiv, the foot bed with impact absorbing gel to keep your legs and feet energised.

Festive Ladies Range in December 2013 Scholl Autumn Winter Collection

Best thing is saved for the last! I just can't wait to own the elegant pair of Festive Ladies that features a feminine bow to complete my outfit for Christmas dinner and dance! The combination of black and light purple makes me feel like a princess again =) 

Edeline Range in December 2013 Scholl Autumn Winter Collection

The Edeline wedge collection with Scholl’s Arch Support keeps you looking fashionable with its bold colour combinations of brown and camel, and black and red. Aren't those charming colours for Christmas and New Year? 

Thank you Doris from Scholl for the kind assistance =)

Scholl Sunway
LG 1.87A, 
Lower Ground One,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-5636 9011


  1. They are comfort but they still do look uncle and aunty-ish leh

  2. fewww weed! since when fish got leg that can wear shoes? XD *just joking*

  3. Scholl is a very trusted brand, I love their quality!

  4. Good brand. Would be nice if they could update some of the shoes design

  5. good quality but the design suits my parents more -.- " (agreed with Henry)

  6. now i wonder if scholl was a mispelled school haha just kiddind
    their items seems tough and cute

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  8. Scholl sandals do not longer look as if the wearer has a foot problem. Women get to choose from many stylish designs from glamorous high heel sandals that are sure to make an impression at dinner parties, and gladiator style sandals for comfortable walks through the city.For more information Visit shoescast.com

  9. November will see the arrivals of heels for her and shoes for him! Flaunt your womanliness botanical heels with Arch Support in peach, dull chestnut or beige. What's more, given your man a chance to look youthful and hip with the Velcro and ribbon up shoes with Gelactiv, the foot bed with effect retaining gel to keep your legs and feet invigorated.

    James J. Lashbrook


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