09 October, 2013

Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge


Nestle Drumstick is on a mission to search for the adventurous ones in Malaysia. If you love Fear Factor and Running Man, this is your chance to head out for adventure and win prizes worth more than RM100,000!

Only For The Adventurous. Are you one of them? ;)

Okay the challenge is not as tough as you'd thought! From 30 September to 10 November, Nestle will be having roadshows across Malaysia, and your task is pretty simple. Just hunt for Nestle Ice Cream Freezers and go for Nestle Extreme Challenge. 

Jessica, FiSh, Melissa, Elie 

We were at Sunway Lagoon main entrance, our first adventure with Nestle Drumstick. 
Everyone haz sunnies! I regretted for not bringing mine, coz' Mr. Sunshine was working really hard there.

Let's get wet and dirty with Nestle Drumstick! 

My aim was to win away RM50 cash and Sunway Lagoon entrance pass! Just enter the dark room, grab a Nestle Drumstick from the freezer inside, and get out from there. Time counting begins at the moment you reach the ice cream, if you manage to escape with 5 seconds, the RM50 cash is yours. Sounds easy? There are secret tricks behind it!

Nana iz ready with her helmet and protective gears! 

Look at the evil grin! I gonna reveal what happens behind the scene... 

Once you grab the ice cream, the evil , spooky music will be in the air. Someone will be blasting water and sand from the top, and throwing tyres from the bottom. I also felt as if my shoulders were being punched from the sides as the 'ghosts' were moving the black poles. 

Now you know why this handsome man came out so wet and sandy all over his body!

Sabby with her Nestle Drumstick and Sunway Lagoon entrance ticket.

Same goes to me. I didn't manage to complete the challenge within 5 seconds, but the fun didn't just end there! Nestle treated me with its signature Nestle Drumstick Ekstrem Choc, and an entrance pass to Sunway Lagoon so that I can continue my extreme adventure there.

We girls were all prepared for the challenge!

Yang Bao Bei and I (She's so cute and I look gigantic here -.-)

With the fellow bloggers and Nuffies for the adventurous day out!

Happily munching on my favourite chocolate ice cream. It's FREE for the first 1000 LINE app user of the day. Sinfully rich and indulgent, Nestle Drumstick Ekstrem Choc definitely made my day after all the sweats and pain.

Extremely happy with Nestle Drumstick Ekstrem Choc!

Last but not least, here's a group photo for the bloggers family!

A Simple Guide For Nestle Drumstick Most Adventure Challenge

For more information, visit http://on.fb.me/16mEDgF

Nestle Official Website: www.nestle.com.my
Nestle Drumstick Facebook: www.facebook.com/NestleDrumstick


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