30 November, 2013

MaTiC Fest 2013 with Friends, Family & Tourists

Hello sweeties! How do you spend your weekend? Mine was pretty contented because there was so much fun at MaTic Fest 2013! If you do not already know what is it, MaTiC Fest is an annual carnival organized by Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) to promote MaTiC as an one-stop centre for tourists from near and far.

This beautiful architectural and historical landmark is the one-stop tourist centre we're talking about. Here you can find tourist information counters, modern and equipped halls, meeting rooms, handicraft centre and cultural events. 

This year, MaTiC Fest is held from 29 November to 1 December 2013, at the open parking space beside MaTiC. Since it is open to the local and foreign visitors with no entrance fee, you bring your friends, family and even the whole village here to eat, play and have fun!

If you notice the huge board behind us, that's the itinerary of the activities held throughout this 3-days event.

Here's the line up of the activities, with respective prizes to be won!

i. Paint Ball Tournament – Champion (RM 2000 & medals)
ii. Cat Show Exhibition & Competition – Champion (Trophy & gifts)
iii. Treasure Hunt – Champion (RM 600 & 2 medals)
iv. Karaoke Competition – Champion (RM1000 & hamper)
v. Batik Painting Competition – Champion (RM 150)
vi. Citizen Sports Challenge – Champion (RM 500)
vii. Colouring Contest – Champion (RM 150)
viii. Arm Wrestling Competition – Champion (Male: RM1000 & medal; Female: RM200)
ix. Tamiya Competition – Champion (Tamiya cars, trophy & hamper)

When I arrived at 10am, the Paintball Tournament 3-on-3 had already commenced. 
How could I miss the first part of such exciting game?!

They looked so professional and well-equipped!

After watching for a while, I felt like playing too! The pain was definitely worth the fun!

After getting enough of the morning sunlight, we moved on to the huge tent where the main stage was located. The karaoke singing competition made the perfect eye candy if you were up for some music.

The comprehensive events were specially catered for both young and old. If your little ones
have creative minds, why not participate in the colouring contest to unleash their talents?

One of the most popular events was the Tamiya's mini car-racing competition!

I didn't know that these racing minis were so valuable! Each car part would already cost a bomb to me.

For the feline lovers out there, there was a cat exhibition in the big, air-conditioned tent. Innocent-looking kittens were ready for adoption for FREE, whereas well-groomed cats were exhibited for sale at a negotiable price. Cat owners could shop for cat food, accessories and shelter outside the cat exhibition tent.

Goodies from MaTiC and the clowns were up for grabs! 

After walking half of the space, my stomach was already growling, so there we went for food hunting. Different local delights were served at each food stall, including Mee Kolok, Laksa Sarawak, Nasi Ayam Berempah, Keropok Lekor, Sirap Ros and more!

MaTiC Fest also gains support from KFC, Ribena Malaysia, Secret Garden, Cocoa Boutique, Saloma Bistro, as well as collaborates closely with Tourism Malaysia, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) dan Secretariat of Visit Malaysia Year 2014. Let's hop over to their booths one by one!

A wide array of local souvenirs were available for sale including Durian chocolates (Super delicious when I tried the sample!), kain batik, key chains, T-shirts and caricature painting.

Are you ready for Visit Malaysia Year 2014? Lots of promotion will be coming soon!

Arm Wrestling booth welcomed your participation in their competition; Open for both women and men. 

Although I didn't manage to catch the performances by local artists--- Hyper Act, Kumpulan Estranged, Lan Typewriter, Amanda Imani, M Daud Kilau and Ezlyn--- it was a great Saturday spent for sports, knowledge and culture. I should bring my family here next year!

Malaysia Tourism Centre 
109, Jalan Ampang, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603 9235 4800 / 4900
Fax: 03 2162 1149
Website: www.matic.gov.my
Facebook: fb.com/PPMMaTiC

Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink + Giveaway

Aging is the secret killer in every woman, don't you agree? I used to think that makeups can conceal all the flaws, but no, not for dark circles. I don't usually put thick makeups, but the dark circles are so visible and they just don't go away no matter how well I eat, sleep and rest.

I know the dark circles can only be removed from within--- from the body and blood itself. Therefore, I choose BerryBright Eye Nourishing Drink that helps to improve eyesight and reduce dark circles. Don't get me wrong, BerryBright is not only for those with poor eyesight, in fact it is suitable for both young and old for the best of the eyes!

Here are 6 symptoms that show you need BerryBright! And I already hit 4 of us =( As we grow older (ahem, although I'm not that old yet), our eyes tend to get dry, tired and sensitive more easily. Plus, nowadays I believe each of us owns a smartphone which we cannot live without. So....no way to say No to BerryBright, right?

Oh no... are you at risk of developing an eye problem? I think I am! 

What Is Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink?

Being a health supplement, it is a functional eye nourishing drink that is packed with
powerful natural antioxidants, vital nourishment and protection that "heals" your eyes. 
You must be wondering what "magic" does Berry Bright do to our eyes!

Here you go... Understand more about your eyes.

Berry Bright helps to:
• Reduce eye fatigue and relieves symptoms like dryness, irritation, pain and blurred vision.
• Reduce dark circles and improves blood circulation around the eyes.
• Prevent eye diseases, delaying the onset of presbyopia.
• Improve night vision, short-sightedness and light sensitivity.
• High in antioxidants protect from free radical damage.

Why Cassis Berry?
....because it is very high in antioxidants! The active Cassis Extract 35 is yielded from the premium Cassis berries in New Zealand. One tonne of the fruits will only yield 2 kilograms of the extract. Imagine how precious they are!

BerryBright also contains 4 types of unique anthocyanins for eye health!

Anthocyanins found in Blackcurrants help in fighting against cardiovascular disease,
eyestrain and urinary infections amongst many other health problems.  

Each box of BerryBright comes in 20 sachets, completed with detailed product information, nutritional facts and instructions at the back of the box.

I love the prepacked sachets that allow me to consume them anytime anywhere. In fact, the preparation is very easy and convenient. All you need to do is to just mix the powder with 150ml of water and stir wellRemember to drink it immediately to avoid oxidation

Step #1 Open the sachet, and you'll find the sandy-colored powder.

Step #2 Pour water into the glass, either warm or cold it doesn't matter.

Step #3 Be sure to stir quickly because the powder clumps up very fast.

Step #4 Drink it immediately! 

To my delight, it tastes like a healthy version of Ribena! Less sweet and sour, but tastes refreshing on the palate. If you are a fan of citrus juice, you'd definitely love this too.

For the best enjoyment, you can always prepare an icy cool Berry Bright eye nourishing drink.
It's great as a thirst quencher too!

I just started consuming BerryBright for a few days, and am already looking forward to seeing the improvements on my eyes and area surrounding them! Hope to say goodbye to dark circles in few months time!

The BerryBright ingredients and how they work...

Let's protect our eyes, maintain a healthy eyesight and enjoy the beauty of life! Do you know that 80% of blindness and serious visual loss around the world is avoidable through prevention or treatment? Prevention is always better than cure, don't let the eye diseases dominate your life. Time to make a change from now...

You can get the products online at www.berrybright.my, with available delivery services nationwide. 
Free shipping to West Malaysia for purchases above RM100. 
Don't forget to pay a visit to BerryBright's booth at the 10th International Health Fair 2013 at Mid Valley Exhibition Center from 20th to 22nd December 2013. There you can meet BerryBright personnel and understand better about eye health. I will be there too!! 


Now...I'm giving away 2 sachets of Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drinks each to 10 readers!

1. Follow the steps below (in the Rafflecopter app)
2. Don't forget to comment below: Why do you want to try Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drinks

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest ends on 15 December 2013, 11.59pm (GMT+8)
Winners will need to provide full name, mailing address and mobile number for delivery purposes.

For more information about BerryBright and eye health facts, please visit:

27 November, 2013

Eat ALL You Can at 1 Utama Shopping Centre

#1 Are you ready for the feast?

Courtesy to the The Butterfly Project, I'm proud to be one of the food hunters for the gastronomic WonderFood adventure in collaboration with 1Utama Shopping Centre. 

#2 1Utama WonderFood Adventure

If you do not already know, 1Utama is the 4th largest mall in the world! Amazing right?  And 1 Utama Food Street located at the lower ground floor is ready to spoil us with wide varieties of eateries from bakery shops, snack kiosks to assorted cuisine restaurants!  

#3 We were given a food map of the Food Street stretching from LG Promenade to LG Hishstreet, and began exploring the 15 participating F&B outlets located at the LG level! 

#4 1Utama had different awesome activities over the weekend such as wax hand and caricature, nail art and air brush tattoo, face painting and hair spray. If you have missed them, no worries because 1Utama has exciting promotions from time to time, so be sure to keep yourself updated with its Facebook page!


#5 [1st Stop] Seaweed Club @ LG K103A

Seaweed Club is a cozy kiosk where people stop by after a long shopping day to have light snack and enjoy some tea. There we have tried the bestselling seaweed roll in different flavours: Spicy, Original, Tuna and Wasabi
#6 The seaweed rolls here are well-stuffed with shredded vege, chicken floss and lightly tossed with mayonnaise to create a juicy sensation. But the best thing about it is the crispiness of the outer seaweed layer that gives a pleasant biting pleasure.

#7 If you just wanna drop by for a drink, do try out the signature Jojoba tea and aromatic genmai green tea which are both beneficial for our health.

#8 In fact, all of the flavours are highly recommended but my personal favourite goes to the Wasabi flavour! It is an enjoyable short visit here as it enables me to sit back, unwind and have a great chat with the girls.

#9 Buy 2 rolls and get 1 HomeSoy for free!

#10 [2nd Stop] Bisou Bake Shop @ LG K105
03-7728 6525

#11 I love the adorable decor at Bisou!

#12 For the sweet tooth, Bisou is probably the place that you shouldn't miss! The dainty cupcakes come in various flavours and beautiful designs that would crave a smile on your face =) 

#13 We tried the Flavour of the Month, Chocolush, a chocolate cupcake beautifully crowned with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Love this instant mood booster and I shall consider getting them for my niece's birthday party too!

#14 [3rd Stop] Mr. Cendol @ LG K109
03-7726 8010

I didn't know that the famous Malaysian street food can be found inside 1Utama shopping mall too! A bowl of authentic Cendol with Gula Melaka is the perfect thirst quencher during hot days, and best paired with Rojak and Mee Rebus. I'd definitely be back for more next time!

#15 Rich in coconut milk, the icy refreshing bowl of cendol exudes a pleasant aroma. The thick and gooey Gula Melaka can be added separately according to your preference of sweetness.

#16 [4th Stop] SS2 Goreng Pisang @ LG K112

#17 Yums! The next stop is ideal for those who crave for something hot and crispy. Although the shop is named after the banana fritters, it also offers a variety of freshly-made local snacks such as prawn fritters, sweet potato and yam fries

#18 The crispy outer layer of the banana fritter is surprisingly light and non-oily. I'm sure my foreign friends would love the signature Pisang Goreng and Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake Layered with Yam and Sweet Potato too.

#19 [5th Stop] Ninja Joe @ LG 113

[Non Halal] Ninja Joe is famed for its freshly grilled pork patty that tastes amazingly juicy and crunchy. Unlike other fast food chains, the real ninjas here offer more varieties on its menu, and one of the hottest picks is the bacon burger!

#20 Served piping hot from the kitchen, the Hikkori Burger is highly recommended especially for bacon lovers! Sitting perfectly on the fluffy bun is the quarter pound pork patty, layered with 2 slices of bacon and flavourful BBQ sauce. What else can be more satisfying than a slurping good pork and bacon?

#21 [6th Stop] Oyster King LG K113
03-7880 2688

As many of you already know, Oh-Chien comes all the way from Penang and gains popularity here. But it is often associated with filthy dining ambiance and unhygienic method of handling the oyster, therefore I seldom have this outside.

#22 But here in 1Utama, Oyster King is definitely a hygienic place for me to dine without worries. The oysters are thoroughly washed and well cooked with the eggs. Let's enjoy the gluey texture that makes the dish more gooey and palatable! 

#23 Fried oyster is cooked a la minute upon ordering.

#24 [7th Stop] Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo @ LG K115
03-7726 8010

Another spot to treat your growling stomach is the yong tau fu kiosk which offers a myriad of stuffed items like what I usually see along the street. Despite of the huge portion, big eaters may pair the stuffed Yong Tau Fu with rice, Chee Cheong Fun or dry and soup noodles.

#25 Deep-fried beancurd skin, stuffed bittergourds and wan tan are amongst the crowd's favourite, not forgetting to mention the fresh and springy fish paste and clear soup that warms the stomach. 

#26 [8th Stop] Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights @ LG 116

I'm a frequent diner at the Ko Hyang outlet near to my university. As its name suggests, I love the concept that brings a homey feeling to diners where I can sit back, relax and enjoy the home-cooked food with the loved ones. 

#27 Kimchi Soup with Rice and Condiments - Spicy but delicious!

#28 Here the Dolsot Bibimbap is popular among the diners, in fact I see almost every table has a set of bibimbap on it. The portion of condiments is fairly generous, but what I love the most about it is the thick kimchi paste that lifts up the flavours of the dish! 

#29 [9th Stop] I Love Yoo! @ LG 117
03-7726 8010

#30 Crunchy You Tiao ("Yao Char Kuey") and freshly made Tau Fu Fah are amongst the well-loved traditional Chinese snacks since decades ago. Therefore, we are glad to have I Love Yoo to bring the taste of tradition with a modern twist. 

#31 Porridge, homemade soya bean, tau fu fah, and assorted pastries are available here. 

#32 The best selling You Tiao is one of the must-haves because of its crispy and airy texture. A health conscious like me don't normally enjoy oily food, but this is too good to resist especially when served hot! 

#33 How about some crispy sesame puff stuffed with red bean and peanut?

#34 [10th Stop] Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh @ LG P282
03-7725 2599

[Non Halal] I bet many of pork lovers have already heard of Pao Xiang, one of the famous Bah Kut Teh food chains in Klang Valley. However, how many of you actually know there is a spacious Pao Xiang restaurant in 1Utama LG floor? 

#35 You may not notice the shop from the main street of the LG floor but I'm sure you can see a huge bowl sitting in the middle of the mall, that's where you can turn into a hidden corner for a sumptuous porky feast at Pao Xiang. 

#36  A homey place for family reunions and gatherings with friends

#37 Assorted pork, You Tiao and mushrooms are bathed in the herbal bah kut teh soup, and kept warm with the heat. Best paired with a bowl of fluffy white rice and Chinese tea. The quality of the soup base has never failed to impress me with its thick consistency and rich flavours. 


By the time we finished visiting 10 restaurants at LG promenade, we take a stroll down the street and continue our food hunting at the eateries located near to Cold Storage. 

#38 [11th Stop] Vivo American Pizza and Panini @ LG 311B
03-7732 9799

At Vivo, the must-order item is definitely the American style pizza baked from dough made fresh daily, topped with quality ingredients and savoury sauce. I have tried its Hawaii and Bed of Mushrooms flavours during my previous visits, both are equally good too!

#39 Smoked Chicken BBQ Pizza

This round we have the all-time favourite item recommended by the staff there-- Chicken strips, fresh mushrooms, onions, red & green capsicums, black olives topped in Vivo's special BBQ sauce. I love the way every bite of the soft dough exudes a strong savoury flavour of the BBQ sauce.

#40 Baked Chicken Chop with Rice

If you're not a fan of pizza, you may want to check out other signature dishes too! For the health conscious,the baked chicken chop would be a great choice as it is well marinated using special recipe of assorted spices before it is baked to perfection. Less oil and healthier! 

#41 Volcanic Chocolate Cake 

As for the dessert, I didn't expect a pizza place to offer such a delicious chocolate lava cake! As soon as it arrives on the table, we fork into the soft warm cake and enjoy the gooey chocolate sauce from within. It tastes like heaven when paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! 

#42 [12th Stop] Molten Lava @ LG 312B

Another dessert place that is worth a visit is Molten Lava, especially for the great fans of churros and macarons. Churros is known as Spanish doughnut made from sweet potato dough, which is deep-fried into crispy perfection and coated with a thin layer of cinnamon sugar. 

#43 Beyond the crispy exterior that excites the palate, I enjoy the soft interior
that melts in the mouth without any sweetness overwhelming the palate.

#44 Cinnamon Sugar Churros

#45 Besides churros, macarons and swiss rolls, Molten Lava also sells cupcakes, roti prathas and toasts.

#46 [13th Stop] Food Box @ LG312C 
03-7726 8010 

[Non-Halal] If you need a quick meal, I think Food Box is the right place to go as it offers quick and easy Chinese cuisine with a wide selection of dessert soup ("Tong Sui") as well as light snacks on the go.

#47 The Hakka braised pork rice comes in an individual set meal, therefore I think it'd be convenient for diners to order one portion and enjoy the main course, soup and rice. 

#48 Seeking for traditional Chinese kuih? Food Box serves limited quantity of Rice Bowl Cake (碗子糕) and Kuih Kosui (杯子糕) each day, so be fast to grab some before it runs out of stock!

#49 As good as it may look, the Rice Bowl Cake (碗子糕) is silky smooth, soft and not overly sticky for my liking. Paired with the dried shrimp chilli and preserved radish, every mouthful is bursting with rich spicy flavours. 

#50 [14th Stop] BBQ Chicken @ LG323-LG323A 
03-7727 0619 

#51 Moving to the second last stop, we are already exhausted and want to take a long rest at BBQ Chicken. The ambiance here is very inviting with dim lights and cheerful decors. 

#52 Hot Drums (Spicy) and Korean Charbroiled Chicken are among the bestsellers in the house, probably because of its exceptional crunchiness and robust flavours from the marinade before the chickens are cooked. I feel so stuffed by then, but yet can't resist the goodness of tasty chicken there!

#70 [15th Stop] LAMMEEYA @ LG 333A
03-7727 4877

Lammeeya is located at the corner lot, beside the entrance to LG Rainforest. True to its name, you must try their iconic Lam Mee as well as other Chinese dishes including Penang prawn mee and healthy double-boiled soup. 

#71 Lam Mee is too mainstream for me, therefore I opt for a Ipoh chicken floss soup noodle instead. It is surprisingly clear for me, and tastes great too. 

#72 Fried omelette is served as a side dish to accompany the noodles.
#73 At the end of our food adventure, let's take a picture with our stuffed tummy!

#74 The food passport is fully utilized and upon my completion of the food venture at 1Utama, 
I can then spend the rest of the evening there for shopping with my new ONECard!

#75 ONECard is a privilege card to earn points, act as a prepaid parking ticket and enjoy cheaper parking rates! Don't forget to show you ONECard when visiting 1 Utama's Food Street to satisfy your local street food cravings! 

For more information about 1 Utama Shopping Centre and ONECard, please visit:

1 Utama Official Website: www.1utama.com.my
ONECard Official Website: www.onecard.com.my
1 Utama Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/1Utama
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