05 November, 2013

Ipoh Road Hakka Yong Tau Fu @ Old Klang Road

Being a half Hakka Chinese, I am proud to be a huge fan of Hakka yong tau fu since young as my Mum always makes them for lunch and dinner. Although many say mum's cooking is always the best, I wanted to explore what others can offer out there. 

Ipoh Road Hakka Yong Tau Fu is one of the popular names since many decades ago, but its main outlet at Jalan Segambut is quite far from my place. Luckily there is another outlet of the same owner along Jalan Klang Lama, so here we are:

Simple Menu at Ipoh Road Hakka Yong Tau Fu

The corner lot house is located behind a petrol station, which is visible from the main road. It is flooded with huge crowd during my lunch there on a weekday. Finding a free parking space can be tricky, but you can always opt to pay RM4 to get into the open carpark there. 

Yong Tau Fu @ RM1.10 per piece

The yong tau fu here comes in a gravy soup base, served piping hot from the kitchen. It is a welcome change from the usual fish based clear soup, and I can just finish the soup alone with some rice! The yong tau fu menu features its signature white bean curd, which I find it very smooth and fresh. The fish paste stuffed in it is bouncy and fresh on every bite.

For deep-fried items, the choices are limited to deep-fried beancurd roll, dumpling and fried beancurd. Nevertheless they are simply satisfying to go with the chilli garlic sauce as well as the gooey sweet sauce.

Served in clear fish-based broth, the dumpling is however over-processed and looks very much like the commercial type. Nothing to shout about this. For all the yong tau fu items, be sure to try if you have not, because next year (1 January 2014) onwards the price of Yong Tau Fu will be increased to RM1.20 per piece. 

Accompanying the yong tau fu, we have plain Chee Cheong Fun at RM1.30 per plate. Smooth and less oily, the portion is just right for me as my stomach is already half filled by then. Alternatively, they also serve rice and other dishes to pair with the stuffed tofu. 

Total damage for 3 persons is RM18.70, definitely makes a perfect spot for a budget lunch / dinner.

Ipoh Road Hakka Yong Tau Fu 
(怡保律客家酿豆腐 )
129-1, Jalan 2/21A,
3rd Mile,
Jalan Klang Lama, 

58200 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 03-7981 3885
Business Hours: 9am - 10pm daily

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