09 November, 2013

Kanebo Lunasol Beauty Workshop x Bag Of Love

This is a post I drafted since many months ago. Sorry that I forgot to post it out!
#1 LUNASOL 2013 Spring/Summer Make Up Collection: Vivid Color Purification 

The weekend was enjoyable when I attended my first make-up workshop organized by the latest beauty box brand, the Bag Of Love, in collaboration with the high-end cosmetic brand, Kanebo Lunasol.

#2 LUNASOL, a trusted cosmetic brand from Japan

We were provided with a complete guide of Lunasol products copy and advice sheet 
before our guru of the day began the make-up lesson.

#3 Complete range of LUNASOL products

Seeing all the items including the newly-released collection, I realised that the array of Lunasol cosmetics was so extensive! Specially catered for Asians, all of them came in different shades, to create the glowing skin and natural makeup look. 

#4 LUNASOL Vivid Clear Eyes

I love 'em all! Time to play around with vibrant colours of the latest collection of eye shadows.

#5 Look at the space at Parkson Personal Shopper area in Pavilion KL, so cozy! 

 There I learned 4 basic steps for make-up:

1. Base (Foundation)
2. Eyes (Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara)
3. Lips (Protection base, treatment gloss)
4. Finish (Blush, shading and highlighting)

These 4 perfect steps focus on well groomed skin, light and shadow, and facial structure.
Such fluent, rhythmic and joyful application definitely makes you look more beautiful :)

#6  LUNASOL Control Makeup Base: Glow (Pinkish) / Clear (Yellowish)

First step was applying the Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base, followed by the Control Makeup Base. For a pinkier, healthier-looking and glowing skin, use the pink one and it blends well on all skin colours. 

#7  LUNASOL Skin Modelling Liquid Foundation

Apply a very light layer so that it doesn't appear plastic-like. 

#8  LUNASOL Under Eyes Concealer

It's one of my favourite products! Effectively conceal the dark eye circles and guess what, 
it can also be used to conceal shadow and fine lines at the corner of the mouth.

 #9  LUNASOL Skin Fusing Powder Foundation

After trying on the sample I got from beauty bag, I am a happy user of the compact powder foundation because it hides pores and gives a flawless compexion yet feeling so light on the skin! Definitely a must-have for girls!

#10  LUNASOL Eyelid Base

I didn't know they have an eyelid base as well! It is the base layer before applying eyeshadows to help an easier application of eye makeup and it will last longer too.

 #11  LUNASOL Vivid Clear Eyes Collection: Khaki Beige, Pink Beige, Pink

The colour I preferred for a casual day out was the pink-brown tones to give the most natural complexion. 

  #12  LUNASOL Coloring Cheeks: Light Coral, Soft Beige Red, Light Pink

For a light touchup on the cheeks, I used the light coral shade. Despite of applying so many different products onto my skin, it didn't feel suffocating at all! LUNASOL products must have included some special ingredients to allow my skin to breathe and feel fresh at all times. 

 #13  LUNASOL Full Glamour Liquid Lips: Coral, Pink, Red Beige

Finally, define your lips with the LUNASOL Lip Liner, before applying the gloss for a fuller, shinier look!

You can also find the complete collection of cosmetics at LUNASOL make-up counters in major departmental stores (Parkson, ISETAN, Metrojaya, Jusco, etc) throughout the whole Malaysia.

More information is available at facebook.com/kanebomalaysia

 #14  LUNASOL Spring/Summer Limited Edition Nail Finish

Special treat for the girls during the workshop! The Kanebo crew also showered us some summer love as we were able to try on their vivid-colored nail polishes. 

 #15  My make-up partners of the day

#16 Base: Smoothing Makeup BaseControl Makeup Base (Glow)
Eyes: Eyelid Base, Undereye Concealer, High Stylized Mascara, Intelligent Liquid Eyeliner
Face: Skin Fusing Powder Foundation #OC02
Blusher: Light Coral
Lips: Treatment Gloss

The 2-hour make-up workshop came to a close as soon as we were done with our makeups, and loads of selca with the girls. Special thanks to Kanebo and Bag Of Love, for bringing me a step further towards enhancing the beauty! :P 

#17 Strawberry Walnut Salad @ RM19.90

After the great makeup lesson, my ideal Saturday was perfected with a bowlful of wholesome salad consisting of freshly sliced strawberries, candied walnuts, feta cheese with the dressing of raspberry vinaigrette at Tony Roma's. Delicious! 

Overall, it was an awesome experience with the girls and beauty consultants.
Hope to be invited to more events by Kanebo and Bag of Love in future! :) 

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