22 December, 2013

2014 Beauty Resolutions - Back To Nature!

Hello lovelies! How have 2013 been treating you so far? I am grateful for the knowledge, experience and rewards I gained throughout the year. Most importantly, I met lots of new friends, including Yadah! 

If you still remember, YADAH, the kawaii girl from Korea has arrived at Malaysia in early of 2013. 
And next month is going to mark Yadah's first anniversary with us in Sasa Malaysia. 

Well, you may not know this girl yet. Let me introduce her to you. YADAH branded herself as a quality cosmetic and skincare brand which focuses on using natural plant extracts to deliver its best to us at mighty affordable prices.

2013 is bidding goodbye in just a few days time. As I take my steps towards 2014, I see Yadah and 
her pet, Yom Yom saying Hello to me. They are welcoming me into this brand new year of 2014! 

You must be wondering why.....
.....simply because Yadah is having a new year celebration for the butterfly bloggers! 
When I braved myself to ask if I can join her for the fun party, she has a question for me: 
"What are Your Beauty Resolutions in 2014?

No matter what, I am going to make 2014 a better year for myself and people around me! I have a long list of beauty resolutions for the brand new year, mostly revolving around going back to nature. So if you don't mind my long-winded list, here you go!

#1 Get more BEAUTY Sleep!

For the past 6 months, I have been sleeping at 2 or 3am everyday (without fail, lol) and wake up early in the morning (like 7am because of my 9am class!). Sleep deprivation is making my skin looks tired, dull and I start seeing symptoms of aging! Omg. I must not disrupt my natural biological clock anymore :(

#2 Eat healthily, eat ORGANIC!

I used to skip dinners alot and binge whenever I overly starve myself. Now I can see the effect on my skin- it doesn't glow anymore! It's time to allow my body to 'eat' organic and let my skin to absorb the organic goodness too. 

#3 Practise a Proper, EFFECTIVE Skincare Routine!

Nothing beats the consistent effort of taking care of the skin from morning till night. I love gentle yet effective products that work wonder onto the skin, but I'm always too lazy to follow each step especially during late nights when I reach home I just wish to sleep with makeups on! :( 

#4 PAMPER my skin more!

Self-reminder: Don't be lazy to do masks, and always remember to put on sunblock wherever I go. Time to work towards a naturally healthy complexion! I hope Yadah can help me with her botanical, natural plant-based products :) 

So far, I only have one YADAH Moisturizing Cactus Mist which smells good and refreshes my
skin alot. I'm looking forwards to try more of YADAH's natural plant-based products in 2014 =)

My 6 other resolutions are all about getting closer to nature: Staying more outdoors, 
get more sunlight, exercise more, start yoga, less meaty diet and drink more water!

Time to work hard towards achieving my 2014 resolutions!

For more information on YADAH skincare and cosmetics, visit:

If you wanna join this first new year party with Butterfly Project Malaysia, visit:

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