10 December, 2013

Tiger Radler for Double Refreshment

  Let's welcome the latest Tiger Radler into the Tiger Beer Malaysia family! 

When life gives you lemon, simply churn out something different (not the old lemonade anymore)! Tiger Radler, the all-new first ever radler in Malaysia was combined with natural lemon juice to give a boost of double refreshment! 

Ash and yours truly at the party entrance :)

Recently launched at KL Live, it was my first time trying this all-new variant and I was pretty satisfied with its crisp and easy-drinking flavours with a hint of zesty lemon juice that lifted up the mood.

Besides having brownies and tartlets for the sweet tooth, what's not to be missed was the deep-fried finger seafood that complemented well with the beer for the best enjoyment. Moreover, the distinctively cloudy lemon juice content in Tiger Radler was keeping me going for more.

Although Tiger Radler had already been a massive hit in Europe over the past few months, 
we were lucky to be amongst the first 2 countries in Southeast Asia to try Tiger Radler!

I could feel the excitement in the air! Tiger Radler launch event was one of the biggest 
consumer launch parties of the year as the venue was flooded with more than 500 people. 

The night was heating up as many invigorating performances rolled in one after another.

 From a smorgasbord of local comedians to live performing bands and DJ's,
it was definitely an eclectic evening to spend with friends and family!

Sit back, relax and take a sip before hitting the dance floor!

Last picture with Cherrie (from DuoGigs) and Ash!

If you haven't try it out, make sure you do!! You'd definitely love this refreshing, European-style mixed beer as it goes smoothly down the throat. Perfect for any occasions with family or friends! 

Tiger Radler is available in pubs, bars, restaurants and coffee shops across the country 
from December 2013 onwards, as well as in East Malaysia by March 2014.

Let's explore #tigerradler or #doublerefreshment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more! 

It's time to get doubly refreshed, please head over to:
Tiger Radler website: www.mydoublerefreshment.com.my
Tiger Beer Facebook page: fb.com/TigerBeerMY


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