20 January, 2014

Jewellery Making Workshop by Elegant Jewellery Studio & Kelvin Gems

Good morning, lovely Sunday! My last Sunday morning was well spent with a bunch of pretty ladies at the jewellery making workshop, held outdoors at myBatik, Yayasan Seni along Jalan Ampang, KL. Walking into this place, I fell in love with the beautiful atmosphere that makes the workshop more casual, comfortable and fun. 

Named "Pearly in the Cage" Jewellery Making Workshop, I bet you can expect to make our very own set of necklace, earrings and bracelet with a 'cage' that circles the pearls. But what's the tip and technique behind it? We shall see later!

Here are some of the pearl necklaces and bracelets on display. Look simple? 
Well, we were going to make something more sophisticated than these!

All the materials of the day including copper wire and jump rings were provided throughout the workshop. Being the star of the day, the shell pearls come in more than 20 attractive colors in various sizes, and we could choose any color we want.

Each attendee was able to bring home a set of jewellery including: 
1 pair of drop earrings, 1 cage bracelet and 1 cage pendant

Angie, the founder as well as jewellery expert from Kelvin Gems, was introducing us with the materials, and did a few demonstrations on the jewellery making process. Another thing I love about this workshop is that the class is held in small batches so that EJS instructors can give more attention on each and every attendee.

Gentlemen are welcomed to the workshop too!

If you do not already know, Kelvin Gems is a designer, retailer and custom manufacturer of unique jeweller of gold, silver, diamond, pearl, heritage antique jewellery and gemstones. All the products including earring, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, pins and brooches are designed and manufactured by Kelvin Gems in-house designers.

Let's have a bead design board and 3 jewellery pliers to give a professional finish to the jewellery.

Let's get started! Thanks Janie for the picture of me looking so hardworking in making my pearly cage.

From a straight 6" copper wire to a spiral wire-wrapping coil, I think I had done a great job as a first timer! I love doing DIYs at home, especially on beaded jewellery, but this is my first attempt on pearls :) 

I think I spent a good one hour to make my very own pearls-wrapped-in-coils-bracelet.
It was a tedious work of course, but once you started, I bet you would fall in love with it just like I did!

Ta-daaa! Here's my products of the day: Red & white pearly bracelet and peachy pearl earrings. 
The pair of earrings (Top right) was my proudest achievement of the day!  

Oh I also made two pendants- Glossy red and metallic purple. Can't wait to show them off in future outings!

If you wanna join the workshop but afraid to leave your kids unattended,
why not let your kids enjoy the colorful beaded jewellery making workshop as well?

If you have missed this awesome outdoor class, no worries because Kelvin Gems also has weekly jewellery making workshops on every Saturday (1pm - 4pm) at AMODA (Opposite Berjaya Times Square, KL). Can't wait to make my very own charm bracelet! =)

3-hours Hands On Jewellery Making Workshop is brought to you by Elegant Jewellery Studio, 
supported by Kelvin Gems. Kindly call 012-2672019 for more information.

Kelvin Gems
2.03 Mezz Floor
Amoda Building, 
22, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2148 7213
Email: contact@kelvingems.com
Website: http://www.kelvingems.com
Facebook: Elegant Jewellery Studio // Kelvin Gems


  1. the ones you made are so pretty! wish i too have the skill. i used to have a dream of making my own jewelries like this :D

  2. As a new jewelry designer who turn its love for jewelry for something more I know how hard it can be to be noticed or just appreciated.

    antique jewellery

  3. When is the next workshop? Looks very interesting


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