29 January, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Life Brings Me To My Burger Lab

Hello! Do you remember my previous review about My Burger Lab

I didn't realise I have not been revisiting this shop since half a year ago, until recently my friends brought up this topic of redeeming daily deals from Samsung's latest mobile app, called Samsung Galaxy Life. Since My Burger Lab is one of the participating outlets, we were up for a dinner there.

After being a Samsung user for 2 years, this is the first time I heard Samsung created an app to reward loyal users like me! :) Being a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy S4, I downloaded the FREE app, Samsung Galaxy Life from Google Play Store and started searching for great deals!

How Galaxy Life Brings Me Amazing Experiences...

It immediately recognizes my name as I signed in, and introduced me with 7 key pillars of LIFE- Entertain, Live, Learn, Play, Connect, Work and Surprise. If you're looking for daily deals with discount coupons, app recommendations and other exclusive privileges, GALAXY Life has everything you need! 

In midst of exploring the app, I found some interesting calorie counter and free recipe apps under the "Live" pillar. One that got us all excited was the daily deal from My Burger Lab. Make sure you click "Redeem" only when you're there because the voucher is only valid for 60 minutes.

While queueing, we were thinking if we would be lucky enough to get 
a  Buy 1 FREE 1 burger deal or enjoy a free upgrade for fries and soda there/

I was surprised that the redemption was so simple and quick. I just flashed the voucher on my phone upon ordering, and was then entitled for a lucky dip in the "Galaxy Lucky Box". Yay for getting myself a 20% discount voucher for any burger there. 

Don't worry about the long queue, you can collect your burger in just a matter of minutes!

....Waiting for the collection of burger while fiddling with the app to check out other deals it offers.

Beautiful Mess 5.0 - Beef burger layered with fried portabella mushroom, 
sunny side up egg, mozarella cheese and honey mustard

The Hulk (with extra patty) - Beef burger layered with fried avocado, 
sunny side up egg, Swiss cheese, Kombu mayo and green salsa sauce

Finally my vegetarian burger arrived! :) I can save a few bucks from the Galaxy Life voucher redemption.

Vivien's Husband - Vegetarian burger with pineapple ring, 
thick cheesy layer and spiced mango mayo

Now I know being a loyal Samsung user is a smart choice as Samsung appreciates our support and continuously rewards us with great stuff. I kinda get hooked on the app now, and am looking forward for more deals in the Galaxy Life app, so that I can explore places around me and save more!

Let Samsung Galaxy Life be your life companion wherever you go :)

For more information about Samsung Galaxy Life, visit
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