08 April, 2014

Bento Live: The New Level of Entertainment

Hi! How many of you loveee watching TV and can't live without it? I used to have a love-hate relationship with TV-- I personally enjoy it as an escape in a hectic day, but get frustrated when they're mostly the same old shows.

I guess most of us are getting hooked on many online platforms, but have you thought of the impact and legality of downloading and streaming movies from unauthorized sites? Piracy is a crime, that's why Bento Live is here to provide legal entertainment assortments and double the fun!

Actually I just got to know about Bento Live through its ads on Mix FM recently, and decided to give it a try. Good stuff are meant to be shared right? That's why I am blogging about this, just for you movie / TV addicts out there!


Bento Live, is a new online video service provider  in Malaysia, that gives you the ticket to unlimited entertainments such as movies, TV shows, documentaries, anime, webisodes and trailers from networks and studios in the United States, Japan, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Bento Live’s service is absolutely FREE (yay!) and you can watch all the shows at www.bentolive.com. Be entertained by a short advertisement, before proceeding with the FULL movie.

The big black box is a history. Bento Live is now available on mobile and Samsung Smart TV! For mobile subscribers, you can simply watch it on the go, while waiting for bus, LRT or stuck in the jam. 

Specially for Samsung mobile users (Both phone and tablet):
You can download Bento Live Android App from Samsung App Store for FREE.
Otherwise, the app is available in Google Play Store at RM 6.50, a one-time fee to enjoy ALL the movies.

For home users, all you need is just a Samsung Smart TV! Recently I visited the Bento Live office to view the Bento Live app on this gigantic 75” Samsung Smart TV.....and I'm totally amazed! 

Just click on the Bento Live app on your TV, and you can access to a total of 60 titles or 150 hours of contents. Of course the amount of content does not limit to that, as there will be new additions from time to time. Who knows maybe the next to come is my fave Korean dramas ♡

The app interface is pretty simple and user-friendly as the contents are categorized according to origin and genre. The TV drama series come in full season, whereas some of the movies are award-winning productions that have never been shown in Malaysian cinema. 

Apart from having fresh contents, each of them comes with a trailer and short description.
Surely there must be one that suits your mood and preference!

All the videos come in standard and HD quality, along with English and Malay subtitles. Even for
old movies which are not filmed in HD yet, they are compressed for a clear and crisp display.

I was surprised that the HD quality is flawless even on a large 75" display! If your device is connected with normal internet speed, the streaming can be very smooth without any interruption in between.

One of my favourite pick from Bento Live is Baran, a popular 2001 Iranian movie that managed to make its way into the US market. Almost a silent movie, Baran won a number of awards both nationally and internationally for the director and writer Majid Majidi. 

It was a love story set among the Afghan refugees living in Iran. A truly heartfelt story that made me realised how lucky we are, after watching the fate of the Afghans who have fled 20 years of war and deprivation. The young man's desire to protect the honor of his beloved (Baran) was really touching and I love how the story was narrated using lovely clarity and artful literature.

Well, I guess I shouldn't comment further, because you should watch it yourself! Enjoy the movie! :) 

Besides Baran, I am eager to watch the horror movies from the Bento Live selections. In fact, most of them are highly recommended ones that are exclusively picked for us Malaysian viewers.

Bento Live has over 10,000 subscribers to date, with 50,000 views a month.
Are you one of them yet? Can't wait for more contents to come in June 2014!

Nice meeting Allan, the founder of Bento Live. If you're an independent filmmaker,
a content provider or a film advertiser, he is the right person you should look for :)


Bento Live is giving away 2x Samsung 40” Smart TVs once a month, all you have to do is:
Step 1: Register an account on www.bentolive.com
Step 2: Like the Bento Live Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/bentolivevod
Step 3: Share the contest post (Click here) on your Facebook wall
Step 4: Reply on the contest post of your favourite movie

I have already submitted my application, God please let me own a Samsung Smart TV!
So what are you waiting for? Share now, before the contest ends in June 2014.

 Make your home a cinema with Bento Live :)
For more updates, visit www.bentolive.com and www.facebook.com/bentolivevod!

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