08 June, 2014

IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi @ Damansara Uptown

Despite of numerous self-claimed 'authentic' Japanese restaurants blooming in town, those worth a visit are few and far between. How about trying out something different instead? I recently found a quirky place that serves Japanese cuisine with a modern twist to suit Asians' most discerning palate.

IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi, the new kid on the block next to Tappers Cafe at the busy street of Damansara Uptown is now open to cater for those who are always on the go and need a quick fix for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Open as early as 9am, you can grab some sushi before heading to work or college, or simply drop by to enjoy lunch meetings and casual dinners under the warm ambiance with wooden furniture, filament bulbs and dark high stools surrounded by wooden walls.

Speediness is all we want, to cope with hectic lifestyles. Instead of being yet another fast food chain for take-away, IKU offers a healthier, more nutritious option for those who seek for quality, variety and affordability. The price for sushi, in a pack of 4, ranges from RM4.80 to RM12.80.

Green Salad @ RM5.80

Dine or dash? Salmon, tuna, tofu, egg rolls and maki are all freshly packed and stored at the chiller, 
just pick your favourite there! 

Chef Yama, the co-founder of Yama & J Japanese buffet restaurant at Jaya One is the man behind this fusion food chain. Backed by 27-years of experience in the culinary world, Chef spent 20 years unleashing his talent in New York and now we're lucky to have him back in Malaysia, serving us the best of fusion sushi in town! 

Look at those freshly sliced salmon, are you craving for it now? To Chef Yama, 
fusion is the essence in the sauce. He has created 10 special sauces to go with the sushi and bento.

Not forgetting to mention the Chef's Signature Fusion Salmon Belly,
beautifully glazed with hot fire into crisp, juicy strips!

To 'complete' your stomach, IKU offers a variety of bento boxes from as low as RM13.80! Each box comes with a main course (meat), 2 pieces of Japanese Lasagna sushi, pickles, salad / edamame and a bowlful of fragrant Japanese short-grain rice with IKU's signature sauce.

Sashimi Bento @ RM18.80

If you'd love to enjoy the fresh catch from the sea and skip the rice portion, then sashimi bento makes the best choice among all. Packed with freshly sliced salmon, white fish and prawn sashimi, how can you resist the seafood goodness?

Quality wise, I have no complaints as the slices give a refreshing, savoury crunch and are pretty thick too.

 Chicken Teriyaki Bento @ RM13.80

Between a choice of Salmon or Chicken, the teriyaki bento set makes a perfect energy-boosting meal that balances your diet. Served with a bed of rice, the large piece of chicken is surprisingly smooth and tender with a crispy golden perfection.

IKU Signature (Sliced Fish) Bento @ RM16.80

Japanese Curry Chicken @ RM12.80

Apart from bento, plenty of fusion dishes are available here. Unlike the usual thick sweet Japanese curry gravy, IKU serves the Japanese curry in a light yet spicy broth which reminds me of the Malaysian curry. Good to dip the chicken karaage into it and enjoy with the rice. 

Unagi Don @ RM26.80

Can you believe that the most expensive food on the menu is only RM26.80? The chef has been generous in placing a large piece of beautifully glazed Japanese eels on a bed of rice. Thanks to the overzealous application of thick sweet sauce, everything turns out extra flavourful and delicious!

Prawn Soup Udon @ RM12.80

Moving on to the noodle selection, we have a localized version of prawn udon (or ramen, if you like) served in a spicy Japanese broth along with fresh prawns, sliced egg, sliced naruto maki and fried onion.

Seafood Soup Udon @ RM12.80
A non-spicy variation with sliced naruto maki, crabstick, tempura shrimp and mussel.

 Cold Soba @ RM7.80

Simple yet comforting, the slightly chilled buckwheat soba noodles here are one of the perfect food that simply need no further elaboration. Served with fishcake and cut wakame, I enjoy the beautiful coating of slimy, savoury sauce that doesn't feel heavy on the palate.

 Salmon Porridge @ RM5.80

They even have porridge for the health-conscious and small eaters! 
Smooth, thick consistency and fragrant with a big chunk of salmon, what more can I ask for? 

Fusion Salmon Belly Osaka Sushi @ RM12.80

Glancing through the sushi menu, I'm surprised by the art of preparing sushi in creative ways that blend a modern twist that keeps me wanting for more. Look at the luscious piece, it is the house specialty sauce that makes the sushi stands out from the rest.

The salmon belly fusion sushi comes with alot more variations, invented by Chef Yama. Some are spicy, while others have deeper flavours when paired with different sauces. Overall, I'm impressed with his innovations and looking forward for more in future!

Yummy, beautiful mess.....

Fusion Mango Waikiki @ RM8.80

I didn't know that the combination of honey wasabi, fish roe, mango sauce and sesame can be so unique that it creates a sweet-sour version of sushi. True to its name that reflects Hawaiian flair, the maki roll is tangy and perfect as palate opener.

Instead of the traditional wasabi and soy sauce, Chef Yama has prepared a couple new flavours of dips that go perfectly well with sushi and bento. Some of my faves are Spicy Mayo, Honey Wasabi, Yuzu, Mango and Strawberry sauces.

IKU's Signature "Traffic Light" - Iced Matcha Passion Puree
Iced Matcha Lychee Rose and Iced Matcha Green Apple @ RM5.80 each

Interestingly, they're not just ordinary fruit juices. IKU has infused plenty of green tea into the fruity concoction to allow a more refreshing taste on the brim and not overly sweet down the throat. Green tea lovers would definitely love to try!

Matcha Chocolate, Matcha Latte and Matcha White Coffee @ RM6.80 each

Even the coffee here is well-infused with green tea! My biggest applause goes to the matcha latte that is very rich in green tea and milk flavours. Good to go as a sweet treat after dinner.

Don't girls just love sushi? IKU will be introducing new dishes in a couple of months,
and I'll definitely be back for more!

1. I love the concept of IKU as a 'grab and go' sushi bar, with loads of fusion varieties that are unique on its own.
2. If I'm not in mood for Japanese cuisine, I'd still drop by for a cup of matcha latte and chill there with mates as the ambiance is comfortable and inviting. 
3. Everything on the menu is below RM30, and I'm surprised that the price is so pocket-friendly, considering the overall taste and portion. Definitely an ideal place for a budget lunch if you're craving for something Japanese.

IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi 
No.21, Jalan SS 21/60,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Email: social@iku.com.my
Website: www.iku.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/ikujapanesefusion
Instagram: @myiku
Operating Hours: 11am to 10.30pm daily

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  1. I love Japanese food - especially Sushi Zanmai.
    The food photos here look good too! Luckily I had my fair share of Japanese food today.. hehe ;)


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