29 November, 2014

Hoopful Christmas in Sunway Pyramid

Christmas ; It's the holly jolly season again!

I'm always excited over Christmas because I can feast on roasted turkey and cute festive desserts, well it's not always about the food. I am more excited to go for shopping mall hopping because each and every one of them is making their best effort to bring out the festive feel in town! 

My favourite shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid has come up with a circus themed Christmas decoration with the title of "A Hoopful Christmas". Yes, they have large colorful hula hoops arranged at the entrance of the enchanting area.

 Loads of teddy bears, walking globes, red vintage circus toy chest fill the space with colors and Christmasy feel!

 Can you see the SNOW???

Sunway Pyramid has gone to great lengths to have heavy snowfall for shoppers to enjoy the real Christmas in the mall. I'd wish to experience real snow by myself one day! 

Do hop over to Sunway Pyramid for some Instagram-worthy pictures! 

26 November, 2014

Afternoon High Tea @ NOSH, Bangsar

NOSH has always been known for its breakfast and brunch menu, but I'm surprised when it appears to be one of the highly recommended afternoon tea venue when I google it online. Our initial plan was to head to Orchid Conservatory at Majestic Hotel, but the staff said it is full till January 2015! Other hotels' English tea sessions are fully booked too, hence we were here checking out NOSH. 

True to its name, NOSH lures diners to enjoy the food here enthusiastically or greedily. From what I read online, NOSH is full during weekend afternoon tea time, but surprisingly the place was empty on a fine Sunday afternoon! What caught our attention was the menu for the Autumn-Winter dessert menu as well as the ever popular weekend afternoon tea set displayed outside the restaurant. 

The place is cosy, but don't expect any English-styled setting within this minimalist space.

On the Desserts menu, it features the signature high tea, as well as a myriad selections of cakes and pastries in the house. We were really spoilt with choices as we glanced through the long list of sweet treats!

We ordered a 3-tier high tea set that featured a balanced combination of savouries, scones, sweet selections, as well as complimentary coffee (Long Black) or tea. Each set is priced at RM58++ per set, ideally for 2 pax. Available only on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

.....in case you're wondering how big is the portion... Well, it's good for sharing among 3 pax.

Lowest Tier: Savouries
Chicken Ham on Pomodoro Sauce with Cheddar Cheese
Egg Mayo with Capers and Dill

On the bottom tier, we had simple sandwiches-- Two slices of egg mayo sandwich and two pieces of open-face sandwiched topped with melted cheese and ham. Both were decent and tasted great, but nothing much to shout about. 

Middle Tier:
Warm Scones served with Clotted Cream, Jam and Butter

Well, I believe English high tea is not complete without scones! Here we had 4 pieces of warm scones. Golden in color, I was absolutely in love with its buttery aroma and crisp exterior. Spread with a lush honey butter and tangy berry jam, it was very enjoyable with its moist fluffy interior. 

Top Tier: Sweet Selections
Choose 4 out of 6 items on the menu 

On the top tier, diners can pick 4 mini desserts from a list of 6 for each set. All of them are the best-selling desserts at NOSH, so it may be tricky to choose the best 4 that suits our taste. Anyway, we order all except the Sweet Potato Gateaux and Earl Grey Creme Brulee.

Caramel Walnut Cheese Cake

Being a cheese lover, this was the first item that went into my favourite list. The cheese cake here was extraordinarily light and smooth, without being overcloying at all. The crunchy walnut topping was so rich in flavours and perfectly paired with the fluffy cheesiness. 

Chocolate Roll with Berry Mousse

Just a simple sponge cake rolled with tangy berry mousse that allowed every bite
to be filled with snowy sensation and light sweetness. Lovely!

Filo Berry and Green Tea Azuki Eclair

Sitting on a crispy cookie, the filo berry was overloaded with whipped cream, berries and filo pastry which I thought it was a nice variation from the usual pavlova. Nice try! 

On the other hand, you should try the popular green tea eclair especially for green tea and red bean lovers! Filled with loads of Japanese red bean paste within the pastry, it was beautifully combined with creamy bittersweet green tea sauce which I loved the most...

Chamomile Tea and Earl Grey Tea 

Between a choice of Long Black coffee or tea, we absolutely preferred the latter one. For each set, we were able to choose 2 pots of refillable tea from the wide range including English breakfast tea, green tea, and other fragrant teas.

Wanting to try more of the new dessert, we had an eye on the seasonal Autumn-Winter dessert menu that featured exciting selections such as Earl Grey Chochola Gateaux, Autumn's Rare Cheese Medley and lots more, at an affordable price tag from RM14 to RM22. In fact, all the names sounded as good as they looked on the menu but we managed to try only one of those...

Choco Berry Glacee @ RM21

Presentation wise, the stack of soft nutty double chocolate cookies layered with rich gourmet berry ice cream was pretty and Instagram-worthy. Love the refreshingly sweet ice cream that was jam-packed with chunks of real berries in it! Nevertheless, it would be a wonderful autumnal combination if the cookies were softer and more chewy.

1. Overrated and overpriced afternoon tea set. In terms of overall presentation and taste, it was acceptable but not much to rave about.
2. If you really need a dose of dessert here, opt for the individual all-time favourite desserts on a separate dessert menu.
3. Revisit? Probably yes, but only for the breakfast/brunch menu.

7, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603 2201 3548
Email: enquiries@nosh.my
Website: www.nosh.my
Facebook: fb.com/NoshKL

Business Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 10am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 10am - 1am
Sun: 10am - 11pm

24 November, 2014

Chubbies Cafe @ Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya

The cafe scene is common everywhere in town and spread towards outskirts too. Of late, I can see new cafes start swarming into this robust technology town of Cyberjaya. Chubbies Cafe, an 1-year-old coffee place is one of the perfect venues to always have coffee, food and chill out moments.

Both the young owners of this cafe are quite chubby and therefore decide to have this name for their 'baby'. Dining at Chubbies is a great experience for me, as I have been there many times and each visit is memorable with quality food and lovely drinks. 

In this European-styled cafe, they even have hanging chair inside and outside of the cafe for diners.

Not sure what to order? Skip the menu and look straight at the list of signature items at the counter.

Matcha Latte @ RM7.80

Being a casual coffee drinker, I always love to have some twist on my cup of coffee. The beautifully crafted green tea latte is great for those who want a balance of daily coffee dose and milk. What a lovely concoction of espresso, green tea and steamed milk that enhances the sweetness without masking the bitter flavours!

Chubbfrappe Mix Berry @ RM8.80

Being the signature ice blended drink at Chubbies, Chubbfrappe comes in a few fruity flavours, and my favourite is mixed berries (puree and juice) that give a refreshing zing to the palate. 

Tuna Croissant @ RM13.90

They may not offer any set meal here, but the platter of croissant has a huge serving, beautiful presentation and most importantly, an affordable price tag. Great for both breakfast and lunch! Personally, I can't possibly finish the whole portion all by myself.

The house mashed potatoes surely wow me, as it is well-seasoned and beautifully retains its texture, unlike the usual soft and mushy type that other cafes serve. Served with tuna, scrambled egg and a side of salad, the combination is simply perfect and filling.

Love the generous drizzle with rich, buttery Hollandaise sauce over the creamy scrambled egg!

The homemade croissant here is extra crispy and buttery! Thumbs up!

Carbonara @ RM14.90

Pasta lovers will enjoy the carbonara that is topped with loads of turkey ham and button mushrooms on a bed of al dente pasta with house cream sauce. I always hate white sauce, but I must agree that this is really lovely and I can't resist it! 

The smooth, creamy sauce is absolutely delicious!

1. It is a perfect place to chill out under relaxing ambiance. The only downside is that, securing a seat during lunch hour is difficult because of the huge corporate crowd. 
2. The hot food items are extremely good with lots of varieties focusing on croissant, sandwich, pizza and pasta. Perfectly comfort food with interesting presentations!
3. Service is quick, but lack of a personal touch, probably because they're too busy during peak hours. 
4. Pricewise, it is very affordable compared to other cafes within Klang Valley. 
5. Recommended: Tuna Croissant, Matcha Latte

Chubbies Cafe 
P3-21, Shaftsbury Square,
Persiaran Multimedia, Cyberjaya 6
63000 Cyberjaya,
Contact: 603-8320 9313
Facebook: fb.com/chubbies89
Business Hours: 8:30am - 8:30pm daily
Closed on Sundays

21 November, 2014



现在 完美世界重磅首推的正版圣斗士手游《圣斗士星矢Online》终于横空出世,


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感谢完美世界 (Perfect World) 推出SEGA正版授权《圣斗士星矢》改編的多人在线战斗3D游戏!

于 2014年11月27日下午1时 正式发布。一定要玩哦!

Limited Edition Saint Seiya Pandora Box






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19 November, 2014

Exclusive: Starbucks 2015 Diary Planner

Have you checked out my post on Starbucks latest Christmas beverages, cards and tumblers? Personally, I'm a die-hard Starbucks fans, but what attracts me the most every year is certainly the annual planner! Starbucks Malaysia Planner 2015 comes in a leather form, which looks like what I had back in 2013. So I wanted something different and my dream came true!

....presenting you the latest 2015 Starbucks Planner x Moleskine from Korea. It comes in many colors--- Weekly planner (240 pages) in red, Daily planner (400 pages) in green and Note book (240 pages) in black. 

It is exclusively sold in Korea, thanks to a friend for bringing this surprise all the way to me in Malaysia! The cover is kinda leather-like, which I love very much but at the same time worry that it might get scratched....

If you're hunting for this, you can get it in Philippines too via online shops :)

Hello, December 2014, be prepared for the grand new year!

It comes in different themes every month, but I particularly love the Korean design that is so special and cute! Each monthly divider is very pretty and tastefully decorated according to the 4 seasons in Korea. No doubt I can't read Korean but pictures always speak louder than words!

 April 2015 ❤ ; Cherry Blossom is love!
Just by looking at the picture, I feel like flying there next April!! 

Not only that, every page of the month has little images that fit the theme too!
September 2015 ❤ ; Autumn's Best of Cheer!

October 2015 ❤ ; Red Fall's Foliage!

Love the feature of world's most unique Starbucks outlets in the planner!

Actually I have a secret dream of collecting all Starbucks cards from different locations.
Now you know what to buy for me whenever you go travel overseas :P

At the end of the diary planner, it has a cute pocket for little notes and perhaps your Starbucks card 

If I were in Korea, I'd be able to utilize the "Journey Stamp" section.
How I'd wish Starbucks Malaysia rewards their loyal customers this way too :)

 Spotted 3 Starbucks vouchers in the planner! Not sure if the Red Cup Card (Die-Cut Design) comes
 together with the planner, but really thank you for showering me with such an awesome gift!

 Hopefully I can fly to Korea and enjoy my cup of Starbucks there 

 Starbucks Korea planner is complimentary by purchasing 15 beverages in Korea. 
Same goes to Malaysia...

*Picture credits to Starbucks Malaysia
Starbucks Malaysia 2015 Planner - Green and Dark Brown

Just purchase 15 GRANDE handcrafted beverages (5 of which has to be a Christmas beverages) using Starbucks Card from 15 November 2014 until 5 January 2015. Redemption is only available from 1 December 2014 onwards :)

Start collecting the rewards now! 
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