20 January, 2015

BENÉ Premium Bluria & Rougeria Hair Care Now in Malaysia!

It's shopping time! Have you checked out the latest addition at Watsons stores yet? Imported from Japan, the BENÉ Premium Rougeria and Bluria hair care series has just landed on the shore of Malaysia! 

Also famous in Hong Kong and Taiwan, BENÉ Premium is an exclusive hair care brand that is known for its award winning Double Non-Silicone shampoo and hair treatment formula which uses the best natural ingredients in Japan. I heard that it is the 2014 Hong Kong Watsons Health and Beauty Award GOLD winner too, awww....I'm so excited to try it out!

Nice meeting Mr. Tsutomu Watanabe, the Executive Director of MoltoBene Inc.!

BENE Premium is bringing in its two ranges of hair care:
BENÉ Premium Rougeria Delicious REPAIR seriesShampoo, Treatment, Hair Mask and  Hair Oil
BENÉ Premium Bluria Delicious SPA series: Shampoo, Treatment, Hair Mask and Night Care Milk

Both ranges give a sweet, refreshing fragrance of rose that brings your mind into relaxation!

Why is BENÉ Premium a healthier choice for your hair?

Well, surely you're wondering what does it mean by "Double Non-silicone" formula right?
Now, take a look at your shampoo, and look for "Silicone" ingredient. Found it? Gotcha!

Silicon is very common in our daily shampoos to give us the shine, softness and smooth finishing on the hair. Yes, your hair will be silky smooth after washing. BUT in a long run, it makes your scalp very greasy and oily because it cannot be washed off easily. Soon, your hair is losing all the nutrition because it blocks nutrients from penetrating :(

Therefore, now BENÉ Premium wants to pamper our hair with silicon-free products to reduce the hair damage without burdening the hair. All we need is to use the 4-step essentials to keep the hair looking as natural as possible.

Certainly, it may not give the extra smooth and shiny glossy look right after hairwash. But in a long run, the dry and rough texture of the hair will be gone. Most importantly, it is 100% made in Japan, from sourcing the raw ingredients up to the packaging stage.

Look at the beautiful diamond cut packaging! It looks so classy, so clear like crystal.

We just couldn't stop admiring its beauty and wish to bring it home!

For Scalp Care
BENÉ Premium Bluria Delicious SPA series: Shampoo, Treatment, Hair Mask and Night Care Milk

The dazzling purple Bluria range revives refreshing lightness to the hair by cleansing the scalp and purifying hair follicles of grease, impurities and buildup. All thanks to its effective ingredients of green enzymes, minerals and the conditioning power of 3 different types of clay.

Kiwi, Avocado, Cucumber ; Our hair needs healthy green enzymes like our body too!

For Damaged Hair
BENÉ Premium Rougeria Delicious REPAIR seriesShampoo, Treatment, Hair Mask and  Hair Oil

The rosy pink Rougeria range fixes even the most damaged hair through intensive hydration with the conditioning power of red enzymes and strong antioxidants, hydrating power of honey, along with the healing properties of natural organic oils.

Boost your hair with red enzymes from 3 red veggies and fruit to protect it against damages ;)

With BENÉ Premium, your hair will become more manageable and less frizzy, so it's time to style it and try out a different look. Special thanks to the professional hairstylist, Takeshi Odera from Number76 for his hair styling tips!

Last but not least, we had a short photo session with the Japanese and Watsons Malaysia team.

Stay tuned for my review on these 2 ranges of Japanese BENÉ Premium hair care!

BENÉ Premium Bluria and Rougeria are exclusively available
at selected Watsons outlets nationwide.

Wanna know more? Just visit 'em at:

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