01 February, 2015

Indulge in Treasured Treats: JWEL Ice Cream!

Chinese New Year is around the corner, have you stocked up your fridge with loads of good food there? I have already done so! ❤ During the JWEL roadshow (Blogged: HERE) in January, it was having special price promo for its newly introduced range of luxurious ice creams. So you can tell why my freezer is full of JWEL ice creams now....

JWEL comes in 5 exciting flavours, and how can I decide on which to grab when everything looks so yummy! Ice cream is always my soft spot, and I ended up getting all of them since they're so reasonably priced.

Blue: JWEL The Baron of the Black Forest
Green: JWEL The Duke of Vanilla
Purple: JWEL The Duchess of Double Chocolate 
Orange: JWEL The Earl of Caramel
Pink: JWEL The Countess of Tiramisu

*drools* Look at the thick, almond-flecked chocolate coating! Each ice cream stick is extra
crunchy on the exterior and well-loaded with decadent nutty and mild chocolatey flavour.

Honestly, JWEL is really generous with the application of almonds for its premium ice creams! Each stick I have is equally well-coated with large chunks of almonds, and I know you'd love it although you may not be a huge fan! 

Although the bestseller is Double Chocolate and Tiramisu, my top favourite goes to the most basic Vanilla flavour.....simply because vanilla and chocolate are always the most perfect marriage on earth! It's so creamy, rich and dence!

Now I can DIY my own afternoon tea menu at home with JWEL ice cream! ❤ You don't have to go for long queues and burn a hole in the pocket anymore--- Just get some fruits and make your very unique JWEL waflle :D 

If you're a fan of chocolate, you'd be screaming in joy because JWEL chocolate is very creamy and rich in cocoa flavours. The best thing is, it is not as sugary sweet as I'd expect. Be sure to share the goodness with your family, because JWEL's sweetness level would definitely suits both old and young ;) 

Purely indulgent for ice cream connoisseurs!

JWEL is available at RM3.50 per stick or RM13.80 for a multipack of 4 sticks
at selected leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. 

Let's visit JWEL for latest news and promotions!

Website: www.jwel.my
Instagram: @JWELmy


  1. I thought it was Magnum icecream at first :)

  2. yeah, i also thought it is magnum ice cream at first, i shall give it a try for this ice cream~

  3. Hmm... same thoughts with them when I first saw the shared post on your Facebook... After clicked in here only realize that! :D btw this ice cream looks cool


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