29 May, 2015

Review: MARY KAY Beauty That Counts™ NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss

I just can't get my eyes off these cute, summer-perfect lipgloss when I first saw it. Recently introduced by Mary Kay, the latest Beauty That Counts™ NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss is basically an ultra nourishing lip gloss that comes in duo tones.

The best part is, it is limited edition, and you can contribute to Mary Kay's global movement. Just purchase from 16 May 2015 to 15 July 2015, and RM3 will be donated to Pusat Kebajikan Hope Worldwide Kuala Lumpur and Suriana Welfare Society for Children.

Limited-Edition* Beauty That Counts™ NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss @ RM58 each
*Available while supplies last.

Each shade in the clear tube come in a lovely swirl of two bestselling shades from the NouriShine Plus line, and the colors will blend together well inside the tube after a few uses. There are only 2 shades by far, so it is easier to decide which shade to go for:

#1 In Harmony: Café au Lait swirled with Cream and Sugar
#2 Create Change: Pink Sateen swirled with Berry Tart

Mary Kay always has very moisturizing lip gloss, one of them is the NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss line which I'm using. It has a superb velvety creamy texture that glides on smoothly although it feels slightly sticky on the lips. Knowing that the latest additions to the family are made of the same moisturizing and creamy formula, I am excited to add them into my collection!

For nude lips makeup, In Harmony is great for its light pink shade with hints of sheer pale gold sparkles.

For a rosy touch, I personally prefer Create Change as
it yields a glossy shade of medium rose with subtle touch of sheer berry shimmer.

By applying one thin layer, I can feel the instant boost of moisture on the lips as though it is smoothing and conditioning the surface of the lips. It leaves an ultra-glossy shine and wears comfortably for a couple of hours. Not forgetting to mention that it is formulated with antioxidant-rich complex of vitamins and plant-derived minerals to nourish the lips. 

Don't forget to contact your nearest Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant to purchase a NEW limited-edition* Beauty That Counts™ NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss, and join the global movement of transforming the lives of the underprivileged children today!

More details can be found at www.marykay.com.my

27 May, 2015

BlackBall Dessert Cafe @ SS15, PJ

Blackball, the Taiwanese-based dessert chain has been around for many years and has gained a strong reputation as one of the most popular desserts in the hood. Using mostly premium ingredients imported from Taiwan, Blackball is probably the name you'd think of when you're craving for fresh grass jelly and handmade yam balls desserts.

I tried to Google about BlackBall review and found my own blog post. Haha. Can't believe that my last visit to BlackBall was in 2012, which I blogged about it HERE! Nevertheless, there are so many new items now that I haven't tried before, while the other signatures remain the same.

Signature Dessert (招牌甜品)

 Durio Delish (榴莲至尊)

In fact, Blackball Malaysia has more to offer! Durian lovers can rejoice because Blackball now features our local favourite King of Fruit in its dessert range. The generous bowl of Durio Delish wows us with its strong sweet scent of durian that pairs excellently with mung beans, red beans and grass jelly without being overpowering.

But it is the scoop of durian ice cream that has us on cloud nine. Blended using real durian fruit from Pahang, we are delighted to enjoy the original texture of the flesh that is soft, moist and rich in itself. Moreover, you can also taste a subtle durian fragrance from the smooth durian-infused shaved ice on the base.

So creamy and rich!

Passionate Lychee Iceberg (恋夏荔枝冰)

Emphasizing on using natural ingredients, lychee series is another recent addition on Blackball's menu that you should try for a refreshing twist of flavours. I love the fluffy soft texture of crushed ice that is drizzled with lychee syrup, with no sugar added. 

Enjoy it with the chewy mini taro, lychee, crunchy seeds and vanilla ice cream while it is icy cold!

Golden Sweet Corn Delight (黄金玉米冰)

Another highlight is the sweet corn shaved ice base that complements well with the bouncy taro balls, brown sugar jelly, sweet corn and grass jelly. The sweet corn flavour is so distinct that it infuses fragrance into the bowl of goodness yet it does not taste overcloying for me. 

Melon Jade Jelly (黑丸嫩爱玉)
While some love to try new flavours, others may find greater comfort in a traditional bowl of chilled aiyu jelly that is so soft and smooth that it glides into the mouth with a burst of zesty lemon flavour. The slightly tart toppings keep the overall sweetness level just right for me. 

Black Ball Signature (Grass jelly ice base) (大黑丸)

Despite of having many new hot and cold varieties, Blackball's signature grass jelly dessert remains as the crowd's all-time favourite and it certainly does not fall short in terms of taste, texture and portion. The colorful toppings consisting of boiled sweet potato, honeyed yam, red beans and pearls are exceptionally chewy, tasteful and addictive for us! 

For the extra punch, a shot of creamer helps to unleash the full flavour of the grass jelly.

Hot Black Ball Signature (Jelly Base) (黑丸烧仙草)

If you're craving for a tinge of heat in your dessert, Blackball's signature dessert comes in a hot version. While the toppings remain the same, the base is replaced with thick layers of warm grass jelly that exudes stronger aroma with herbal aftertaste and has much silkier yet denser texture.

Hearty Balls with Hot Soya (包心丸热豆浆)

Another equally tummy-warming dessert offered here is the warm soy milk with grass jelly and Blackball's special "hearty balls". All the fancy colours are the glutinous balls which are filled with yam and sweet potato! Both are very chewy and fill up the stomach easily after a few mouthfuls. 

Specialty Drink Series (特色风味饮)
3Q Passion Fruit Green Tea (百香3Q绿茶), Winter Melon Tea with Sky Pearls (冬瓜寒天球茶),
'BOBA' Milk Tea 波霸奶茶

For a quick sip at Blackball, all beverages here are customizable in terms of the amount of ice and level of sweetness. Ingredients such as black pearls, nata de coco, pudding and sky pearls provide interesting textures to spice up your day and make your drinks less boring. 

Takeaway and delivery options are available at Blackball, and you can always bring the signature hearty balls (comes with Bentong Ginger Powder Sachet to get your sweet ginger soup ready!), jade and grass jelly home to share with your loved ones.

In a nutshell, BlackBall Taiwanese desserts and drinks are perfect for a hot scorching day or even on a cold day when you are craving for something sweet! Blackball beverages and desserts are available cold, warm, hot or icy, at a price ranging from RM5.90 to RM13.90.

1. One bowl of BlackBall signature dessert was RM6.50 back then, now it is RM7.50. I find it still very fairly priced as compared to Korean shaved ice desserts that can go up to RM20++ per bowl! Plus, the portion remains generous and jam-packed with decent ingredients from Taiwan.
2. Love the concept of using 100% vegetarian and healthy ingredients that make the indulgence less sinful.
3. Recommended: Durio Delish, Blackball Signature (Hot and Cold)

BlackBall Dessert Cafe
Website: www.blackball.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/BlackBall.my
For the full list of outlets, please visit www.blackball.com.my/outlets.htm

24 May, 2015

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant @ IOI Mall, Puchong

Health-conscious foodies can now rejoice! Simple Life Restaurant has been a favourite spot for healthy goers who believe in balanced diet that incorporates real food with low salt, low sugar, less oil, high fibre and no MSG. Its healthy and tasty meatless cuisine has proven to us that going healthy and vegan can be a delicious change of lifestyle!

Fresh Mixed Fruit Tea (新鲜水果茶)

Glancing through the beverages menu, I think having too much of coffee lately prompts me for a healthy change this time. Our jar of peach tea infused with pineapple, orange, passion fruit, watermelon and apple is great for sharing among 2 to 3 persons, but I can easily enjoy it all by myself because the citrusy taste is so natural, refreshing and sweet!

Seaweed Roll (紫菜卷)

Despite of the name of the restaurant, I realize that the dishes here may look simple but they take great effort to churn out a wide variety of nutrient-packed items. For instance, our ultra light seaweed roll is extra crunchy, and tastes excellent with an instant punch of wasabi mayonnaise sauce!

Take a look carefully at its filling. It is so compact and well-stuffed with thinly-shredded carrot and vegetables, but it is the soy floss that adds the extra crunchy to each bite! Surprisingly, it tastes better than any meat floss out there.

Mango Salad (芒果沙拉)

Next up is the beautifully-presented fresh mango salad with bright, creamy mango sauce and deep green, zesty sesame sauce. I remember vividly that this was the first dish I tried here many years ago and the house specialty sauces are something that I'd keep coming back for! It is an instant pick-me-up before we savour our main course. 

Organic Lei Cha (有机擂茶)

For the mains, first timers must try the house No. 1 Signature Lei Cha and its soup served in a teapot. Indeed, the first thought I have in mind when someone mentions Thunder Tea Rice is its pungent smell, but Simple Life serves something totally different that amazes me. 

The key to a gratifying bowl of lei cha lies not in the rice or condiments, but the bowl of mesmerizing green broth. Here the savoury broth is amazingly thick with almost paste-like consistency, lightly sweet and does not taste medicinal at all.

Unlike the usual variation, this is easily acceptable even for those who don't usually fancy Lei Cha.
It is definitely a nourishing, fibre-rich dish to go for!

It comes with organic beancurds, nuts and vegetables, both fresh and preserved.
Indeed an excellent boost of protein.

In fact, the simple bowl of Simple Life's signature multigrain rice, by itself, already wins my heart. Healthily packed with oat, barley, brown rice, rice bran, sesame and sunflower seeds, it is very aromatic and surprisingly not starchy at all. Not forgetting to mention that it is high in fibre and Vitamin B Complex.

Mushroom Pizza @ RM13.90

If you think Simple Life serves only Eastern dishes, then you're wrong because it offers quite a great selection of pasta, pizza and even sushi. Sitting on an extremely thin crisp-edged crust base, the application of mushroom and cheese is very generous. 

In case you're wondering, the pizza here is also prepared in a healthy manner. It wouldn't leave your finger greasy after eating, and the base is made of thin tortilla that yields lower calories. 

Organic Seven-Colored Beans (有机七色豆)

We are very stuffed by the time the dessert arrives, but we just can't resist the goodness of 7 types of organic beans being churned into a steaming hot bowl of sweet soup. There are kidney beans, red beans, green beans, soy beans, broad beans and more, just to name a few. Tastewise, it retains its naturally mild sweetness very well with no sugar added.

Speaking of the ambiance, we spend a good 2 hours dining and chatting under the perfectly tranquil and relaxing setting here. The modern interior adorned with warm hues and soft lighting adds coziness to the spacious outlet.

At Simple Life, we truly enjoy the new revolution of healthy eating without feeling guilty at all.
We will definitely be back for more of the 100% organic and natural food here. 

1. For those who want to try out healthy diet, here's the place to begin with. 
2. Simple Life is the perfect place for businessmen and family to catch a breather at any time of the day.
3. Recommended: Organic Lei Cha, Mango Salad

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant
Lot S13-S16, 2nd Floor
Old Wing (Next to POPULAR) 
IOI Mall, Batu 9 Puchong,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Contact: 603-8082 2328
Website: www.simplelife.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/simpleliferestaurant

Other Outlets:
- Sunway Pyramid (03-5611 8596)
- Wisma CKE, Cheras (03-9133 8358)
- Paradigm Mall
- Wisma Lifecare Bangsar South (03-22422621)
- KLCC Signature Food Court
- Cheras Leisure Mall (03-9130 1068)
- Setia City Mall (LG68)
- The Garden Midvalley (LG Floor opposite Big Apple Donut)
- AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang (Lot F12)
- Lot 10 Shopping Centre Bukit Bintang (2nd Floor)
- Sunway Putra Mall

21 May, 2015

Review: 28 Days Teatox Journey with SkinnyMint

Being a lifestyle blogger and food columnist, eating all day long is the toughest thing I could imagine! Maintaining my waistline is really an uphill task until I begin my first Tea Detox journey with SkinnyMint...

This very much raved detox tea brand has been so popular among celebrities and bloggers that it tempts me to try it out. It claims to be able to detoxify and lose weight effectively using its all natural high-performing ingredients. 

So when I first took up this challenge of 28-day natural teatox program, I'd never thought that it is so simple and fuss-free! Just follow 2 steps-- Morning Boost Tea and the Night Cleanse Tea-- and you'll see the difference. 

Morning Boost (28 tea bags)

The Morning Boost is designed to increase energy throughout the day, naturally reduce the appetite and burn fats. On my first sip, the tea smells so lovely with a naturally sweet and refreshing fruitiness. Honestly it already tastes great on its own, but I love adding a zest of lemon or green tea powder to enhance the flavour. 

Here's what's in the Morning Boost.

NO, you don't have to skip your meal for this.
Just replace your morning coffee with this fruity concoction and enjoy its goodness!
Always remember to maintain healthy diet in order to lose weight in a long run.

Night Cleanse (14 tea bags)

While having my Morning Boost every morning, the Night Cleanse tea is only consumed every alternate night during my 28-day challenge. I don't usually fancy minty flavours, but if you're seeking for something earthy and soothing, this is the perfect cup for you before bed or after your last meal of the day.

Here are the ingredients packed in the Night Cleanse teabag.

The scent is naturally boosted with senna leaves (a strong natural laxative) so I guess my body is reacting well with it although I experience mild stomach discomfort on the next morning after I have the Night Cleanse. But moving towards the 5th or 6th teabag I have (Around Day 10), I don't feel much stomach cramps already. 

The Night Cleanse is designed to naturally cleanse the body and improve digestion which can lead to reduced bloating. Overall, the all-natural content works well as a proper cleansing process, but the level of discomfort may vary among individuals.

True indeed, the result is surprisingly good! For my constipation issue alone, I think the Night Cleanse tea is sufficient but it is best to combine it with Morning Boost for a more synergized, effective result. 

Loving the result after my 28 days with SkinnyMint tea! The morning boost is supposed to make me less bloated, increase alertness, lessen cravings for snacks, and it even has anti anxiety properties. I don’t normally like snacking but after drinking it I do feel less bloated and a lot more energetic.

I'm so happy for the flatter tummy and I don't mind wearing cropped tops that flaunt the figure!

Over the past 28 days, I lost about 1kg, which is ideal for healthy weightloss. It may seem insignificant because my food consumption is still alot :P (Unavoidable due to food reviews),
but I am happy that the physical result is more satisfying!

#1 Skinny Mint has made me changed my perception towards teatox. It's so easy and convenient.
#2 I feel my body is leaner and healthier with less toxins now!  
#3 Rating: 5/5 ♥ Repurchase? Will take a short break, and yes, resume teatoxing after that. I would go for Night Cleanse again to promote bowel movement, and Morning Boost for its instant kick of energy throughout the day.

Combo Pack:
SkinnyMint 28 Days Ultimate Teatox @ RM169.90
SkinnyMint 14 Days Starter Teatox @ RM94.90
SkinnyMint 2x28 Days Bestie Value Teatox @ RM278.00

Individual Pack:
Morning Boost @ RM94.90
Night Cleanse @ RM79.90


Visit SkinnyMint at the following pages:
Twitter: @SkinnyMintCom
Instagram: @SkinnyMintCom
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