11 June, 2015

MiniMe Cafe @ Oasis Ara Damansara, PJ

Nestled within the increasingly popular township in Oasis Square, this cafe seems to be kept as a well-hidden gem for a while before we manage to discover it and make it one of our favourite brunch places now. Offering an eclectic combination of coffee, desserts and dishes from the East and West, MiniME is not just another cafe in Ara Damansara.

MiniMe Cafe draws my attention by having a beautiful display of colorful popsicles at its entrance.
There are so many yummy fruity popsicles from the famous Pop Wagon!

Surrounded by the painted black-and-white brick walls, the soft lighting and bright furniture add warmth and coziness to the space, attracting the young crowd where they can organize parties and spend time in a relaxed and alluring setting.

The ceiling caught my attention by having layers of hanging doors in blue and white!
Latte @ RM9.90 / Poppy Seed Cake Salted Caramel Buttercream @ RM12.90

If you're here for a light bite, a cup of perfectly crafted coffee with luscious layers of homemade poppy seed cake would be great. The buttercream here is much denser than what I'd imagine, but nevertheless it hits the right level of sweetness for me. 

Toxix Cleansing (Apple, Cucumber, Lemon, Celery) @ RM11.90 /
Vitamin Boost (Orange, Apple, Carrot) @ RM11.90

During the days we don't feel like having coffee, something healthier comes into mind. Instead of having bottled pressed juice that is known for its excellent nutritional values, MiniMe has gone great length to offer customers with the freshest blends of fresh fruits and vegetables using the compact slow HUROM juicer in the house. Everything is prepared ala minute upon order! 

Mermaid's Quest @ RM22.90

A creative variation from the usual Mexican tacos, here we have the mini tortilla skins with garlic lemon aioli sauce as the base before they are individually topped with squid, fish and prawns. Leave your cutlery, and fold the tortilla in half to enjoy the best in one mouth! 

The combination of crispy fried prawn with tangy sauce and soft tortilla is so interesting and tasty that we couldn't help but to reach for more!
BBQ Pulled Chic Panini @ RM12.90

If you love your pressed panini brown and crispy, MiniMe's version will surely not disappoint you. Stuffed with pulled chicken thigh and generous drizzles of homemade BBQ sauce, every bite is sweet and tangy with slight smoky aftertaste that lingers on the palate. 

Love my cheesy and saucy sandwich to bits!

Silence of the Lamb @ RM28.90

The highlight of the day is no other than the house specialty medium grilled New Zealand Lamb Shoulders in homemade black pepper sauce. We expect up to 3 slices of lamb at most, but the chef surprises us with the huge portion of 4 big pieces which have an equally great balance of meat and fats each. The solid, hearty flavors is simply comforting, especially for lamb lovers. 

Accompaniments such as roasted beetroots and baby potatoes with reduced balsamic glaze
add a pleasant tartness to the overall taste too.

Whole Spring Chicken

Here we love how every sauce is made from scratch, to create distinctive flavours that we probably couldn't sample elsewhere. That's why we enjoy our oven-baked half spring chicken with the homemade brown sauce that lends an instant kick to the already delicious bird. 

As for the side dish, the creamy cauliflower puree is worth a mention too, as we appreciate the intensely rich and creamy texture that wins over the usual mashed potato. 

MiniMe Laksa Siam @ RM12.90

As the Eastern dish is specially catered for the local taste buds, don't you agree that we all love tucking into a hot bowl of spicy broth with noodles, Ikan Kembung and fresh herbs? Although the fiery flavour is slightly toned down, we still have a great time digging into the comforting bowl of rich and tangy broth. 

Best Giler @ RM12.90

We are not sure whether it is the name or its presentation that catches our attention, but the signature dessert is indeed recommended for its unique crispy and creamy, hot and cold combination. Each thinly sliced banana is fried to crispy perfection and well-coated with drizzles of Gula Melaka syrup. It is quite addictive especially when savoured with vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirls.

Overall, MiniMe Cafe is one of the better cafes in town! 

1. Love the concept of preparing everything from the food, juices and sauces from scratch with minimal artificial processing. I feel healthier dining at MiniMe :)
2. I don't mind visiting here occasionally, considering it a pretty quiet place to chill despite of the distance from my house. 
3. Recommended: Silence of the Lamb, Spring Chicken, Banana Fritters with Ice Cream

MiniMe Cafe
(Same row as 7-Eleven)
E-G-02, Capital 5.
Oasis Square,
No.2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +603-7610 0929
Facebook: fb.com/MiniMEcaf3
Instagram: @MinimeKafe

Business Hours:
Tues-Thurs: 11am-10pm
Fri-Sun: 11am-11pm
Closed on Mondays 


  1. Is a cafe but coffee not nice. Americano no coffee taste. Latte milk foam not enough solid, cappuccino supposed to be more milk but quite disappointed me about the drink. But the food is superb nice !!!! Almost all I ordered. Very good ! Service also not bad

    1. Hi yen, cappucino is supposed to have more foam as opposed to milk. I thought the coffee was great!


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