30 September, 2015

Review: Philips BikiniGenie Trimmer / Shaver

Note: No, this blog post is not just for ladies, but for men too.

When it comes to body hair removal, hot waxing treatment is often a popular choice for those who want to have beautiful bikini line. But it seems to be a turnoff for me personally as I often find it too pricey and painful. I am glad that Philips has this great little  BikiniGenie Trimmer BRT383 now for a cleaner, safer and easier way to trim and shape body hair. 

BikiniGenie trimmer BRT383 6-in-1 Kit 

Unboxing the product, I find that the body trimmer comes in a set of 6: 0.5mm shaving head, 0mm mini shaving head, 2 comb attachments (3mm and 5mm), storage pouch, cleaning brush and AA battery.

The shaving heads are both detachable from the body of the tool. And I like how it can be used wet or dry, as I can easily shave in the shower, or do a quick "grooming" anytime outside the shower. 

0.5mm Shaving Head

I prefer using the shaving head which trims down the bikini line hair to exactly 0.5 mm for an even groomed look. Although the small cutting teeth look quite sharp, I am surprised that it is able to work smoothly on the skin and cut the hairs while protecting the skin. It is totally painless and no uncomfortable sensation at all

Click-on Combs: 3mm and 5mm attachments

But if you just want a precise trim without removing all the hair, then the 2 click-on combs will be great to trim hair to a 3mm or 5mm length. Great for a quick touch up. 

Mini 0mm Shaving Head

Thumbs up to Philips grooming system, it even includes a micro shaver for the flawless super smooth finish. Although the round trimming teeth operate at quite a speedy motion and effectively removes the hair, but it will not cause accidental nick, scrap and cut on the skin. So, no worries about any skin irritation even on the most sensitive part of the body!

No charging cords needed, and one AA battery can last the trimmer for up to 60 minutes, which amounts to 40-60 time of usage. It does not require any maintenance, just a quick cleaning using the brush will do. So I think it will be in my travel luggage during my next vacation!

Overall, it is a great product. Love everything about it from the design and features
up to its portability and convenience of use!

Gentlemen, don't be disappointed, Philips new Body Groomer BG1024 is specially designed for you!
It offers the similar way of safe and fuss-free body hair grooming for you guys.

#1 Hygienic, convenient and most importantly, it's painless.
#2 Reuseable, cordless and great for travelling.
#3 It feels smooth on the skin-- No nicks, cuts or razor bumps of burn.
#4 It works well in both wet or dry condition.

#1 Price is rather steep (RM129) as compared to the ordinary electric shaver/razor.

Philips Body Groomer and BikiniGenie trimmer BRT381 are priced at RM109 whereas the BikiniGenie trimmer BRT383 is priced at RM129 respectively. Available at the Philips Brand Store at Publika Shopping Gallery, major electrical and departmental stores and on www.blipmy.com.

For more information, please visit http://www.philips.com.my.

29 September, 2015

Kafe Go to School @ Solaris Mont Kiara

In the vicinity of Mont Kiara, I have come across many Korean eateries but none of them draws my attention like Kafe Go To School does. With the classroom-like arrangement of colorful painted furniture outside the restaurant, it looks great as a casual dining spot on a lazy weekend. 

True to its name, the cafe literally brings me back to school as soon as I step into the quirky space. It is a family business for a Malaysian and two Korean sisters, in which one of them is a master chef specializing in home-cooked Korean dishes in Japan and Taiwan for several years.

To cater for the local taste buds, they have come up with the trendy concept of combining both the Korean BBQ restaurant and Korean-style coffee and dessert cafe into one. That explains why the menu here is so extensive, ranging from classic Korean noodles, hot pot and snacks to innovative Korean bingsu, waffles and coffee. 

Fresh Homemade Juices: Lemonade @ RM13, Grapefruitade @ RM14, Uja (Citron) @ RM10

We kickstart our meal with an array of thirst quenchers which are made of real, fresh fruits. They are deliciously sweet and tart, and packed with loads of Vitamin C. My favourite goes to Uja juice as this refreshing concoction exudes the fragrance of honey and citrus fruit peel. 

Korean Original Kimbab @ RM11.90

The traditional appetizer is simple and perfect for those who prefer light meals. It may remind you of Japanese sushi, but they are different as Kimbab is served warm on its own (without any dipping sauce), using only steamed white rice (no vinegar) and the cooked ingredients (no raw fish) used include beef, pickled daikon, carrots, seasoned spinach, crabstick and omelette.

Yangneum Fried Chicken @ RM35 (Half chicken)

For meat lovers out there, this popular Korean-style fried chicken coated with thick spicy-sweet chilli sauce is highly recommended. The level of spiciness can be adjusted according to personal preference, so if you wanna be adventurous, do challenge the fiery hot and spicy Level 5!

Look at the size of the drumstick! Half chicken (7 pieces in total) is ideal for 2-4 pax sharing.

The homemade sticky sauce is amazingly flavourful, just at the right amount of sweetness. Sprinkled with crushed peanuts, the chicken gives a nice crunch on the outside while retaining its fluffy white flesh inside. Thanks to the impeccable service, the plastic glove is definitely a major saviour to allow us enjoy the chicken at its best without any messiness.

Salmon Rice Pizza @ RM35

Next up is the first salmon pizza I've tried which uses rice and salmon meat as the base instead of the usual pizza dough. The beautiful presentation by itself already excites me, and I doubt I can find such unique creation elsewhere! 

It features a crispy, crumb-coated rice base, which remains hot and soft inside, with generous toppings of salmon slices and tobiko. The accompanying sauce consisting of pickle, mayonnaise and chilli also pairs surprisingly well with the pizza. Overall, this creative dish is lip-smacking good, hence is definitely a must-order item!

Hae Mul Pa Jeon @ RM24

Moving on, the seafood and spring onion Korean pancake is another traditional dish that you must not miss! Unlike the usual round-pizza-like variation I try in other Korean restaurants, Kafe Go To School serves it in thick squares that are well-layered with huge chunky spring onions. 

Soft and slightly chewy, the pancake is lightly sweet on its own, while the roasted sesame topping further accentuates the aroma of the overall dish. However, I prefer dipping into the special chilli soy sauce for stronger savoury taste.

Value-for-money Weekday Lunch Sets

I notice that the menu features alot more dishes that I'd love to try, including the Braised Beef Ribs, Bulgogi Steak, Ginseng Chicken, Toppuki (Rice Cake), Rice Burgers, Ramen, Udon and Kim Chi Fried Rice. They even serve delicious lunch sets and bentos, pegged at affordable price tags.

As for the desserts, I am totally blown by the wide variety of Bingsu (Korean Ice Kacang), waffles and crepe cakes. Whether you are craving for hot or cold desserts, this cafe has gotten you covered. 

Very Very Thank You Snow Milk Bingsu @ RM33 (Recommended for 3-4 pax sharing)

Just to illustrate how huge the portion is, I gotta show you my picture before I start digging into the snowy mountain of fresh strawberries, blueberries, corn flakes and Gelato ice cream drizzled with strawberry sauce

I truly appreciate the Chef's effort for preparing everything from scratch, including the snowy ice base which is made of milk powder and water. Using a special ice shaving machine, the layer of ice shaves is extra smooth and milky, leaving a creamy sensation as it melts in the mouth.

It is frankly the most satisfying bingsu I have tried so far! 

Vanilla Crepe @ RM13.90

My ideal afternoon tea here would be having a slice of Japanese crepe cake along with a cup of coffee,
while doing my work at a quiet corner.

1. Overall, I love the concept of Korean-Japanese fusion cuisine and the chef's creativity indeed wows me throughout the meal.
2. If you are craving for authentic Korean flavours of home-cooked dishes, here is the right place to go. 
3. Recommended: Yangneum Fried Chicken, Salmon Rice Pizza, Korean Pancake

Kafe Go to School (HALAL)
18G (Ground Floor),
Jalan Solaris 3,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2858 9627
Email address: heewooriz@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/kafegotoschool
Instagram: @kafegotoschool

Business Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 10am till 11pm (Last order at 10.30pm)
Fri-Sat: 10am till 1am (Last order at 12.30am)

28 September, 2015

I Have Graduated!! : MMU, Cyberjaya

Disclaimer: This is going to be a very lengthy post.

It's my graduation! 

5 years. 5 years of studying in Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya has come to an end. 

Now that it felt that everything was fated. 5 years ago, I was planning to enrol into Sunway University but I got an offer from JPA for accountancy course in MMU Malacca. A week later, I was informed that I'd be placed in MMU Cyberjaya instead, with all my tuition fees, hostel fees and living costs being taken care of by the government.

Well, who wouldn't go for free stuff? So I went in, and the rest of the days have now become history. 

As for my graduation day, I had been looking for photographers to do a simple shooting, but the rates are unexpectedly steep! I am glad to have finally found my high school junior, Tommy from TM Photography to do an outdoor shooting for me around Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. 

Thank you Tommy and his girlfriend, Kityin who was my makeup artist of the shoot! I personally love his pictures alot!!! He took more than a hundred pictures during the short session, and how I'd wish I can share all of them here with you... By the way, he does alot of bridal photography, event shooting as well as portraiture. 

Feel free to contact him via his Facebook Page if you're keen :) 

I was not sure if I should feel happy for completing my degree with flying colours, or feel sad and reluctant to leave the university life and step into the working world. At this point of time, life is full of certainties. Would I be using my certificate of Bachelor Degree in Accounting (Honours), or could I just try something different? Well, it remains as a question mark, but at least I am happy with what I am doing now  

Thank you MMU and CPA Australia for having me as one of the 4 special award winners,
making my 5-year effort spent well-worth!

The university which I did not expect to have entered.
The place where I met alot of kind souls and unexpected friends.
The second home which I used to stay for years, with different roomies. 
The playground where I went camping and had club activities with a huge bunch.
The point where I fell in love and fell out of love. 

To my family, 

Thank you Daddy, Mummy, Godmum and Sis for spoiling me like a baby girl for so many years. Love all your beautiful flowers, gigantic balloons and gifts! I still remember those days when I used to stay at the hostel, and Dad would have to fetch me home every weekend. Mum would prepare loads of fruits, water and dry food supplies, worrying that I might get hungry in the middle of the night. They'd call occasionally during weekdays, checking if I was alright.

As soon as I moved home after 3 years, I started driving to university everyday, and most of the time I'd have to juggle between studies and blogging jobs. Honestly, the road was kinda rocky at the beginning but I was lucky to gain unconditional support from the family. Thanks for being so understanding and granting me the freedom to choose what I love doing.

Although I was financially supported by JPA, the family would try to satisfy my needs whenever they could. I understand that people can easily walk into and out of your life, but family stays. Forever.

Those silent "Thank You"s and gratitude are all I want to tell you all this while. 

To my coursemates, 

The girls whom I have met since the very first day I stepped into this university. The people whom I have worked and laughed with over these 5 years. The days we stayed till late nights for club activities, the days we did assignments and presentations together, the days we spent in camp, the midnights we laid on the stadium waiting for shooting stars.

Together we have now completed this journey, but friendship doesn't end there. I am certainly looking forward to crossing each other's path again in future, who knows we may end up being close colleagues next time?

Thank you; University life just wouldn't be complete without you guys :') 

To my university friends, 

They were the people who entered the university together with me. Some were even my 'neighbours' at the campus hostel. Some had graduated earlier, while others were still enjoying the university life. I honestly couldn't recall the last time I actually met you guys in person but I was really happy to see you again during my graduation day, although most of us had gone separate paths to pursue own dreams.

Among so many friends who came to me, I guess the most frequent comment I got from you was, "Hey I love your blog!". I didn't know my university mates actually follow this blog and literally know what I have been up to. I sincerely thank each and every one of you for supporting this blog, and if you happen to read this line, please say Hi to me via the comment box below! 

To the babes, 

Thank you for coming to my convocation and making this day even more memorable for me! I'm really touched to have you girls (and the photographer behind this picture!) throughout the whole day-- going all the way to KL to get me a pretty bouquet of roses, then handling the flowers and balloons for me, fixing my mortar board each time I wanna take picture despite of the hot scorching sun for soooo many hours. Where else can I find such sweet friends in life? One is my good friend for the past 16 years, and the other for 10 years now. I just couldn't believe time flies so quickly but yeah let's keep the years counting!

And not forgetting to mention the person who became my personal photographer on that day, I hope you are all well in UK now, and I'm looking forward for cafe hopping with you again when you come back ya. Thanks for bearing with me although you know I'm very particular with every single shot. :P Without your great help, I really couldn't imagine how I gonna capture those precious moments.

To the high school BFFs, 

Thanks for dropping by! It was great seeing you here, although we didn't manage to catch up much on that day. But I promise to hang out with you peeps real soon kay?

To the awesome people I met throughout the blogging journey, 

I really didn't expect you guys to be around, because Cyberjaya is just too far away right? Thank you for making your way here and giving me sweet little surprises! I am glad that God has brought us close to each other through random events which we used to attend together. Although now we no longer meet as often as we used to, I hope we can remain close and I will always be there when you need me :)

And finally, to you, 

Thank you for making up a significant part of my university life. Without you, I wouldn't stand as who I am today. I really do cherish those happy moments, wherever we went and whatever we did. I know it is difficult to find someone like you, who was willing to stay by my side despite of rain or shine, to cheer me up during my toughest time, to give me little surprises every now and then, to wait for me patiently, to provide your best support for 3 whole years.... I finally understand what it takes to consistently put in 101% unconditional effort onto me, for more than a thousand days.

Throughout my early days in MMU, I should thank you for pampering me like a princess and offering your helping hands without fail. Being my best friend, listener, photographer, driver, laughing pill, and even personal shopper is probably the toughest job you've gotten ever :P Thanks for literally experiencing the process of growing up with me...

I remember you had once told me, "You can only prioritize 3 things in life", and I had chosen my Degree studies, ACCA and blogging. I admit I had made my life so hectic that I had to let go of you. Yet stupidly, I always tell myself that I didn't regret for making that decision, because those heartbreaks which we had been through would only make us stronger persons now. Somehow, on this big day that I met you once again, I knew I had made the right choice because you are now with a better angel, being a happier person that I've ever seen :) 

If you happen to read this, I'd sincerely like to say I'm sorry and thanks for the memories.
Wish you the best, and please stay happy always x.

Multimedia University. June 2010 - May 2015. The End.
Dear God, please lead me well to the next chapter of life..

xoxo, FiSh 

27 September, 2015

What To Shop, Eat & Do at Markets16 Bazaar, The School @ Jaya One

Heyyy! I am back from one of the largest bazaars I've been-- Markets 16 at The School, Jaya One, PJ. It has been a great weekend with the girls, and we literally "shop our hearts out"! Fret not if you're not an avid shopper, because the bazaar also features loads of real COOL stuff and YUMMY food 

Apparently, any shopaholic like myself would go gaga when seeing so many fashion pieces being offered at a fraction of price! Besides, you can also enjoy special 20% discount if you purchase selected items via Shopee Malaysia App :D

Look how many types of accessories you can get here! Everything's below RM30 yo!

*YAY!* I managed to grab some really small rings that fit my fingers.

There are plenty of food trucks lining outside The School, including Wheeloaf, Tony Bubble Milk Tea, Little Fat Duck, Coffee Mingle and Cowboys Food Truck. On the same row, I could see more food was coming my way....

...ranging from a wide varieties of fresh bakes and colorful cupcakes from Cherrie Bakes.

...to healthy cold-pressed juices from Juus Juice, homemade jams and spreads
from The Red Cherry, as well as sweet treats from Ga.to. gateau.

Organic soaps and handmade lipbalms from Earth Care Soaps, botanical body care from Jeanie Botanicals, Noteworthie Gift, Korean head band, DocLab (Face Ampoules), customizable pouch and Josh Lee Fragrances are among the booths that caught my attention, as they are really popular great stuff which I think worth supporting!
You can even get your beloved doggy some real good and healthy food at the bazaar!

 After getting tired of shopping, I grabbed a seat near the stage and enjoyed
some local band performances, by different talents every hour.

It was truly a great weekend of fun, music, shopping, food and artsy vibes under one roof.
Nice meeting Grace from Unmasqued and I am definitely looking forward for the next bazaar! 

For more information on Markets 16, visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/themrkts.

Twitter: @JayaOne / @TheSchoolMy
Facebook: JayaOne / TheSchool.MY
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