17 October, 2015

aQu - it's me Skincare is Now in Watsons Malaysia!

aQu – it’s me, a basic water-based skin care range

aQu, a Malaysian owned skin care brand has certainly made us Malaysians proud! Newly launched, it is made of natural plant and fruit extracts with latest biotechnology advances to cater for every youth and young executives needs.

The range comprises of 5-step skincare products, with their ingredients certified HALAL and safe for use.
They are exclusively available at selected 111 Watsons outlets nationwide.

Step 1: Face Wash - Gently cleanses impurities and maintains skin moisture
Step 2: Refreshing Toner - Shrink pores, refreshes and softens skin
Step 3: Radiant Moisturiser - Restores skin elasticity, hydration, radiance
Step 4: CC Cream SPF 35 - Balances skin tone and provides UV protection
Step 5: Face Scrub - Exfoliates dead skill cells, blackheads and whiteheads

Speaking of going natural, the products contain aloe vera, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, chamomile, sunflower seed oil and more. All skin types (for male and female) including those with combination skin problems are able to use them as well.

Adura Kamarul Zaman, Marketing Director of Fountain of Health Sdn Bhd mentioned that "aQu – it’s me" is about empowering individuals and giving them the confidence to shine and be comfortable in their own skin.

aQu Brand Ambassador Carey Ng, Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 also gave her thoughts about the products.

I managed to speak to her personally and she admitted that her skin was suffering from complications some time back. Because of the amount of makeups and chemicals we put on our skin everyday, we just do not want to add more chemicals onto the skin when we cleanse it.

Therefore, the all-natural skincare comes into mind-- aQu it's me-- is best to get achieve the hydrated and healthy skin. See how confident she looks now!

Even the tagline ‘Keep Cool and Use aQu – it’s me’ represents confidence.

Yang Mulia Tengku Mudzaffar Tengku Zaid, Executive Director of Fountain of Health Sdn Bhd;
aQu Brand Ambassador Carey Ng, Miss Universe Malaysia 2013,
Caryn Loh, General Manager of Trading Watsons Malaysia and
Adura Kamarul Zaman, Marketing Director of Fountain of Health Sdn Bhd with the products.

I managed to take a shot with Carey and Ms. Adura too.

With its price ranging from as low as RM20 to RM35, and RM132.90 for a complete set,
aQu – it’s me is certainly an affordable basic maintenance skin care range for you and I!

Let's keep cool and use aQu – it’s me!

For more information, contact aQu’s Marketing Department at 019-276 2278 or visit:

Website: www.aqu.my
Instagram: @aqu.official
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