23 October, 2015

DIY: Deco Your Own BB Cushion x Althea.kr

My recent haul from Althea.kr is none other than the IOPE Air Cushion XP SPF50++ which Cheon Song-Yi (千颂伊) uses in the Korean drama! I guess this brand has become so popular because of her, and I'm so glad to have Althea shipping it directly from Korea...

I think every beauty shopper will fall in love with Althea because it always has marvellous discounts and promotions from time to time. When I bought my IOPE Cushion, it came with a complimentary set of DIY Deco parts for the first 200 customers.

Well, if you own a BB Cushion, and do not know about this Korean trend, let me tell you now!

Koreans are so good at doing things creatively and
it is an "in"-thing now to decorate your BB cushion cover with loads of cute little icons.

So I've gotten my share too. SO ADORABLE I CAN DIE! 

A tube of adhesive glue is included too. Some told me that you can get the same bottle at Daiso,
so I guess it is pretty affordable when it comes to DIY.

Time to exercise my left brain and let the creativity juices flow...

It's pretty easy to DIY actually, entirely up to you on how you wanna design the cushion cover.
Just apply generously onto the surface (Similar to whipped cream on a piece of cake!)

For the "3D effect" on the surface, remember to apply thicker layer of the glue.

And it will take a while to dry completely, so you can always make adjustments before it's too late.
Is my customized IOPE cushion cover sweet enough now? 

Ah, I just love to use my IOPE more and more often now!

If you are looking for Korean products that are not in the Malaysian market, Althea.kr offers loads of them at stunning (Seriously!) prices. My first IOPE purchase is very satisfying, guess I just have more reasons to shop from them now! ❤ Anyone wanna shop together with me, then we can enjoy FREE shipping from Korea for purchases above RM150. 

Let's go shopping!
Website : http://my.althea.kr
Facebook : fb.com/altheakorea
Instagram : @altheakorea


  1. Wow! That's so cute and unique! Never thought of we can deco one ourselves. ^^

  2. Minnie Mouse... My favourite when I was young. I really need to shop one for myself.

  3. So cute!! I'd love to own one.... :) Can deco somemore..... Unique!

  4. Wow. It looks cute and sweet. Althea makes me drop. T.T

  5. wow nice bb cushion and wait a minute! you can diy it, it's so cute and fun the way you made it. :D

  6. Nicely done fish! I love how you arranged it at one corder making it not too messy. How do you find the Iope cushion btw?

  7. so cute. I can decorate it myself. Does this product worth for money?

  8. I love the packaging! So cute!! Like candy! Website quite funny! Sound fishy lolx!

  9. Oh my God..... that is just so cute and preciousss...... I like it.... !!!

  10. It is so beautiful! Someone you can DIY it by urself, It becoming more special!

    I had heard for Althea before, it always offer some amazing offer!

  11. I wanna customize my own makeup cushion too!!! So Cute!!

  12. So cute!! I was thinking if i should "zhng" my bb cushion too!

  13. I still have not decorate mine. Lol. Yours is so cute

  14. Wah, good idea to make the lady enjoy to decorate on the beauty products. Great!

  15. OMG! It's so cute! That glue makes a very good cream topping too XDDD


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