26 November, 2015

Discover the Malaysia Wonders with Tourism Malaysia-Thailand & Seeties!

Courtesy to Tourism Malaysia-Thailand and Seeties.me, I received an awesome invitation to join a Malaysia Wonders Challenge with a total of 18 bloggers-- 9 from Thailand and 9 from Malaysia.

Aimed to promote Malaysia's tourism, I think this campaign was indeed an eye-opener as it exposed us with amazing places and food around 3 big cities-- KL, Penang and Ipoh-- that we had not visited before.

The friendly Thai blogger friends I met also had great fun throughout the 4-day adventure, experiencing Malaysia like a local and then using Seeties app to collect their memories throughout the journey and bring back to Thailand.

In KL, our meet-up point before starting the missions of the day was Einstein Cafe, located along Jalan Sultan (Same row with The Front Door). Apart from us bloggers, I also met a huge team from Thailand TV channels, who filmed the entire journey throughout the days. 

Einstein Cafe was a hidden gem serving great coffee and decent Western delights. Their chicken chop and aglio olio spaghetti are worth going for! They even had a separate menu for the vegans, so do hop over if you feel like having something meatless there. 

Read my complete review on Einstein Cafe: HERE.

Our first mission in KL: “Budget Travel Race”

The first task was all about street food (My favourite!) and souvenirs hunting within a budget of RM30 at Petaling Street, aka Chinatown, located in the heart of the city! We had our first try on the famous Grandma's Mua Chee. The sugar and peanut coated glutinous rice cakes were so chewy and sweet, and my Thai partner in crime approved it!

Deep-fried Sweet Potato Balls and Roasted Chestnuts are equally good if you prefer something Finally, Air Mata Kucing was the best to kill our thirst and cool the body during the hot scorching day. Only for RM1.80 per cup!

Unfortunately, the Apam Balik stall opened quite late (Around 12-ish) during weekday, but we still waited eagerly under the scorching hot sun for our portion of soft fluffy and moist sweet Malaysian "turnover pancake". 

5-star Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur, located next to Pavilion KL

After a tiring session at Petaling Street, we were then transported to our crib of the evening: Grand Millennium KL, to relax and rejuvenate before proceeding to the next challenge.

Deluxe Room with Two Twin Beds

Adorned with contemporary furnishings, the room exudes a sense of luxury and comfort. A neutral colour palette of soft browns and creams lends room a relaxing feel. Plus, each room is equipped with a bathtub for ultimate enjoyment.

Breath-taking night view of the Kuala Lumpur city skyline, from my room

I absolutely love its location of being in the heart of KL. Shopping malls are just located within walking distance. And the best part is, I also managed to keep up with my fitness regime at the in-house fitness centre, and enjoy a leisurely dip in the outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery.

Read my complete review on Grand Millennium KL: HERE.

Our second part of the day was more relaxing as we were seated for the
Malaysia Wonders press conference with our fellow local media friends.

Next Mission: "My KL is hi-so and slow life!"

Hosted by Grand Millennium KL, our next challenge was to make our very own mocktail and prepare the Malaysians' No.1 favourite beverage-- Teh Tarik! Guess who can "pull" the most frothy and tasty Teh Tarik? The froth gives Teh Tarik a light texture and brings out more flavour along with creamy evaporated milk. Thanks Chef for the delicious glass of smooth, creamy Teh Tarik as our afternoon treat.

And moving on....it was mocktail making time!

Our ingredients for the special mocktail include Monin syrups, fresh fruit juices, ice cubes as well as fruit slices for decoration. The challenge was to create a beautifully presented mocktail that tasted great without being overly sweet within 10 minutes. My Thai teammate and I had created a Halloween drink using grape syrup and mango juice :P Who dares to try? 

Dinner time with a picturesque KL skyline view from Serai at Level 7 of Pavilion KL.

Approaching evening, we were treated with a feast of authentic Northern local cuisine at Serai in Level 7 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant exuded a posh, contemporary ambiance, allowing us to dine with a beautiful view.  

Serai's Favourite: Nasi Kerabu, Ayam Percik, Beef Satay, Steamed Seabass in
Lime Sauce, Pandan Banana Fritters with Palm Sugar Syrup and Berry Pavlova

First timers must try the crowd's No. 1 favourite here, the house specialty Nasi Kerabu featuring aromatic blue spiced rice, served with well-marinated Ayam Percik. If you have friends visiting Malaysia from overseas, Serai is indeed a great place to introduce the best of local flavours to them.

Read my complete review on Serai: HERE.

And the highlight of the evening was..... a surprise cake for my birthday!

Honestly it was really unexpected! I didn't even realise it when the restaurant was playing birthday song, as I was busy chatting with my new Thai friends. Thanks Seeties team for such a sweet arrangement!

Some generous Thai friends even gave me birthday present on the spot. T____T Thank you so much! 

Thank you Pavilion Kuala Lumpur for the early Christmas present!

From strangers to being a huge family, it was great meeting all of you! Our bonding time with the Thai bloggers came to an end after the evening, but we remained connected via social media platforms and Seeties app (www.seeties.me/malaysiawonders).

Via Seeties, Seetizens across Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and more) can constantly enjoy the latest updates of their favourite cities and collect recommendations virtually to make them real-life experiences.

Also, don't forget to check out my profile: www.seeties.me/ohfishiee for more updates!


  1. Wow you looked like you had a great time and I love the sweet potato balls at Petaling Street!!


  2. Awh looks like you had so much fun Fish! <3 The pictures are lovely :)

  3. Love all your photos babe and this is also a good way to showcase Malaysia thru easily accessible app.

  4. awesome pics and awesome experience you have there.
    good time to get to know one another too.

  5. So much good food! Great to meet so many other bloggers from other countries :)

    Blog: www.clevermunkey.com

  6. that was one helluva great event... hope I can get to join in the next one

  7. Wah. Lucky you.
    It was a great way to promote Malaysia to others.
    You now become the ambassador too.

  8. Looks like a very fun events with the bloggers from Thailand.

  9. Aww. looks like you had a lot of fun! :D

  10. this is fun. i did not get it. Hopefully Thailand Blogger enjoy the moment at Malaysia.

  11. I'm sure you made a lot of new friends that day! proud of you for representing malaysia too hehe

  12. Looks like so much fun!! Regretted not applying for it /sobs.
    But thank god this was before your injury if not it must be suffering for you to run around.

  13. you really stand out in all the pics dear, it was definitely like a real fun time for you and the bloggers.

  14. Wow... The event was so enjoyable. Great that you had so much fun during your birthday.

  15. This look so much fun together can interact with bloggers from Thailand =D The food and photos are definitely looks fabulous!

  16. I can feel the wonderful atmosphere from your writing and pictures.

    Thanks for this article. Finally able to widen my mind on what type of food to eat tomorrow :)


  17. I just wanna cry now. Wish I could join this event too.

  18. why bojio me.. hahah :P
    enjoyable time, with foreign bloggers some more! very nice

  19. wow! so nice that you can get to join this event! <3


  20. we have fun right?! nice pic u have here fish :)

  21. Wow looks like an incredible journey and adventure in KL. So cool that you get to meet other bloggers from Thailand and also celebrate your birthday at an event! Happy belated birthday fish. Hope you continue to achieve all of your dreams <3

  22. Wow, nice event from the Tourism Malaysia, everyone seems so happy and enjoy the activities :)

  23. wow fun and get to know new friends.
    Such nice experience to share on post, love to read this


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