25 November, 2015

Serai @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

For a taste of authentic Baba-Nyonya delicacies as well as Northern local cuisine, Serai is definitely the best place to go. I have been there a couple of times, and but first time at its newest outlet in Level 7 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. 

Dine with a picturesque KL skyline view from Level 7 of Pavilion KL.

The interior is, by far, the best at this outlet. I love how the marble top tables add a touch of glamour to the posh, contemporary ambiance. On top of that, the staff is very friendly and responds quickly to our orders.

Front: Serai Signature Iced Tea; Back: Sirap Bandung

Known for its Malaysian food specialties, we didn't expect that the locally-inspired beverages here are equally good. For instance, the signature iced tea is cooling with a refreshing hint from the mint leaves and lemongrass. Definitely a thirst quencher that pairs well with the meal.

Appetizer: Beef Satay served with Peanut Sauce, Cucumber, Onion and Nasi Impit

We are serious about going local tonight. We order a plate of beef satay despite the fact that Malaysian street food there is albeit pricey. But no worries, quality is assured here. The meat is amazingly moist and the Satay Sauce is packed full of bold nutty flavours with mild spices.

Deep-Fried Crispy Brinjal with Serai Spice

Next is the thinly-sliced deep-fried eggplant which can easily get us hooked because of its aroma and crispiness as we happily munch through the snack throughout our conversation. Simple yet addictive! 

Serai's Favourite: Nasi Kerabu

As for the mains, first timers must try the crowd's No. 1 favourite here, the house specialty Nasi Kerabu featuring aromatic blue spiced rice with colorful condiments such as Salted Egg, Ulam, Solok Lada (Stuffed Chilli) and Keropok Ikan.

But be careful, the homemade chilli paste can be very fiery for some.

The rice is also served with Ayam Percik. Well-marinated, it is real juicy, but we just can't get enough of the creamy Percik sauce for us because it is so divine and heavily flavoured with spiced coconut milk. 

Beef Rendang

Another dish that goes along well with the hot steaming rice is the Beef Rendang. The meaty texture and subtle spiciness are just nice, without overwhelming the senses. 

Steamed Seabass in Lime Sauce

Something closer to the Thai's favourite is the beautifully presented steamed fish at its freshest state. A zest of lime juice is great to enliven the dish, packing a punch of tangy appeal that goes well with the oceanic sweetness. 

Dessert: Pandan Banana Fritters with Palm Sugar Syrup
Simple, crunchy, hits the spot. 

A modern interpretation of our local favourite dessert, the crisp battered sweet bananas are paired with vanilla ice cream and palm sugar syrup. Definitely a comforting treat for the sweet tooth. 

Berry Pavlova

If you are into the sugar-laden combination of crisp meringue, softly whipped cream and berries, then the pavlova here is definitely a must try. Melting perfectly in the mouth, it is so deliciously sinful!

1. The overall experience is great, from the comfortable ambiance, great service to well-executed dishes.
2. If you are looking for local food in a good dining environment, then Serai is definitely a must-visit.
3. Recommended: Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik, Deep-fried Brinjal, Berry Pavlova

Lot 7.01.04, Level 7,
Dining Loft,
Pavilion Mall,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2110 5353
Website: www.seraigroup.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/SeraiPavilionKL
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