15 December, 2015

The Secret of Little Black Dress

Little black dress, or more commonly abbreviated as LBD nowadays, has survived through the century and continues to be a staple item in every girl's wardrobe. Not many actually know that it was invented by Coco Chanel since 1920s, and gained much popularity since then. 

Whether it is a formal party, charity night, prom dance, wedding party or a simple dinner date, putting on black formal dresses is probably the easiest and most time-saving idea before you need to worry about the makeup, accessories, heels etc. 

A simple yet stunning piece of Empire Chiffon Satin Sweetheart Ruffles Short Formal Dress.

The secret of the little black dress is – When you wear it, people will look at you and not what you're wearing. Sounds hard to believe? But it's a true story. We are often attracted by the sophisticated design, colour or shape of dresses that may outshine the person wearing it. Whereas simple black dress is sure to keep people focused on the wearer herself, not on her dress alone. 

How about laces in black?

Black, by itself, is cool and mystical, full of allure and fascination. As I browse through the many stunning black formal dresses on Formaldressaustralia which are elegant and gorgeous, I notice every piece with lace details looks extra fabulous without being overly elaborated.

A-line Chiffon Tulle Scoop Neck Beading Floor-length Formal Dress

But what is important in choosing the right LBD for yourself is the proper cutting, style and length. For instance, A-line neckline is great to show off the collar bones, but not recommended for the petites. Just allow the dress to fit itself onto your body, and not vice versa ya! And always pair the look with an elegant updo hairstyle for formal occasions. 

The Ball Gown Tulle Sweetheart Sequins Floor-length Formal Dress is so cute!
Don't you just want to dance your way to every destination in this fabulous black dress?!

Another good thing about LBD is, it also works perfectly well for the plus size! 
Its neutral color is long-lasting, versatile, affordable and easily available.

As for the rest of styling... Black dresses don't always need to go with black clutches and platform heels; Let your imagination runs wild and create a stunning look using different splashes of colours, who knows if you will be surprised with the amazing outcome? Otherwise, going safe with gold tones is recommended for an added touch of glamour and elegance. 

Anyway, that's just a piece of thought from me. Hope you can share your little black dress stories with me too! 
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