01 April, 2016

[Review + Giveaway] Body Buddy ALOEVERA Moisture Skincare

When it comes to treating my dry skin, I am constantly seeking for new solutions to boost the skin moisture level from within and slowly improve the overall complexion. This time, I decide to try Body Buddy Aloe Vera moisturizing series made in Korea.

Body Buddy skincare products are manufactured by Welcos (www.welcos.com) from Korea. Welcos is one of Korea's top 3 manufacturer that produces top quality beauty and skincare products and the Aloe Vera series is among the many Welcos products available in Malaysia under the Body Buddy brand name. So when you see Body Buddy, you are guaranteed it's made in Korea!

For this Aloe Vera moisture series, it is made of 98% Aloe Vera extract base, so I'd expect it to be punch packed with moisturizing and soothing properties.

Like many natural products, it is free from 6 harmful elements for our skin including Silicone, Benzophenone, Paraben, Mineral Oil, Sulphate and Pigments. Without these chemicals, it suits even the most sensitive type of skin.

Why is Aloe Vera so popular in the making of skincare? Actually, it is a cactus plant that has been widely used medicinally for centuries. Since it can stand such long hours of heat, surely it has very high moisturizing benefits to soothe skin and prevent flaking.

Hence, it is not only used for the face, but also for every part from head to toe! It can survive in tropical climates with only small amounts of water as it packs a lot of moisture in the form of gel at its leaves.

ALOEVERA Moisture Real Cleansing Foam (100g) @ RM27.90

I begin my aloe skincare regime with the Cleansing Foam that comes in a tube. Apart from its hydrating, soothing, rejuvenating and anti-bacterial benefits, it helps remove sebum and impurities hidden in pores thoroughly.

HOW TO USE: Lather with water til foamy and softly rub on face to cleanse, then remove with water gently.

Once squeezed out, the cream is thick but foams up well when mixed with water. Although the foam is not as thick as I'd thought, its small particle size is able to reach the stubborn pores for deep cleansing.

It feels very mild and gentle on skin, and the cleansing effect is light too,
so remember to remove the makeup thoroughly first ya.

ALOEVERA Moisture Real Soothing Gel Mist (150g) @ RM29.90

The bare face may feel slightly tight after cleansing, but no worries, few sprays of the gel mist will soothe, soften and moisten the skin. In fact, it can be used on face, body and even hair.

HOW TO USE: Spray suitable amount directly on dry part of the face, body and hair for direct moisture.

Looking at its name, I thought it would have a gel consistency but apparently it is a mist,
so do expect it to be lightweight like liquid with very pleasant aroma of aloe vera.

Once sprayed onto the face, it gives a cooling sensation that "freshens" me up immediately. The soothing effect is very good at calming the skin and reducing redness especially for sensitive skin. Plus, the T-zone will feel less oily after that.

ALOEVERA Moisture Real Soothing Gel (150g) @ RM18.90

But the star product of Body Buddy is surely the famous Korean soothing gel. Also available in tub packaging, I appreciate that it comes in a tube which is more hygienic and convenient as I can easily squeeze any amount I desire.

HOW TO USE: Apply onto face, body and hair anytime anywhere you want.

The best part is, it is a multipurpose gel that bring various benefits:
             1. As eye mask, to reduce dark circles
             2. Cure insect bites and stop itchiness
             3. Cool face mask, by storing it in the fridge before use
             4. Apply in gloves and socks for intense moisture lock
             5. Heal sunburns
             6. Mix with natural oils for moist balance
             7. As makeup base, by mixing gel with foundation/BB cream at 2:1 ratio
             8. As hair gel, especially on split ends

Personally, I prefer slapping on a thick layer of gel onto the skin as a soothing mask. I am surprised with its moisturizing and smoothing effect that leaves my skin more plump and softer after a mere 20 minutes. Highly recommended!

Overall, it is ideal for those who wanna enjoy all the soothing and moisturizing benefits
by having only one same product for the face, body and hair.
[GIVEAWAY TIME] Good news for you guys!

Courtesy to Body Buddy, one lucky winner will walk away with:  
1 tub of ALOEVERA Moisture Real Soothing Gel (Tub 500ml)
1 box of ALOEVERA Moisture Real Mask (10 pieces)
worth RM100 in total.

Just leave a comment below with your name, email address and the reason WHY you love Aloe Vera.
The most creative comment wins the prize. 

*Contest ends on 15 April 2016. Winner will be notified via email before 17 April 2016.
*Prize will be delivered to the winner. Winner is to provide delivery details.

Body Buddy products are exclusively available at Caring Pharmacy, with 10% discount now. 
Other Body Buddy products can also be seen here: http://buddiesthatcare.com

Feel free to visit Body Buddy at:
Website: www.bodybuddy.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/bodybuddy.com.my

Thanks all for participating in this giveaway....
.Congratulations to Kylie for being the giveaway winner!
The prize will be delivered to your doorstep ya.
For the rest who didn't win this round, stay tuned for my next giveaway!


  1. Hello! Is this open to US readers?
    I LOVE Aloe Vera, because in Mexico we use it for everything!
    And I also love using it on my kids when they get boo boos!
    thank you!

    austinerosa AT hotmail DOT com

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love aloe vera because it's all-natural and has a lot of goodness to our body and skin. It's gentle and suits sensitive skin. It's able to soothe irritated skin and is most useful on sunburns. The cooling sensation of the aloe vera gel is very nice especially in this crazy hot weather!

    Name: Goh Xin Yu
    Email: fish_xyu88@hotmail.com

  4. Believe it or not, aloe vera helps to cure my scar due to chicken pox. Aloe Vera has the soothing effect that can moisture my skin and it has antiseptic effect.
    Name:Betty Liew Siaw Fan

  5. I love to use aloe vera as it is mild and soothing .the texture and smell is light that it absorb into my skin easily and doesn't cause discomfort. I honestly believe in natural way to take care of my own skin as natural ingredient like aloe vera gel hardly cause huge irritation


  6. I have always enjoyed using Aloe Vera because its amazing water retaining effect is very effective in maintaining moisture for my face. Great to know that it can actually be applied to body and even hair too!
    Name: Low Sze Shin
    Email: szeshin.low@gmail.com

  7. Name: Kylie
    email: cre8tone@yahoo.com
    I love Aloe Vera because it can always sooth and moisture my skin, as well as my hair the very best way.. Purposely plant Aloe Vera in my little garden, just to enjoy the benefit of it.. After reading your review, probably, there's a much more easier way: Just open up the product, and apply it on my face! Oh my! Really wish to win this!!

  8. Aloe Vera, the True Goddess (ancient Sanskrit). True to it's namesake, from the deserts of Arabia, to African plains, coasts of the Mediterranean, or the tropics of Asia, the marvelous Aloe Vera has been true to human civilisations for thousands of years, blessing humankind with its gift of healing, health and well-being. With Aloe Vera, I feel loved and blessed by the True Goddess ❤

    Audrey Foo
    Email: when2meets2@gmail.com

  9. Previously I've been used aloe vera for traditional healing of my scar. But I never have any idea that aloe vera can be use as beauty product as well. Now, I am a vivid aloe vera user after been introduced by my sister who had travel to Korea and gave me the aloe vera soothing gel. I applied it to my skin and walla! my skin looks so glowing and healthy. Thanks to Aloe Vera. It bring up the best in me (^_^)

    Name: Farhana Fadzil
    Email: water_enigma85@yahoo.com


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