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17 April, 2016

Review: Japanese Spring Manicure @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Hello April! Life has been really hectic for me but luckily I manage to secure a weekend slot at Precious Nail Studio to pamper my nails. No matter how busy our lifestyle is, I always believe that such little pampering "me" time is important to keep our mood up. Personally, doing nails can make me happier than anything else such as shopping and enjoying dessert.

Precious Nail Studio is located inside "De Hair Cutting Edge" Hair Saloon at Bandar Puteri Puchong. Here you can pamper your hair and nails at one go, without having to make several trips there. If you're not familiar with this place, you can look for McDonald's, Starbucks and Speedmart99 as landmarks to guide you towards the shop.

Equipped with various nail polishes from O.P.I. and my favourite Gellyfit gel, this nail parlour offers nail manicure, pedicure and foot soak services. And there are plenty of colors and designs that you can choose from!

Here are some of the samples that the owner has done previously. So pretty right!! But, you can always show her the design that you want, then she will do it accordingly for you :)

My previous set of gel is firstly removed, followed by the removal of dead skin cells,
trimming and nail buffering. Sorry for the gross picture :P

As for myself, it was quite unfortunate to break my nails just a day before my nail appointment T______T You can see how short my middle fingernail is!!

So I do a nail extension on that finger to "balance" the set of nails. The gel extension may not be as strong as acrylic type, but looks equally natural on the finger. People just wouldn't notice it's an extension!

Then my Japanese-style design is done using the sponge technique with special "foil" to create the gold and silver "patches" of pattern on the nails. It's super quick to be completed and the outcome is just perfect!
One thing I notice here is the crazy wide variety of accessories available here!! Like seriously, very few nail parlours actually carry so many types of accessories in various sizes, designs, colors etc.

Even the diamonds here are available in so many different shades!!

Ta-daa!! My gel manicure is completed in just 2 hours time.
It's my first time doing Japanese design in yellow shades. 

Total damage:
RM60 Gel Color Base + RM45 Design = RM105
(including removal on your next visit)

 Super affordable right!!
For this design, usually it can easily go up to RM130 at other places
and that hasn't even included the nail extension price!

Thanks Albee for beautifying my nails. You can make your appointment with her at 016-4285462!

1. Overall, Precious Nail Studio offers very competitive price for its services.
2. If you like to have a lot of unique accessories for your nail design, then here's the right place to go.
3. Location wise, it is very easy to find in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Precious Nail Studio
(Inside "De Hair Cutting Edge" Hair Saloon)
18, Jalan Puteri 5/1,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Appointment: CALL Albee Lau at 016-4285462


  1. I never knew that it was possible to do nail extensions omg! Wanted to get a manicure the other day but I broke a nail T_T is it pricey to get a nail extension though :O

  2. Seriously pretty nails babe! Do nails bojio. Hahahahaha nice how the extension looks natural


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