29 May, 2016

Dresses: What's for Summer?

Summer is here! Recently I got really into floral printed dresses because they just look good for any occasions. To flaunt different styles, there are various types of floral dresses which I found interesting on Chicuu and I'd love to own them all!

Women Mini Dress Floral Print Zipper Back V Neck Pleated Dress (Direct Link: HERE)

For instance, this mini dress is so cute and simply perfect for a casual date out.
I realise that I have soft spots towards heart-shaped necklines that I just can't resist! 

V-Neck Floral Print Backless Spaghetti Strap Maxi White Dress (Direct Link: HERE)

I think I'd pick maxi floral dress when I have any pool party or beach holiday. Imagine yourself strolling along the beach, dressed in a piece of clean white maxi with soft pastel floral prints; How sweet it is! Totally picture perfect, right? 

Vintage Floral Print Sleeveless A-Line Swing Dress with Belt (Direct Link: HERE)

Some say floral prints are only for casual wears, but I just don't agree with that. Large floral prints can exude a sense of sophistication behind the femininity; hence suitable for the working OL look. 

Floral Print Round Neck Sleeveless Organza Dress (Direct Link: HERE)

Some of the dresses here are not easy to find elsewhere, and I am glad that they are all available at Chicuu. The organza midi floral dress is equally lovely and more suitable for dinners or special occasions. 

If you want to shop for fashion wears, don't forget to visit Chicuu at:
Instagram: @chicuu_official
Twitter: @chicuu_office

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