14 May, 2016

[Giveaway] TouchDown: International Roaming over 200 Countries!

Hello! Any plans for your next holiday destination?

Many friends who read my previous blog post about travelling around the world with TouchDown have asked me plenty of questions on TouchDown. Instead of trying to figure it out yourselves, now you get a chance to USE and EXPERIENCE the awesomeness of TouchDown

GIVEAWAY ALERT!!! Please read on...

With TouchDown Sim Card, we can ditch the local sim card away when we are overseas, because TouchDown is now available for use in over 190 countries around Asia, China, Europe and USA, and 320 networks.

In short, it is a "one-card-for-all" communication tool when we are travelling abroad. 

The mechanism? Simple. It works like a normal sim card. 
  • The sim card bears a new number that you use overseas.
  • Then, dial an international number from your phone as usual, with the country code (eg: +60)
  • Touchdown picks up your call, connects it to the number you dialed.
  • It calls you back, connecting both ends, providing superior sound quality no matter where you are.

Since it is prepaid, there will be no hidden charges involved, and you can track down to every cent you spent! Definitely suitable for you to stay in touch with your friends and family abroad without burning a hole in the pocket. Now, don't you just want to own TouchDown?

There are 2 types of TouchDown sim cards:
TouchDown Classic: A new plan/package that focuses on Voice plan
but still allow the user to access Data on different rates.

TouchDown New: A new plan/package that focuses on Data plan but
still allow the user to access Voice and Messages on different rates.

I am giving away ONE TouchDown Classic and ONE TouchDown New International Sim Card
to you guys! 
Two most creative winners will be picked and notified via email by 27 May 2016.
(Valid for those residing in Malaysia only)

Q: Where is your next holiday destination and
why do you want TouchDown?

Just leave a comment below with your:
Email Address,
Answer to the above question

TouchDown sim card is exclusively available online at touchdown.com.my.
Just register your TouchDown number online, and manage the service online or via USSD commands!


For more information, visit TouchDown at:
Facebook: fb.com/TouchDownMY


Congratulations to the winners!!!
TouchDown Classic: Biwen Wee
TouchDown New: Emily Lowe

Keep an eye for my email to obtain your delivery address!
Thanks everyone for joining this giveaway, hope you guys enjoy it.


  1. deborah Woong, deborahwsy@gmail.com. I want to use Touchdown for a tour in europe!

  2. Kimi Chin
    I would like to have TouchDown because once I touch down at oversea , i still can immediately stay connected with my family and friend. Besides, i do not need to worry on the bill on month end since it is prepaid!

  3. Biwen Wee
    My next destination is Perth, i wan touchdown because i want to give my family a call once i reach the destination (and keep in touch from time to time) & spam lots of the beautiful street view & beach view live from Perth. If you dont mind, i would like to print out 1 of my best photo & send it to you as special souvenirs because you help me save alot $$$ by giving out touchdown =)

  4. My next holiday destination is Bangkok and I want Touchdown so that I can stay connected with my friends and fanily and navigate around the city with ease.

  5. Such a useful simcard! Never knew such thing exist.. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Besides wifi-egg, this could be another great option!

  7. Name: Miera Nadhirah Tan
    Email Address: mieratan@gmail.com
    Answer to the above question: My next holiday is to Seoul from 1st June to 5th June and I really want Touch Down so I can connect effortlessly with my loved ones and social media....so can I have it please....with a cherry on top... LOL

  8. I never buy any sim card when abroad. This is a great giveaway! But my next trip is only end of year. So give chance to others. Hope Miera Nadhirah win this. kekekeke

  9. What a great giveaway! Good luck for those participants. =)

  10. Oh cool. Will definitely check this out for my next upcoming trip!
    Thanks for sharing. xoxo.

  11. i need this to my coming July Vietnam trip ~ After i touchdown , i can contact my parents directly and make them no worry!
    Name : Shin May

  12. Name: Qian
    Email Address: askqian@getdoc.co
    Answer to the above question: I'll be going to Hong Kong. I want Touch Down because I want to have peace of mind when I touch down every time at new destinations! :)

  13. Nice travel sim card available now. Will get this on my next trip.

  14. This travel sim card is super convenient <3 I love it alot! Not going travel for the next few months, but still in planning =D

    Name: Sharon Lee
    email: xueren_yuki@hotmail.com
    I planning to go Bangkok and I hope to have Touch Down sim card to let me stay online and contacted! I can always post and share all the fun and happy moments live when I travel around Bangkok.

  15. Wahhh senang if nak travel, nice arr, kalau tak mesti nak harap wifi hotel. Hehe

  16. Good one for travelers! All the best to giveaway participants.

  17. Thanks for giveaway and surely all the travellers would love this one.

  18. Travelling to Macau is a challenge to me as they did not provide free WiFI. I need Touchdown Sim card to connect with my family to inform them that I land safely in Macau. I am food lover and I need internet to search for nice food.
    Name: Betty Liew
    Email: betliewy@hotmail.com

  19. Cool! It's so convenient to travel these days. But I'm not planning to go anywhere this year for now *broke* so good luck to everyone :D

  20. I always buy a local SIM when I am abroad. I am planning a trip to Turkey and the language barrier is going to be a killer. That's why I hope that I can sort out my phone & internet connectivity in Malaysia before I depart.

    Name: Emily Lowe
    Email: emily2u[@]outlook.com

  21. This is great, my bff travels quite often, will share this with her :)

  22. First time heard about this, it is good for traveller.

  23. Really useful to have this. Really hope to get this but it's hard for me to travel around since the accident story begin. ><

  24. Rane Chin
    My next destination is BKK. I want to win a touchdown card because I have never used one before and I wanna know how convenient and easy it is.


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