04 May, 2016

Playboy Play it Wild - Fragrance & Deodorant for Him & Her

Have you met Ms. Leopard and Mr. Camouflage? I just got my set of the newly launched Play It Wild Collection comprising of both Eau De Toilette and Deodorant Body Spray for him and for her. Don't they look just perfect together?

The animal-themed packaging for Play It Wild on its own is sure to bring out the wild and fun side of you! Wanna know what's inside? Now let's Press to Play and experiment the playful seduction ourselves....

Playboy Play It Wild Eau De Toilette in 50ml / 24H Deodorant Body Sprays in 150ml

This set is simply suitable for you and your other half, to complement each other's scent when you are together :) Honestly I have not tried Playboy's fragrances before, but looking at this quirky design I just can't resist myself from owning them!

Play It Wild Women

The leopard-printed bottle with Playboy's iconic cap looks so cool right! Just get a few sprays, and you're ready to hit the party with an added touch of smart seduction and boldness in the sexy you.

Scent wise, it is so feminine with a girly heart of violet and orange flower, then finished with sensual neroli and vanilla. Lovely, glamorous and not too "sweet" for my liking!

Play It Wild Men

Ladies love bold men, don't you agree? But to the gentlemen out there, do play it smart! That's where you need a few touches of this Play It Wild EDT for the rush of lemon scent in a daring leather base. So refreshing, cool and sexy too!

Don't forget to take a cooling blast of Play It Wild Deodorant Body Spray every morning to keep you fresh and in-the-game, day and night. I am sure your girlfriend will love your fresh, seductive scents that last 24 hours. 

Let's enjoy the wild, fun scents and lift up the mood throughout the day!
Playboy Play It Wild Collection is currently available in Aeon, Aeon Wellness, Caring, Giant, Guardian, Parkson, 99 Speedmart, Tesco, Watsons and other leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

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  1. Wow, playboy brands, i'm working for this too, lol!

  2. Woah! The packaging look so wild! Guess I should get one for my bro's coming birthday!

  3. Like the leopard design of the fragrance! It is great to come in set, doesn't need to buy it separately! :D

  4. wow!! the packaging look so so nice! <3


  5. I love the leopard packaging! So wild =D

  6. Play It Wild Men looks nice in packaging. Will get 1 for my hubby.

  7. the leopard design look so stunning ! I wonder how it smell when i use it ..ahaha

  8. i didn't know they came out with the new packaging! they are so pretty!

  9. playboy products never make me disappointing!!I like the leopard packaging!!

  10. The leopard packaging omg so cute! how does it smell? is it to hard or soft?

  11. Guess i know what to present for my cousie and her boy then as they love fragrance so much.. xD

  12. using those leopard skin spots, really makes it look wild! you can spray it on your special guy


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