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09 June, 2016

3D2N Trip to Langkawi for International Laksa Festival

Hello Langkawi! The last time I went to Langkawi was already a couple of years back with a bunch of bloggers. Can’t believe that this round I returned to this paradise with another group of blogging pals and media friends.

Special thanks to AirAsia for flying us there; It was a smooth 70-minute journey from KL to Langkawi, and we were pretty excited to visit the Langkawi International Laksa Carnival (LILAC) 2016 happening from 27 till 29 May 2016.

Hey meet my travel buddies! Can you see how excited we were as soon as we landed on this beautiful island? GC Butler Travel & Events agency representative picked us up from the airport, then we checked into the hotel and headed straight to the Laksa Carnival for lunch. 

"Oh Laksa, I am here!" As part of Langkawi Development Authority (LADA)’s annual effort to promote the Laksa gastronomical experience in Malaysia, LILAC2016 held its 5th installment this year after numerous rounds of success.

Located just a stone throw away from Langkawi’s famous beach, Pantai Cenang, the carnival was held at Laman Padi where the blocks of green paddy fields were situated. 

LILAC 2016
Laman Padi
Jalan Pantai Cenang,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah.

It was the first time in my life I saw so many types of Laksa in which some I haven’t heard of before. And it definitely was an eye opening experience for me to be able to try out the huge varieties of Laksa at one go. 

Here are the Laksa varieties and their respective prices during the Carnival.

Kelantan Laksa Ikan

We were all curious about this bowl of Laksa which costed us RM30 per portion! Featuring 3 different colors of noodles, it was served with one whole fried fish and dollops of homemade chilli dip. Combining all the 3 ingredients together, this dry Laksa Ikan was simply delicious. I'd wish to have this again if I travel to Kelantan next time!

Top: Phillipines Laksa (Chicken Lomi), Pahang Laksa, Thailand Green Curry Laksa
Bottom: Penang Asam Laksa, Kelantan Laksam, Thailand Laksa (Satun)

Other Laksa were equally noteworthy as they were composed of different ingredients, exuding different spicy, sweet and sour flavours. My personal favourite went to the Kelantanese Laksam because of its thick creamy gravy and full-bodied coconut milk aroma.

Dato' Fazley Yaakob and Chef Papa Joe were there at the Carnival too, preparing the limited-portion Summer Banana Butterscotch dessert which sold like hot cakes! I'd wish I had the chance to try but the response from the crowd was just too overwhelming. 

The Carnival also welcomed the public to participate in the Laksa cooking competition which was  judged by the celebrity chefs. It seemed that there were plenty of hidden talents gathered at LILAC2016, as each of the participants explained the uniqueness of their Laksa creations.

Didn't the Laksa look so salivating?

Another highlight of the Carnival was the very much anticipated Battle of the Chef among Chef Papa Joe, Dato' Fazley Yaakob with his fusionized version of Laksa Lemak Cili Api, and Asian Food Channel Host, Sarah Benjamin with her traditional Nyonya Laksa. 

And the winning dish was the "Laksa Tangkapan Laut Sos Coklat Pedas" by Chef Papa Joe. Served on a huge piece of banana leaf, the Laksa was generously loaded with fresh seafood with spicy chocolate sauce which smelt so good! Congrats, Chef Joe! 

Overall, LILAC2016 was a huge success as it attracted people from around the world to experience the one-of-a-kind Laksa gastronomical journey at Laman Padi. I personally enjoyed the yummy food during this 3-day Carnival, and am certainly looking forward to LILAC2017!

Stay tuned for my next update on our island hopping experience at Langkawi!

Disclaimer: This trip is sponsored by AirAsia and LADA.


  1. Oh mine laksa my most favorite food, did you get to taste it all?

  2. Oh mine laksa my most favorite food, did you get to taste it all?

  3. like a laksa heaven!!! thank you for sharing this post! i hope i could join in an event like this too!! :)

    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  4. OMG.. all the laksa looks so good! can't wait for your next post!

  5. wow.. all the laksa. i am hungry looking at it

  6. looking forward for your island hopping post! the picture looks great. i love different type of laksa too! :D

  7. Wao the food makes me so hungry now! 😆 wonderful trip you have had :)

  8. wow that's amazing and a brilliant idea to hold a festival to celebrate all the different versions of this iconic dish. I wish this event will grow from strength to strength and made laksa more famous around the world. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Oh Gosh, International Laksa???! Can't believe my eyes, I'm from Penang and I love Laksa so much.. This would have been great event for me :))

  10. Lucky girl to get to indulge in all those yummy looking laksa...in beautiful Langkawi... I am envious.. but happy for you...

  11. have fun there!!! Now i only know that got this type of festival and event!!!Looks great!!!

  12. International Laksa Carnival? This is my first time to heard about this.

  13. Wow!! That's so many Laksa in Malaysia! As a penangite I'm familiar with Penang Laksa & Thai Laksa but I'm thrilled with all the others too!

  14. Laksa Sarawak please! But I love all the other laksa too! Especially Laksam!

  15. Langkawi is my favourite beach and love the natural seaview. With so much of delicious food now, will plan my trip soon.

  16. This carnival is so cool and I never really been a fan of Laksa! But seeing all these laksa making me feeling hungry, the Kelantan Laksa Ikan looks awesome!!

  17. Nice trip it seems! I will go there with family soon. looking forward!

  18. wow laksa ! eat all you want... next time tag me along! :D

  19. Laksa is my favourite..You are so lucky to fly with Airasia.. Next time bring me go ya..haha And I wish to see island hopping post as well~

  20. wow all the way to langkawi for laksa~! must be fun to fly with a bunch of friends

  21. I've been to LILAC some years ago. I loved the opportunity to taste the many different types of laksa from all over the country plus new laksa creations too. By the way, I love your "Up" dress.

  22. Well, I am not so into laksa but should give a try.. Thanks for sharing. And I miss the SkyBridge.. haha

  23. So much fun! It sure would be nice to try so many different types of Laksa at one go

  24. Miss langkawi alot because of the booze & chocolates but the food you had look delicious too!

  25. please visit our island again next time..it has so many things to offer..


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