18 June, 2016

Mr. Tuk Tuk Thai Street Food @ Sunway Pyramid

What I miss the most in Bangkok is always the yummy food. Imagine strolling from one street to another while hunting for mouth-watering delicacies, it's certainly an experience to remember. And now I am glad to have found a new restaurant in Sunway Pyramid that literally transports the food haven of Bangkok to Malaysia!

Mr. Tuk Tuk conceptualizes its outlet as a "street" for authentic Thai food. The street wallpapers, road sign, Tuk Tuk Trishaw display at the shopfront and many little details at the corners complete the perfect setting for a cosy casual Thai dining.

At every table, there are 4 types of condiments (Sweet sour chilli, spicy green chilli,
fiery dried chilli and powdered peanut) served, good to go with any street dish here!

Thai Iced Green Tea @ RM7.80 / Thai Iced Tea @ RM7.80 / Fresh Whole Coconut @ RM9.80

Upon being seated, we are treated with some thirst quenchers including the house specialty milk tea and fresh coconut water. If you like to start your meal sweet, then the classic and green milk teas are the to-go items, especially for tea lovers.

Thai Pomelo Salad @ RM11.80

First to tantalize our palate is the unique Thai Pomelo Salad which comprises large chunks of peeled pomelo flesh served with traditional Thai condiments such as roasted nuts, lime, grated coconut, dried shrimps and cilantro leaves. This spice-rich appetizer tastes great especially when mixed with sweet chilli sauce.

Fried Chicken Wings @ RM8.80

Please be warned, appetizers here can easily get you hooked. For instance, I can't help but to reach for a second helping of the crunchy crumb coated vegetables and crispy fried chicken wings!?

Thai Crispy Fried Kangkung @ RM9.80

Thai BBQ Lamb @ RM11.80

Lab Kai @ RM9.80

If you are up for some vegetables, the Ground Spicy Chicken wrapped
with different types of greens would suit the palate of the healthy goers. 

Thai Special Platter (Papaya Salad, Thai Satay, Prawn Crackers, Thai Honey Chicken Skewers)

Communal dining is recommended here as the meals come in sets. For instance, the special platter features multiple, small portions of delicacies, where you can try different types of appetizers without feeling overwhelmed. But if you must order a full portion, I'd recommend the flavourful grilled honey chicken skewer!

Tom Yam Fried Rice @ RM8.80

As for the main dishes, what not to be missed are the array of classics such as the fiery hot Tom Yam, creamy sweet coconut milk based Green Curry, stir-fried spicy Rice Noodles and Tom Yam Fried Rice.

Phat Thai @ RM8.80

Among them, my personal favourite goes to the piping hot plate of sweet and spicy rice noodles. blanketed with egg on top. The aromatic and rich flavour is just nice to me, but some may find it a little sweet.

Chicken Tom Yam @ RM8.80

Green Curry Chicken @ RM11.80

Fried Glass Noodles @ RM8.80

Set Menu 2 (Pandan Chicken, Thai Mango Salad, Crispy Fish Fillet with Thai Sauce, Rice) @ RM17.80

But most of the time, during peak hours, all you want is a simple but complete meal, don't you agree? 
Just save the hassle, and enjoy a set meal that combines all the popular items in one plate.

Here's the complete menu for a fuller view of what Mr. Tuk Tuk offers.

Mango Sticky Rice @ RM7.90 / Taco (3 pieces) @ RM6.90 /
Water Chestnut with Red Ruby in Coconut Cream @ RM6.90

When it comes to desserts, I am surprised that the varieties here are equally good. Using coconut milk as the main ingredient, the desserts are not as sweet as I'd expect. Definitely a guilt-free option if you are watching your sugar intake.

Tuk Tuk Artisan Ice Cream (Tom Yam, Thai Iced Tea, Green Curry) @ RM6.90 per scoop

The best is always saved for the last. Have you ever tried Tom Yam, Milk Tea and Green Curry flavoured ice cream? Well, now you can! Savoury and sweet, each flavour of the icy creamy scoop exudes its uniqueness on its own. Try it out and let your imagination goes wild!

GOOD NEWS!! In conjunction to Mr. Tuk Tuk's grand opening at Subway Pyramid, you can now redeem ONE scoop of ice cream at only RM1 with any order of rice, noodle and set meal! How awesome is that, don't forget to tell me if you like the savoury ice cream flavours ya.

*Promo ends on 30th June 2016.
*Only available at this new Sunway Pyramid outlet.

Mr. Tuk Tuk
(Opposite Cold Storage)
LG2.27, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway,
47500 Petaling Jaya,
Facebook: fb.com/Mr-Tuk-Tuk
Instagram: @mrtuktuk_my


  1. It all looks so tempting. I still remember how nice it tasted 😊

  2. It all looks so tempting. I still remember how nice it tasted 😊

  3. Wow this is my first time to hear about Tomyam or curry favourite ice cream! Wondering how will it taste hehe... Anyway I love to eat spicy I sure will pay a visit one day :D

  4. the food looks so nice and delicious...make me feel hungry now!!

  5. all the food shots look sooooo delicious! Im starving!

  6. Thai BBQ lamb looks delicious. I am hungry now.

  7. tom yum ice cream, green curry ice cream...hmmm... sounds interesting! would love to try as i'm thai food fan!

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