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20 June, 2016

Review: Ephyra Skincare Series - Cleanser, Serum, Moisturizer

Hello babe!  Guess what I have here with me? Recently I have been trying something new from Ephyra, a locally manufactured beauty brand. If you have not heard about it, I think it is time to check it out as it has recently been recognised regionally as the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand 2015-2017.

Ephyra Skincare Series is the latest skincare set introduced by Ephyra recently, following its success in Ephyra's collagen drinks. Suitable for both female and male, this set comprises of:
1. Ephyra Skin Bar
2. Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum 
3. Ephyra Skin Snow Advanced White Repair 

Ephyra Skin Bar

To begin the regime, the cleansing step is made easier and more convenient with this 100% natural Ephyra Skin Bar. Combining the nutrients of Glutathione, Bearberry Alpha Arbutin A Extract and Collagen, it is no doubt the star product of Ephyra. Personally, it is not something new to me, as I have blogged  about it HERE.

1. Reduce acne, scar and pigmentation
2. Remove dirt, sebum and dead skin cells
3. Brighten the skin naturally 
4. Reduce dark spots  
5. Keep skin radiant and younger looking

How to use: Just lather soap onto the face and massage well for 2-3 minutes every day and night.
For darker skin: Massage for about 5 minutes.
For sensitive skin: Apply the soap for not more than 3 minutes.

I am glad that the brightening effect can be immediately seen! I notice that my skin becomes instantly brighter, with reduced redness. Not only that, the soap can be used all over the body as it can lighten dark underarms, revive the skin suppleness and moisturize skin. Great for acne skin too, as it has anti-bacterial and anti-flammatory properties.

Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum with Swiss Nanotechnology (15ml)

After cleansing, the prepping step is important so that the following skincare products can be well absorbed into the skin. What's special about this serum is the Swiss patented nanotechnology that helps reduce the particle size of the serum so that it penetrates deep into the skin and repairs skin cell structure from within.

1. Reduce pigmentation and scar 
2. Repair uneven skintone
3. Enhance skin elasticity
4. Brighten the dull skin complexion
5. Reduce dark eye circles and sunburn  
6. Rich in antioxidants that protect skin from free radicals

How to use: Apply serum evenly to face and allow time for product to absorb.
Use daily for the best result.

This serum is my personal favourite among all 3 products as its lightweight, gel-like texture allows quick absorption without leaving any sticky or oily residue. A thin layer of serum is sufficient to soften the skin and keep it plump and moisturized.

Ephyra Skin Snow Advanced White Repair with Geno White Technology (10ml)

For my day and night moisturizer, I'm trying the latest Ephyra Skin Snow which uses Geno White technology to control the production of excessice melanin which may cause pigmentation and dark spots.

Rich in natural arbutin, Vitamin C and E extracted from fruits, the moisturizing cream is great for UV protection and anti-aginh too.

1. Enhance and lock moisture into skin 
2. Brighten skin in just 9 - 14 days 
3. Protect the skin from harmful UV rays 
4. Reduce skin aging symptoms such as fine lines and wrinkles 
5. Reduce secretion of excess sebum 

How to use: Take a pearl-sized amount and massage gently around the forehead, cheeks and chin for 2 minutes. Use every morning and night.

Honestly, don't belittle such a small jar. A little of the cream can go a long way, so I think one jar can last me for at least 3-4 months. The texture is very thick, so a very thin layer is sufficient for the whole face and decollete. Remember not to overapply ya!

Do you know that the Repair Serum and Moisturizer Cream work perfectly well together? Although both are relatively new in Ephyra's skincare family, I am surprised that the formulae are highly effective, resulting in healthier-looking skin for all skin types. 

Overall, Ephyra is a good brand that is worth trying. Especially when it is a QR code and hologram attached to each product as a security and authentication measure. With this, scamming and counterfeits can be avoided :)

Anyway.... so yeah! In just 3 steps, my skincare routine is complete. For those who want to have healthy skin with affordable products, here's the way to go.

Ephyra Skincare Series is priced at RM140 (WM) and RM150 (EM).

For ala carte purchases, here is the price list:
Ephyra Skin Bar: RM39 (WM) / RM45 (EM)
Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum: RM68 (WM) / RM72 (EM)
Ephyra Skin Snow Advanced White Repair: RM48 (WM) / RM52 (EM) 

It is definitely a greater deal to purchase them in a set and save more.
Feel free to find out more about Ephyra at:
Instagram: @ephyra2u


  1. ephyra also one of my list for the product that i want to try . lots of good testimonial and it looks suitable with you!

  2. I use EPhyra serum before! Love how it work well on my skin :D

  3. Awesome fish! rajin fish amalkan set ni nampak sangat kulit sihat dan bertambah muda...

    Oleh itu julia berbesar hati nak uar-uar Promo Raya Ephyra Skin Care Series kepada semua kawan-kawan Fish yang tertarik dengan Ephyra...PROMO ini berharga RM140 satu set sahaja...harga sebelum RM155...jimat RM15 wauu!

    Nak beli boleh wassup agen sah Ephyra (julia) 013-6327 333 (FREE POSTAGE + FREE GIFT RAYA) Happy Ephyra :*  

  4. I really like your post. It’s very informative and interesting. I really appreciate that.thanks for sharing information with us.

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  6. Saya dh guna set ke 2 n repeat set ke 3 lg. Mmg suka sgt dgn epyra.. Bau wangi tidak melekit cepat serap


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