24 August, 2016

Enjoying A Memorable Nature Retreat in Langkawi On A Budget is Possible If You Stay Here!

Do you remember about my recent trip to Langkawi for a perfect weekend escapade from the city? Langkawi is a beautiful heaven that I don’t mind going again as the archipelago of islands is so blessed with wonderful nature scenery. Perfect for those craving for natural hideaways!

In fact, Langkawi brings people into a memorable experience in getting close to nature, particularly through its hotel. Several top hotels in Langkawi are proudly presenting the natural sensation on the property, and the rates are pocket-friendly too. I mean, there are plenty of options for budget travellers. For Hotels in Langkawi you can visit www.hotelsinlangkawi.org.  

Let's prove it, especially through these special recommendations!

Desa Motel
Jalan Pantai Tengah no. 79
Room rates start from RM82.40/night

Within a walking distance to the Pantai Tengah, Desa Motel is the 2-star Langkawi hotel that transports you to a tropical haven within a low budget. It boasts 9 fully furnished rooms that spread amidst the tropical garden with the white beach sands all over the land.

All rooms are fitted with modern amenities, such as an AC, TV, Wi-Fi access, electric kettle, minibar, desk, and private bathroom. The facilities at this budget hotel are minimalists, but enough to capture a pleasant stay. Those are the Wi-Fi access, relaxing area in the landscape garden, laundry service, and the spacious parking area.

Rumours Guesthouse Langkawi Island
Kampung Tanjung Mali Lot 55, Mukim Kedawang
Room rates start from RM82.48/night

This is another tropical lodging in Langkawi that nicely taking a position really close to the idyllic yet illustrious vistas of Pantai Cenang. Take a 3 minutes stroll from Pantai Cenang, and you’ll arrive at this famous 2-star budget hotel offering 12 modest rooms that set in a traditional setting of the wooden house and featuring a fan, desk, bathroom, and verandah.

Some of the rooms are arranged in the dormitory style with AC and offered within rates start from RM30.39/night. There’s the on-site Kopitiam here, which is very popular among the tourist in Pantai Cenang.

Tstar Cottage
Jalan Pantai Tengah Mukim Kedawang
Room rates start from RM147.262/night

Declaring the motto as “Love GREEN, Love NATURE”, this 2-star Langkawi Hotel indeed obviously ushers you to experience the real hideaway amidst green nature. Nestled at the Pantai Tengah, really close to the pristine beach of Langkawi, the hotel is boasting ponds and garden, with the total of 63 rooms available to humor the guests.

Interestingly, it has Budget Rooms which uniquely come as the green tent room with a comfortable bed and shared bathroom. The other types of rooms are offered inside the wooden bungalow and complemented with fan/AC, TV, Wi-Fi access, table, and bathroom.

Tanabendang Banglos
Tanabendang Kg Belik Kedawang no.156 Lot 2118
Room rates start from RM200/night

If you prefer embracing the beauty of Kampong atmosphere with extensive paddy fields, buffaloes and fishes, Tanabendang Banglos is a 3-star Langkawi Hotel that you can consider. It offers 6 traditional wooden chalets as the natural lodging overlooking the paddy fields. The rooms are designed with the classic interior, but also supported with modern amenities, such as AC, TV, desk, refrigerator, and bathroom (with a unique wooden bathtub inside!). Additional facilities on-site are offered as the garden, picnic area, restaurant, and Wi-Fi access.

Sunset Valley
Jalan Makam Mahsuri Lot 2220.
Room rates start from RM339.63/night (minimum stay 3 nights)

If you have a little more cash to spare, how about enjoying yourself at Sunset Valley, a nature retreat overlooking the paddy fields and Gunung Matchincang? It hosts the series of 6 traditional Malay houses that spreads on the greenery landscape, where the 5 among them use the original houses aged about 70-180 years old. Those are feature 1-2 bedrooms and supported with western amenities. For the total relaxation, Sunset Valley provided the swimming pool, pavilion, BBQ area, and a breakfast house on-site.

Honestly, with so many accommodation choices available, I am tempted to go for a holiday in Langkawi now!

For more options of hotels, please visit https://www.traveloka.com/en-my.

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