06 August, 2016

Sunday Porky Brunch Buffet @ Naughty Nuri’s, KL Life Centre

Naughty Nuri’s, the popular Balinese BBQ restaurant has always been a great place for porky dinner, followed by chilly beers and wines. Now it's time to experience something different at its latest outlet at Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur-- Sunday’s Snout to Tail Buffet, happening from 11am to 3pm every Sunday. 

Adult: RM65++
Buffet with Beer: RM100++
Buffet with Wine: RM120++
Child (below 12 years old): RM32++
Senior Citizens (60 years old and above): RM32++

For only RM65++, I get to try most of Naughty Nuri’s Signature Items such as Naughty Nuri’s 1995 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs and BBQ Satay Lilit from the ala carte buffet menu. The best part is, many items can be ordered as many times as you want whereas few of them are limited to only one portion per person. 

(Limited to ONLY 1 Portion Per Person)

True to its tagline “Killer Ribs, Twisted Martinis”, TV foodie Anthony Bourdain once wrote in the guest book that Naughty Nuri’s had “the best martinis in the world”. I am not sure about that since I have not tried it but one thing for sure is, the Signature Premium Pork Ribs here is something that you must not miss here. It is so popular that over 100,000 portions of ribs have been sold in Malaysia so far! 

 Naughty Nuri's 1995 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs

Can you believe a whole rack of BBQ spare ribs is only RM45++ per portion on the ala carte menu, which is among the most affordable ribs in town? Now, for buffet, you can have the whole slab to yourself; Forget about sharing if you are a true meat lover.

The serving size is about 750g to 800g premium quality meat imported from Spain. The rib is so perfectly grilled with authentic Balinese spices marinade, and well-guarded with sticky sweet sauce which tastes excellent!

Naughty Nuri's Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs

A great alternative to the BBQ spare ribs if you love strong spicy flavours coating the bones.
Marked as special item, it is only available in the buffet menu ya!

Naughty Nuri's BBQ Pork Loin

The pork loin, on the other hand, is a tad salty, but is lean and serves as a great protein source.

Naughty Nuri's BBQ Satay Lilit

You gotta try this special satay! It uses finely-minced pork for the satay, and lemongrass for the stick. When grilled together, the aroma of lemongrass is well-suffused into the meat, and complements well with the robust flavour of spices within the meat. An excellent starter that keeps me going for more! 

Flamed Glazed Iberico

What I love about the buffet is that the hot food items are cooked ala minute, upon ordering. For instance, the iberico cutlet is served on a sizzling plate, and flame-glazed with whiskey right in front of customers. The resulting taste? So delicious. Love the great balance between fatty layer and lean meat!

Roast Pork Rendang

Pork Ribs Curry

Both porky Rendang and Curry are available here too, but I personally prefer the latter as the short pork ribs have absorbed the curry's sweet spicy taste very well. 

Babi Guling (Roasted Pork)

Ayam Penyet (Roasted Chicken)

The Indonesian staple meat, Babi Guling and Ayam Penyet are also notable, although can be better if taste more savoury and aromatic. You can watch the chef's preparation process of the freshly roasted meats hanging at the stall along the buffet line too.


Naughty Crispy Belly

Knuckle on Fire

Moving on to the tapas items, we are excited because we can eat these dishes to our heart's content. Be it the sweet crispy belly or spicy crisp pork knuckle, both are equally addictive because of the delicious crunch and get us hooked once tried. Definitely a good stuff when paired with cold beers!  

Ayam on Ow-some!!!

If you are not a pork lover, then I'd recommend this crispy fried chicken burger. It is the tangy sweet sauce and crisp thin tortilla-like skin that elevate the overall enjoyment of this bite-size burger.

Red Hot Chilli Pepper Truffle Fries

Mashed Potatoes 

The sides are surprisingly wonderful and my favourites go to the creamy, fluffy potato mash which tastes strong in butter and milk, as well as the ultra crisp hot truffle fries which exudes strong earthy aroma with hints of spiciness.

Indonesia Style Mee Goreng 

Balinese Spiced "Sup Buntut" (Oxtail Soup)

Even the simplest dish tastes so good here-- The fried instant noodles and oxtail soup are very well-executed although they fall on the saltier side than usual. Nevertheless, we manage to wipe out the whole dish within minutes despite of the huge portion.

Salad Bar / Dessert Bar (Pisang Goreng, Kuih Nyonya and Ais Kacang)

After trying the whole ala carte buffet menu, finally we make our ways to the buffet counter for the salad bar and an array of local desserts such as Fried Banana Fritters and Nyonya delicacies. ABC Ice Kacang is available on the menu too, if you love something to cool down the palate after all the spicy dishes.

Currently, Naughty Nuri's has 3 outlets in Klang Valley-- Desa Sri Hartamas, SS15 Courtyard (Subang) and Life Centre. All of them feature a bar counter in the outlet, where you can sip on the alcoholic beverages while munching on the savoury porky snacks. Do look out for the next outlet coming up at Atria Shopping Gallery this October!

*Sunday brunch buffet is ONLY available at Life Centre KL outlet.

 Sunday’s Snout to Tail Buffet
Location: Naughty Nuri's, Life Centre,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Day: Every Sunday
Time: 11am - 3pm
Price: From RM65++ to RM120++ (Kids and senior citizens @ RM32++)

Overall, Naughty Nuri's Sunday buffet offers great value for money, considering the fact that we can enjoy a good variety of food, premium quality meats and expensive ribs, excellent services as well as unique Balinese flavours in an authentic way.
2. I am totally blown by the taste of each dish-- almost every item is cooked to perfection. I am sure they will taste even better when paired with beers or wines as alcohol enhances the flavours of meats. 
3. Ambiance wise, its cosy and spacious setting is family and kid friendly. Great for parties and celebrations too as it can accommodate up to 230 pax.  

If you are craving for delicious pork ribs and unlimited servings of meats prepared in Balinese style,
Naughty Nuri's is the best place to visit.  

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