29 September, 2016

Discover Japan Mall in Malaysia!

Hello Japan! ❤ Japan has always been in my travel wishlist because I love shopping! Tokyo by itself is already a shopping haven for everyone, be it for female, male or children. Personally, I am a huge fan of Japanese snacks and sweets such as the signature Tokyo Banana cakes and Shiya Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) Cookies!

A lot of Japanese snacks are already available in Malaysia via major shopping malls and Japanese chains such as Daiso, Yubi-so, Shojikiya etc. But none of these is able to beat the convenience and wide varieties offered online. And the good news is, we can now buy directly from Japan — Not just foodstuff, but also various items that you can find in Japan such as Japaneses Anime, cosme and action figurines, mangas, iconic Japanese handcrafts, etc.

Recently I found this website called Discovery Japan Mall (http://shop.discovery-japan.me) which is an “one-stop" online shopping site based in Japan, so you can find thousands of Japanese stuff offered in different currencies depending on your country-- USD, GBP, EUR and JPY are amongst the common ones-- with international shipping available too.  

For instance, I always have friends who always go to Japan for these Gundam figurines. With this website, I am pretty sure Gundam collectors will be more than happy to shop for them online, at more affordable prices. 

How about Japanese manga and music records too?

From the fashion section, I see alot of clothing and accessories including the Japanese Casio G-Shock watches. Of course, there are also many unique and high-quality products that have not been introduced overseas. 

Some of these Japan-made products that even the Japanese have not heard of, are available at this online store. How awesome is that! 

Now I am definitely looking forward to shopping with Discovery Japan and share my haul with you guys! 
Ciao, xoxo.

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