23 December, 2016

Digi Prepaid Unlimited Daily Passes is only RM1?!

 Hi! Are you one of the gadget addicts like me? :P

I am pretty sure that the recent announcement of Digi Postpaid FREE UNLIMITED 4G Weekend Internet plan has created much hype in town. Perhaps Digi knows that many people (including myself!) are envious of such privilege enjoyed by postpaid users, now Digi has something awesome to offer their loyal Prepaid customers too! :D

Imagine yourself enjoying unlimited talking, surfing and streaming for 24 hours a day from only RM1/day onwards? How does it sound to you? Amazing?

Yes, you are right. These Unlimited Daily Passes are exclusively introduced to Digi Prepaid users, each pass is valid for 24 hours upon activation. Plus, it is optimized for Standard Definition videos and images at 512kbps.

 For RM1/day, you can choose to enjoy:
❤ Unlimited Video Streaming (Lite); or
❤ Unlimited Social (Lite); or
❤ Unlimited Internet Calls (Voice and Video).

1. Unlimited Video Streaming (Lite)

I know video streaming is most data-consuming among other sites. What fears me the most is always the time when WiFi at home is down, or when I forget to turn on mobile WiFi connection while watching videos. My mobile can easily run out of data without me even realizing!

I really regret those moments, but now with Unlimited Video Streaming, this situation is not going to happen anymore. Thanks to the Digi Video Freedom main partners, we can now watch everything we want on YouTube, Iflix, Tonton, and Viu at an optimized Standard Definition videos at 512kbps.

2. Unlimited Social (Lite)

Another add-on in Digi Prepaid, called the Unlimited Social (Lite) is perfect for social junkies like me! :P Well, I may not be a video fanatic, but at this modern age, who doesn’t surf the Internet and chat on Facebook everyday? Combining the 3 best features of all, Unlimited Social (Lite) allows surfing, watching videos and Facebook chatting all day long—24 hours!

As a blogger, being 24/7 on social media is absolutely normal I’d say, regardless of whether I am at home, out for events, travelling, etc. Staying connected is very important, but why am I paying a bomb when the service can be enjoyed at just RM1?

3. Unlimited Internet Calls

If you are the type of persons who can’t live without checking out your friends every day, then this RM1 Unlimited Internet Calls add-on is for you. Nowadays there are just so many ways to contact each other without making an extra cent for it.

Just make video and voice calls all day via Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger
and don’t worry about the bill :P

Well, Prepaid users will totally feel this. Imagine running out of credits on the phone, the quickest way to contact someone is via Internet calls. Don’t you agree?

Overall, I find that these Prepaid add-ons are pretty good deals, considering the benefits such as:
1. No strings attached – No contracts, no obligations.
2. Everyday flexibility – I can choose to subscribe to these add-ons only during days that I have limited access to WiFi.
3. Minimal monthly commitment – The overall bill per month is pretty affordable. Good to keep this as my secondary phone line :)

Anyway, don’t forget to check out Digi website for more details: it.ly/DigiPLUDP

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