10 January, 2017

Review: CADEAU Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow

It is so beautiful and mystical, it is a love at first sight. 

Courtesy to Maystar, I am so happy to add this lovely series of Cadeau Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow into my lipstick collection. Dear all lipstick lovers out there, listen up: You know you gotta own this lipstick after reading this blog post because it is truly a magical creation by Cadeau.


CADEAU, a French word for gift, is designed as a premium handmade cosmetic product that uses all-natural ingredients as the mainstay of all CADEAU's products. Beautifully designed in soft, natural color and small, handy package, CADEAU makes perfect as presents for your loved ones. 

CADEAU Limited Edition Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow is made in Korea where beauty and nature meet. To ensure the best of quality, this limited-run product is produced in small, controlled numbers across all four seasons.

 The Packaging:

With the floral design beautifully printed on the box and laced with pastel ribbon,
this lipstick box set is so sweet-looking and I just can't take my eyes off it!

The Content:

4 floral lipsticks in different shades and flowers infused in each of them:

Now let’s take a closer look..…

Encased in the polished brass tube, this clear lipstick is infused with jelly, gold specks, and real dried flower buds placed right in the center, evoking a sense of romance and pure elegance. Now, no one can have the same lipstick as yours because no real flower in the lipstick looks the same.

No doubt it becomes the lipstick of every girl’s dream, and I see everyone posing with this on Instagram!

The Colours:



 GL03 ACACIA (Yellow)


The most exciting part is, the flower jelly lipsticks have colour changing ability! It imparts a natural-looking glossy tint to your lips that changes colours according to your body temperature. Imagine when it turns from transparent to baby pink, how gorgeous it is!

All 4 lipsticks give the same natural pink tint to the lips, leaving a lovely healthy tint to the lips without being too bold. Good to go with natural makeup look. 

Reasons To Buy:
1. Mesmerizing packaging that makes it perfectly Instagram-able.
2. Lovely pink tint that gives your lips a natural flush.
3. Ability to change color based on your body temperature.

This stunning lipstick retails at RM95 each, but to get 4 in a box, it is only RM350 (Save RM30!).
Now…don’t you want to get your hands on these gorgeous floral tubes too?

Don’t forget to visit Maystar for more information ya!

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  1. thanks for sharing this lovely review on Cadeau's amazing line of life flower lipsticks! We have shared it on our facebook page @nudenot for our followers to view as well!



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