13 March, 2017

Review: The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipstick

"On a bad day, there's always lipstick." -- 

I always feel excited every time I get to review a whole new series of lipsticks, especially when the lipsticks come in beautiful packaging and colors that are worth adding into my collection!

Today's review focuses on Moisture Touch Lipstick by The Face Shop. As you can tell from the name, the lipstick pays much attention on its deep moisturizing care and vivid color payoff in just one simple touch.

Moisture Touch Lipstick (3.5g) @ RM63.49 inclusive of GST

The packaging is just simple and sleek, but I love it because of the practicality and affordability. I personally have dry, slightly chapped lips whenever I am in the air-conditioned room or outdoors. So, dehydrated lips is one of my concerns too.

This Moisture Touch Lipstick enriched with layers of serum for dewy moisturizing care
and radiant color definitely caught my attention! 

The Benefits.

1. Rich Moisture
I think it's important to have something moisturising that does more good than harm towards the lips. Thanks to the serum formula with 10% squalane that adds rich moisture; the more you apply, the more dewy and plump lips you will get.

And the moisturizing effect can last for up to 4 hours!

2. Vivid Color  
Just one coat of Moisture Touch Lipstick is sufficient to achieve the vivid, rich layer. But of course, for bolder and more vibrant look, applying a couple of layers is helpful and it doesn't clump.

3. Serum Drop Cone
I also notice the wide water droplet shape design on the lipstick surface, allowing a larger surface area of contact against the lips, hence an easier application.  

4. Glossy Clear
On top of everything, it leaves the lips glossy and wrinkle-free as it glides softly and smoothly on it

The Colors.

In Korea, there are 20 shades to choose from, but here in Malaysia, the lipsticks are available in 12 more popular shades ranging from coral-beige to pink-red:
      ❤ BE01 Beige Bomb
      ❤ BE02 Angel in Beige
      ❤ BE03 Rococo Beige
      ❤ CR01 Dreaming Coral
       CR02 Feel So Coral
      ❤ CR03 Sweet Coral
      ❤ BR01 City Brown
      ❤ PK01 Pink Plamingo
       PK02 Pink Flash
       RD02 Red Rising
      ❤ RD03 Red Fantasy
      ❤ PP01 Purple Fantasy

Note: Double hearts "" represent the shades that I am reviewing in this post. 

Basically, the range is largely divided into 4 broad ranges of shades: Beige, Coral, Pink and Red.
And I am going to try out one out of each......

I love the beautiful initials, "TFS" being carved out on the lippie itself!

❤ BE01 Beige Bomb 
❤ CR02 Feel So Coral 
❤ PK02 Pink Flash 
❤ RD02 Red Rising 

Remember not to rush into applying the lipstick before some lip care: Lip balm, lip liner etc.

BE01 Beige Bomb 
It is a "healthy sheer" color that matches with the skin tone very well for a nude look.

To be honest, it is not easy to make nude lips look attractive. We all know that bright pout gives more vibrant and cheerful look, while nude color can make lips look lifeless and dry. 

Beauty Tips: Nude lips look best when they are creamy and glossy; Always reapply transparent layer of gloss after the Beige Bomb for a sharper look.

Perfect contrast? It works! Pair the Beige Bomb with smokey eyes-- Dark eyeshadow,
deeply pigmented eyeliner and thick coats of mascara-- plus pink healthy flush on the cheeks.

CR02 Feel So Coral 
This coral lipstick is rather bright but still looks natural on Asian skin.

I love how it brings warmth to the face, just nice for those who want a more pigmented touch on the lips (if you find that Beige Bomb is too light or too beige). I was expecting it to be more orangy but to my surprise, it looks quite rosy on my skin. Perfect for a healthy look! 

Beauty Tips: As a rule of thumb, always pair your lip with a coordinating shade of blush.

PK02 Pink Flash 
My personal favourite all the time is the hot pink hue that "brightens" the skin instantenously.

Pink Flash appears vibrant on all skin tones, and I personally love wearing it during photo shooting as the creamy texture leaves the lips moisturized, fuller and more kissable. 

Beauty Tips: With the bright pink lips, do tone down your makeup on the rest of the face. You can try a sheer version of the pink blush on the cheeks for a softer look. 

RD02 Red Rising 
Every lady needs that bold red lips for the party night!

I seldom go for this bold lip color as it makes my makeup looks more mature. But occasionally it is great to hit the dance floor in the little black dress and hot red lips to flaunt the playful side of you.

Beauty Tips: Choose a more subtle makeup look that does not fight with the intensity of the lips. Remember to apply more highlights to give the overall complexion more texture that complements the lip color.  

Waterproof test: ★★★
Generally it does not appear as smudgeproof and waterproof as I wanted it to be.
But you can always reapply / add layers for better intensity.

Texture: ★★★★☆
It feels very creamy and glides smoothly onto the lips without leaving any "wrinkles".

Color payoff: ★★★
It yields highly pigmented and vibrant rich color that impresses me at all times!

Long-lasting moisture: ★★★★☆
I am glad that it gives great moisturizing effect on the lips, without feeling chapped after a couple of hours.

Fragrance: ★★★★☆
It exudes very light and pleasant aroma upon application.

My Personal Experience
1. Overall, what do I like about The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipstick? Very moisturizing, high pigmentation and wide spectrum of shades that suit Asian skin tones.
2. At such an affordable price tag, I believe it is a good bargain for a practical, day-to-day use without feeling bored of the shades.
3. Reasons to buy: Moisture and Color Payoff!

The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipsticks are available at RM63.49 nett
in all outlets and e-store (www.thefaceshop.my)

Don't forget to check out The Face Shop's latest updates too!
Website: www.thefaceshop.com.my

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