12 March, 2017

Le Pont Boulangerie New French Dining Menu 2017

Can’t believe that time passes so quickly and the cafe I used to hang out at, Le Pont Boulangerie is about 2 years old now! I have been there so many times with my friends (because both outlets in Old Klang Road and Sri Petaling are near to my house) but yet to have chance to do a proper blog write-up about it.

Le Pont Sri Petaling outlet is tucked at the corner of the shop lots, just a stone throw away from The Store.

Le Pont Boulangerie specializes in making French-style breads and the ground floor of both outlets in Sri Petaling and Old Klang Road displays a wide range of freshly baked goodies where we can grab and go.

On the second floor of the outlet, we are warmly greeted by a lovely, quiet setting which is perfect for hanging out with friends or bonding with family members. So this round I am trying out the all-new menu featuring sensational French dishes prepared in sous vide cooking method.

Honestly I am surprised because sous vide style is usually available in upscale fine dining restaurants; can’t believe that I can enjoy such refined food at this French casual dining place too!

Cheese Baked Escargot @ RM24.90

We kickstart the meal with the new cheese baked escargot – nicely baked with cheese and garlic cream sauce. Dig into the cheesy goodness and you’ll find a slow cooked egg in it along with spinach.

Smoked Mussel Pot @ RM30.90
Similarly served with a side of garlic bread, the 200g home-smoked black mussel in whole shells
is rich in flavours as it is well drenched in creamy gravy and mixed herbs.

Aromatic BBQ Wings (6 pieces) @ RM20.90
Juicy wings and drumlets coated with thick, fruity-based homemade BBQ sauce.
Once hooked, we just can't stop munching on the BBQ wings!

For the main courses, there are quite a number of new dishes to try including Cajun Chicken Raisin Rice, Butter Fish Papillote and Chicken Pate.

Butter Fish Papillote

Our white tuna fish is prepared in sous vide style in parchment paper, then baked with onions, carrots, leeks, button mushrooms, dill and lemon. The combination fully seals the natural flavours and juices within the fish, making it a great option healthy goers.  

Chicken Cordon Bleu @ RM33.90

The succulent chicken stuffed with cheese and turkey ham is coated with thick breadcrumb.
The sides of roasted potatoes, caramelised carrot and tonkatsu sauce are just nice to complement the dish.

Le Pont Lamb Shank @ RM45.90

Our all-time favourite is the juicy braised lamb shank cooked in sous vide style for 48 hours. This cooking method allows the meat to tenderise and absorb the flavours of apricot sauce well. It is also served with a side of mashed potatoes, roasted pepper and asparagus. 

Mushroom Carbonara @ RM23.90
A hearty plate of fettucine with button mushroom, thyme, cream
and loads of parmesan cheese which I am super in love with.

Chocolat au Coulant @ RM19.90

What not to be missed here is the new line-up of artisan desserts, crafted with premium ingredients, European flair and a touch of molecular gastronomy. Bringing to us the intricate art of French desserts, each creation is definitely a treat to the eyes.

We girls go gaga when desserts are served upon us. Our No.1 favourite is the well-love Chocolat au Coulant, a tall chocolate lava cake with oozing dark chocolate upon cutting through the shell. The thick molten chocolate sauce is actually bitter (Good quality, real dark chocolate!), and well-balanced by the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream.

Fraisee au Coulant @ RM18.90

A sweeter version of the signature dessert is the Fraisee au Coulant. Instead of bursting with chocolate filling, there is rich, gooey white chocolate and strawberry encased within the crunchy biscuit shell. Crowned with a scoop of homemade strawberry ice cream, this dessert is sure to win a girl’s heart.

Chocolate Fudge Gala @ RM15.90

Chocolate Fudge Gala is also a great option especially for those who prefer gluten-free / flourless desserts. It combines a medley of walnuts, chopped hazelnuts, poached strawberries and homemade vanilla ice cream cone in one, creating an aesthetically appealing dessert that pleases the sweet tooth.

Lychee and Earl Grey Ice @ RM13.90

Craving for something not so sweet? Tea lovers will love this tea-infused dessert – Lychee and Earl Grey Ice. I personally enjoy this refreshing blend of homemade vanilla ice cream, Bavarian lychee, earl grey and jelly, as every spoonful exudes the lovely aroma of earl grey tea without overwhelming the palate.
Overall, Le Pont has everything you need from bread and pastry to a wide selection of main meals, desserts and coffee. Recommended for all-day dining in any occasions!

Le Pont Boulangerie
19, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, 
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603 9055 3833
Website: www.lepontboulangerie.com
Facebook: fb.com/LePontBoulangerie

Business Hours: 10.30am to 12am daily
Closes at 2am on the Eve of Public Holidays 
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