14 May, 2017

Butterfly Dessert Cafe @ Sri Petaling, KL

When it comes to dessert, how many of you can resist? I definitely can't say No to pretty desserts! 

Being a dessert lover, I am pretty excited to check out this new dessert cafe located in Sri Petaling. 
There goes my Saturday afternoon high tea date...

Butterfly Dessert Cafe is tucked along one of the busiest streets in Sri Petaling, where you see a vibrant scene of restaurants and cafes in this area. Located on the first floor, it may take a while to find its exact location if you are not familiar with Sri Petaling. 

The easiest landmark you can see is the huge Ten Years Restaurant (with black signage) tucked at the corner of the street. And Butterfly Dessert Cafe is just right next to it. 

Parking Tips: Open parking bays are aplenty along this street. But when this area gets too busy, you can consider parking your car at the multi-level car park, and take a brisk walk to the cafe. 

On the first floor...we arrive at this sweet heaven. Can't wait to check out what they have to offer!

This incredibly modern space is flushed with white walls, cabinets, wooden flooring, and lights. At the center of it all is the barista's counter with gigantic pots of lovely flowers and cake display which ground the space so you don’t get lost in that sea of white.

Individual sliced cakes such as Classic Opera, Strawberry Lime, American Chocolate and Lemon Cheese Meringue are on display during my visit. If you merely need a quick fix of the sweet cravings, then a sliced cake should be more than satisfying.

Whereas plated desserts and beverages are listed on a separate menu. And we manage to try 3 of them. I love how the desserts here are mostly infused with fresh fruits to bring out the natural sweetness and refreshing flavours.

Orange Mango Trifle @ RM25

One may expect the Orange Mango Trifle to appear in bright yellow hues, but surprisingly the version we have here is rather different. This classic British dessert is served in a small glass jar, which is incredibly creamy and fresh and is easily our favourite item on the menu.

As we dig into the layers of orange and mango mousse, we are surprised by an overwhelming portion of sweet fresh mango cubes. Seriously, almost every spoonful is filled with the fresh fruit! Perfect for the mango lovers. 

In case if you're wondering how is the portion like, the trifle is quite huge and dense.
Recommended to share this lovely dessert with 2-3 friends.

Deconstructed Strawberry Opera @ RM28

Our next favourite is the Deconstructed Strawberry Opera, a beautiful representation of what constitutes a Red Opera Cake. One thing worth mentioning is the beautiful presentation of the serving – clearly a great deal of attention has been paid to the plating, including the strawberry jelly and strawberry-coated almonds adorning the stacks of sponge cake.

A sweet drizzle of the rich strawberry sauce allows for a more prominent fruity touch on the dessert.
The overall taste is refreshing, and nothing too overwhelming for the palate.

Chocolate Banana @ RM25

We often save the best for last -- A rich chocolate crispy dome with hidden treasures
underneath the shell, creating a chocolate lover's dream come true. 

Again, special mention on the beautiful presentation. It melts our heart away as soon as it is served upon us! 

Cutting through the dome, we are immediately taken with the contrasting layers of banana slices, creamy caramel chocolate chantilly and a mini dome filled with dark chocolate ganache

This beautiful dessert certainly requires a little skill but is well worth the effort. Be it texture or flavour wise, the marriage between chocolate and banana strikes a balance of richness without being overly cloying on the mouth. 

We finish off our dessert session with a cup of dark chocolate for me and mocha for my dining partner. But if you prefer something lighter to wash away the sugar rush, various teas are served in a pot here including English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Spring Green Tea, Chamomile Blossoms, Lemongrass Ginger and Genmaicha

1. Overall, it is a more low-key affair, where we chill at the cosy white space and are surrounded by fine plated desserts to indulge the senses.  
2. This place may lack of glamourous ambiance but it certainly makes up for its taste and great attention to details in every dessert it serves.
3. If there is one thing that you must try here, it'd be the Orange and Mango Trifle.

Butterfly Dessert Cafe
3-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 6,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9054 0289
Business Hours: 2pm - 10pm daily 
Closed on Wednesdays

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