Saturday, June 24, 2017

[NEW MENU] U.S. Fries Fiesta @ Bonne Gilla Restaurant & Bar, Bukit Bintang, KL

Let’s have some U.S Fries! We are excited to sample the U.S. Fries Fiesta promotional menu, specially whipped up by Bonne Gilla Restaurant and Bar, a trendy, pulsating restaurant-cum-bar tucked along Japan Berangan, where we can hang out comfortably over lively conversation, cheerful plates and creative beverages.

The location of this restaurant is just a stone throw away from the hustles and bustles of the pub street along Changkat Bukit Bintang. Here we have a satisfying pizza and chicken chop meal featuring U.S. potato fries.

U.S. Curly Fries Pizza

Bonne Gilla’s version of pizza is crunchily thin crusted, and well loaded with generous toppings such as seafood, cheese and most interestingly, U.S. Curly Fries! The fries add a twist to the overall texture of the pizza, plus an added savoury flavour to go with the drinks.

U.S. Lattice Cut with Chicken Chop

Another hearty dish is the crisp chicken chop served along with a side of salad and plenty of U.S. Lattice Cut Fries. The criss cross fries are extra crunchy and filling for one, surely you’d get hooked on it.

If you feel like staying longer for some drinks and music, Bonne Gilla also has a fully stocked bar to complement your food.
This special U.S. Fries Fiesta menu in Bonne Gilla is available from 15 June 2017 to 31 July 2017.
Other participating outlets for the Fiesta include:

- Novotel Hotel
- Sam’s Intan
- Yellow Brick Road
- Movida
- Smores
- La Bodega
- The Pressroom Bistro
- Chaiwala Café
- Nevermine Pub and Bistro

For more information about U.S. Fries Fiesta, please visit HERE.

Bonne Gilla
31, Jalan Berangan,
55100 Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +6016-365 6113

Friday, June 23, 2017

Review: Korean G9 SKIN First Lip Stick [5 Colors]

G9 SKIN First Lip Stick (3.5g)

Hello to my new lippie collection from Korea! ❤ I am excited to share with you my experience with the latest collection of “First Lip Stick” by G9 Skin, a Korean beauty brand. Whether it is your first set of lip stick from Korea, G9 Skin is here to bring us more surprises about creating the K-beauty makeup look!

The “First Lip Stick” series comes in 8 vivid color options to pair with different makeup looks. Unlike European brands that have hundreds of lipstick shades, this Korean brand has only 5 – but it assures us that these are the top 5 popular shades that are well-received worldwide.

Among the 8 shades, I get to try 5 of them:
#01. Midnight Red
#02. Dry Rose
#03. Dazzling Pink
#04. Peach Brown
#05. Vintage Red

The lipstick contains two key moisturizing ingredients:
❤ Shea Butter: Soothe and moisturize chapped lips and dry skin
❤ Tocopheryl Acetate: Synthetic Vitamin E that moisturizes lips

Here's a color swatch of the lipsticks. The result?
Vivid, long-lasting colors that brighten the complexion instantly!

How to Apply:
Full Color: Apply along lip line and fill the lips.
Gradient Lip: Use powder and cushion to lighten outer lips and apply the lipstick from inside out.

Texture: ★★★★
The lipstick has a soft cream texture that I really love, as it glides smoothly onto the lips
and leaves powdery matte finish without feeling any dryness.

Color Payoff: ★★★★
Excellent, vivid color payoff! The colors are very sharp, vibrant and give an
instant “pop” to the overall complexion.

Feel: ★★★★☆
It feels good on the lips! Love the fresh, non-sticky sensation.

Long-lasting effect: ★★★
It adheres well onto lips and does not fade easily once applied. Reapplication is not as frequent as you’d expect.

#01. Midnight Red
Vivid, hot red lip for that party night.

#02. Dry Rose
Sweet, rosy red for a romantic date.

#03. Dazzling Pink
Cute and glamorous pink for a brighter skin complexion.

#04. Peach Brown
Coral brown for the natural nude makeup look.

#05. Vintage Red
Classic wine red for a seductive goddess makeup look. 

Having said that, removal is pretty easy. In just 1-2 wipes with makeup remover (normal water-base type will do), the lipstick is easily removed. But remember to cleanse thoroughly, otherwise any residue on the lips would cause dryness to the lips.

G9SKIN First Lip Stick is recommended for those who want:
❤ Semi-matte lipstick with soft touch
❤ Vivid color in one glide
❤ No constant makeup fix
❤ Long-lasting touch

1. At this price point, I think G9 Skin lipstick is a good buy considering the awesome color payoff, and light, moisturizing texture of the matte lipstick.
2. Love the 5 beautiful colors to swap around for different makeup look everyday.
3. Rating: 4.5/5 ; Reasons to purchase: Vivid colors and reasonable price

For more information about G9 Skin, please visit:
Instagram: @g9skin_malaysia

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Samsung S8 vs S8 Plus : Where To Get It Cheap?

Just a quick question, how often do you change your mobile phone? Over the past 13 years of being a mobile phone user, I think the Huawei P9 Plus that I’m currently using is already my 9th phone! That means, averagely, I’d use a phone for about 1.5 years before getting a new one.

With the new releases of Samsung and iPhone smartphones, I am really tempted to get a new one for myself! Currently, I am torn between Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. I love the improved camera of Samsung S8 which can capture way more stunning pictures than before.

As compared to its close competitors, a lot of online reviews mention that both S8 and S8+ have pretty good battery life. Another thing I realise is the bright and colorful displays on Samsung's new flagship smartphones, which outdo all the other premium range smartphones out there.

And the superb front camera that perfects every selfie I take using S8...

One feature that my current phone doesn’t have is the waterproof feature – S8 can survive a dip into the swimming pool, not to mention an accidental drop in the shower. Underwater photography is made possible with a smartphone now :D

The one I am holding is S8 - Slightly bigger than my palm size but easy to grip on.

Nevertheless, I find that the 5.8 inch display of S8 is sufficient for me, as I have always been using a 5.5 inch screen. S8+ has a slightly bigger screen at 6.2 inches, but it is this little difference that makes a huge gap on the price.

Overall, S8 seems to be an ideal phone for blogger on-the-go like myself :P

But looking at the hefty price to pay to be a Samsung S8 user… I seriously need to think twice! I almost faint when browsing through the brand’s official store and see that Samsung S8 official retail price is pegged at a whopping RM3,299. But they don’t accept trade-ins for my old non-Samsung phone :(

Luckily, a friend recommends me an online website/app that allows me to buy or sell mobile phones (and tablets, phone accessories etc) – Carousell. Honestly, I have always thought Carousell is a marketplace that only sells fashion and beauty items. 

But now I realise, Carousel allows us to buy/sell the latest, trendiest mobile phones – be it brand new or preloved – at a much lower price!

As I browse through Carousell website, I am amazed by the wide variety of smart phones offered by different vendors. All the vendors’ identities are clearly displayed on the website, so there’s nothing to worry about on its reliability.

I saw there are some vendors selling cheap Samsung S8 at only RM2,200++ in Carousell,
as compared to RM3,299 on other websites. This is seriously a good deal eh!

I personally have more confidence towards vendors who provide real-life photos of the smartphone on Carousell, as I can see how exactly the phone is. Plus, Cash-On-Delivery (COD) is always my preferred option, so it’ll be safe, reliable and fast.

With Carousell, I can already save at least a few hundreds on my new phone. But to save even more, I can convert my old phone into cash via Carousell selling function. Looking at the current wide user database that Carousell has, I believe the items we put here will receive response from potential buyers very soon *fingers crossed*

.....and MORE cash too! *$$$*

On the bright side, since we are selling to an end user (instead of a reseller i.e. a mobile phone shop), we probably can earn slightly more here.

Overall, if you need a brand new / pre-loved mobile phone at a lower price, Carousell is the right platform to go. It is user-friendly, offers a great variety of choices, and most importantly, safe and reliable to use.

If you find Carousell useful, don’t forget to share this article with your friends too! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cafe Hopping with 8excite at 5.1 Cafe Gallery, Sri Petaling

Hi! I am back to my cafe hopping routine. 

If you have been following me on Instagram, you'd surely know I am an avid cafe hopper. Most of the time, I visit the cafes on my own (not by invitation) with my friends, and I just love doing so. But do you agree, dining in a cafe (or any upscale restaurant) can be quite expensive?

Luckily, recently I found this website/app that allows me to save some money while I spend -- 8excite, a platform enjoy the latest and cheapest deals at amazingly discounted prices at restaurants, beauty salons, spas, gyms, entertainment venues, stores and more

So when browsing through the "Hot Deals" on 8excite mobile app, I saw this deal of 30% dining discount at 5.1 Cafe Gallery in Sri Petaling, selling at RM5. Since it is a 30% discount on the total bill, I think the deal is quite good for those who dine in a large group. 

The more food / drinks you order, the more savings you'll get!

Oh did I forget to mention that you'll earn Excite Points for every purchase made. Once accumulated,
these points can be used to redeem vouchers from 8excite. That's how we spend smart, right?

After the purchase of deal...
During the visit of 5.1 Cafe Gallery, Sri Petaling...
I have always wanted to visit 5.1 Cafe Gallery for its beautiful coffee art and vintage photography elements in the cafe. I guess it's the best time now... 

The interior of the cafe is pretty dim, nevertheless every corner is beautifully adorned with vintage paraphernalia of travel and photography related decors such as printed luggage bags, old-school picture frames, film cameras, etc. Very tastefully decorated and highly Instagram-able.

 Green Tea Latte @ RM10.90

One of my favourite things which is also the signature item here - the Green Tea Latte - is beautifully topped with a hand-drawn floral latte art. Admiring it would take quite a while before my lips reach for it.

Muffle Cheese Chicken Waffle @ RM21.90

Waffles are the No.1 specialty here, so be sure to try the savoury waffle / sweet waffle dessert here. I order a plate of triple-layered waffle topped with chicken, cheese and generous drizzles of mayonnaise, along with a side of wedges and salad. 

This makes a great brunch menu and it doesn't feel expensive at all after the discount I enjoyed :P

Little Piggie Rice Set @ RM17.90
If it is something oriental that you like, then try the pork cutlet rice set drizzled with creamy mushroom sauce.

My Personal Experience...
Overall, it is a satisfying delicious and affordable dining experience at 5.1 Cafe Gallery :) An ideal quiet place to chill and enjoy a wide variety of good waffles.

It is a great experience of enjoying great food without burning a hole in the pocket. Thumbs up for the great promotion, convenience and user-friendly features that 8excite has. 

If food is not your thing, don't worry, there are plenty of deals on beauty, wellness, leisure, service and shopping on 8excite. Feel free to check them out yourselves!

If you have an 8excite experience too, don't forget to like 8excite Facebook Page
and share it on Facebook, and hashtag # 8excite in your post.

What are you waiting for? Let's download 8excite on:
Or visit them on the website:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged 2017

Are you ready to get your night life RECHARGED? ❤ 

After my first experience of electric run last year, I am more excited to join another one this year! This 29 July 2017, The Livescape Group is bringing us one of the world's most colorful and musical 5km night fun runs – AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged!

The 5km route of the fun run. Easy peasy eh?

I am pretty excited as it is going to be the biggest, brightest, neon coloured night run in the country at Anjung Floria Putrajaya. The short 5km run will be stretched across 7 unique course lands, with all of them featuring a variety of lights and sounds.

Participants will get an official T-shirt, medal, bib and Pixmob bracelet.  

Thanks to the ELECTROBAND, you will get an exclusive LED-powered bracelet that will connect you to thousands of your new friends too. I heard there will be over 18,000 runners joining the night run. Now, don’t you want to miss the party right? Just come and feel the beats of the music every kilometer of your run and hit the themed dance party zones!

Early bird tickets are already sold out. How about gathering your friends and enjoy some discounts on regular tickets per group of 4? 

Organized by The Livescape Group, and co-presented by Rexona, Electric Run Malaysia 2017 is also supported by Malaysia Major Events (MME).

Come get your family and friends along to join this massive running event of the year,
hope to see you there!

Date: 29 July 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm - 12am
Venue: Anjung Floria Putrajaya
Distance: 5km


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