17 June, 2017

Dark Chocolate Affair @ The Dark Gallery, MyTown Shopping Centre, Cheras

The Dark Gallery ❤ Open your senses, discover the dark side of desserts...

I love dark chocolates, but never once have I learnt so much about the making of dark chocolates! The Dark Gallery, probably one of the very first few artisanal chocolate dessert boutique-cum-cafe is here to lead us to a journey of appreciating several different single origin chocolates and chocolate blends.

The Dark Gallery's latest outlet in MyTown Shopping Centre (where IKEA Cheras is located at) proudly presents to us the best of chocolates from various parts of the world, focusing mainly on dark chocolates. 

Using couverture chocolate (high quality chocolate with higher percentage of cocoa butter) sourced from gourmet brands such as Valrhona and Cacao Barry, The Dark Gallery churns out fresh signature goodies right at the store everyday -- you'll see a staggering array of:

❤ Single origin dark chocolates
❤ Plated desserts (Brownie, waffle, etc)
 Hot and cold beverages 
❤ Ice creams
❤ Macarons, tarts, pastries
❤ Cookies (sables, granola, etc)
❤ Take-home items (ice cream cakes, pints, etc)

The cafe has an open seating space which can fit up to 40 pax. A relaxing spot in the quiet side
of the mall for us to enjoy some chilly afternoon treat or evening after-meal indulgence.

Source: HERE

At The Dark Gallery, the dark chocolates are highly prized for its high cacao content and complex balance of bitter and sweet. Cacao is sourced from premium cacao powder - sourced from unroasted cocoa beans - as opposed to cocoa powder which comes from raw cacao that has been roasted at high temperatures, hence losing the nutritional values in it.

Therefore, what you'll experience here is way different to your average store-bought chocolate bar or ice cream. 
What a healthy, guilt-free indulgence!

Now let's begin exploring the treasury of discoveries on the canvas of chocolate.
Below are the 10 must-have items in The Dark Gallery...

Single Origin Platters
#1 Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter @ RM21
(3 scoops on 1 platter)

Like coffee, dark chocolates do come from single origins If you are new to the "real" dark chocolate, the first thing to try is the Single Origin dark chocolate ice cream platter, consisting of 3 scoops of ice cream made from dark chocolate sourced in different countries - Madagascar, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

The flavour profile for each, with varying cacao content, is provided to the customers for a clearer, better appreciation of the single origin chocolates.

Light and Fruity 64% Madagascan

Floral and Spicy 70% Dominican Republic

Intensely Bittersweet 72% Venezuelan

The 64% Madagascan dark chocolate is extremely creamy with milky flavours - sweet and smooth. 70% Dominican Republic version is rather tangy for me, although it is well balanced with hints of bitterness. Nevertheless, my personal favourite goes to the 72% Venezuelan bittersweet ice cream that gives just the right amount of sweet and bitter flavours in every spoonful. Perfect blend! 

#2 Single Origin Dark Chocolate Pastries Platter @ RM21
(with 4 varieties of mini pastries)

Our exploration of different single origin chocolates continues with the dainty pastries crafted from the single origin dark chocolates similar to the earlier platter, but with an addition of 66% Ecuador chocolate.

Fun-sized Chocolate Macarons (64% Madagascar)

S'mores (70% Dominican Republic)

To my surprise, these chocolates exude different flavours when crafted into pastries. The miniature macaron is crunchy and very light in sweetness, whereas the S'mores (molten dark chocolate on torched marshmallow and graham cracker) has minimal element of chocolate sweetness in it.  

Dark Chocolate Tartlet (66% Equador)

I personally love the tartlet filled with extremely dense 66% Ecuador dark chocolate ganache.
Best served chilled, it tastes lip smacking good without being overcloying at all.

Chocolate Banana Trifle (72% Venezuela)
Intensity ❤ 

The most outstanding item on the platter is probably this mini trifle, filled with distinctive layers of 72% Venezuelan dark chocolate mousse, caramelised bananas, brownie chunks and whipped cream. It is the fruity aroma and great biting pleasure which I enjoy the most here. 

Signature Desserts
#3 The Chocolate Rhapsody @ RM28
(with signature dark, milk and white chocolate ice creams)

Not a fan of dark chocolate? Don't worry, The Dark Gallery has more to offer. From the ice cream bar, it serves different flavours of ice creams to suit even the most discerning palates.

Those with sweet tooth will appreciate this artfully plated dessert composed of the signature dark, milk and white chocolate ice creams sitting on a bed of crunchy chocolate "soil". Thumbs up to the beautiful arrangement - dollops of silky chocolate mousse, crispy chocolate meringue and cacao tuile - that is sure to please both our eyes and palate.

My verdict? Highly distinctive tastes and textures on its own. But blends well together when it comes as one. 

#4 The New Banana Split @ RM24
(with signature milk chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream)

The "new" banana split here is no longer served in a classic way, but rather enhanced with a lovely composition of sliced caramelised banana, shards of almond tuile and crumble. 

Among the 3 scoops of ice cream, the star that shines the brightest is the high-quality Strawberry Ice Cream. We are delighted that only real strawberry fruit is used to make the ice cream, with no artificial coloring. No wonder it tastes like the real fruit itself, nothing artificial at all! 

#5 The Ice Cream Waffle @ RM20
(with choice of 2 flavours of ice cream and 1 topping)

For those who are feeling peckish, the ice cream waffle is a great option for sharing.  The waffle is a winning taste on its own - I love its light, crispy exterior while the inside remains soft and fluffy. Most importantly, its rich buttery flavour complements well with the ice creams. 

As for the flavours of ice creams, you can choose from the wide array displayed on the bar such as Sea Salt Butterscotch (Highly recommended for its unique blend of savoury and sweet flavours!)Salted Peanut Butter, Fresh Peppermint, and of course not forgetting to mention the No.1 best-selling Signature 80% Dark Chocolate.

Topping wise, over 10 sprinkles and sauces are made in-house to pair with the waffle - Caramelised Almonds, Hazelnut Crumble, Marshmallows, 66% Dark Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce, Baked Meringue and more. 

#6 The Chocolate Brownie Mess @ RM20
(with choice of 1 flavour of ice cream)

Another mood booster that keeps us glued to our seats is the Chocolate Espresso Ice Cream served on a thick slab of freshly-baked brownie adorned with almond tuile and dark chocolate sauce. If you can't decide between coffee and chocolate, this makes the perfect choice. 

#7 The Chocolate Affogato @ RM14

However, if you have stronger craving for caffeine, be sure to get your fix with the Espresso Shot served with 80% Dark Chocolate Ice Cream and Homemade Caramelised Almonds

As the ice cream is rather bittersweet, you may adjust the level of bitterness of the concoction
by pouring just half a shot of espresso to taste. 

This hot and cold tempting indulgence will definitely evoke your senses!

Chocolate Beverages
#8 Signature Hot Chocolate @ RM15

Do you agree, sometimes a cup of hot chocolate is all you need to make your day? The Dark Gallery's luscious Signature Hot Chocolate is especially-comforting as every sip goes smoothly down the throat with strong milky flavours and it is not as sweet as I thought. Delicious yet not too filling for my liking.

If you'd like something cooling, try the Ice-blended Frappes, Chocolate Cube Hazelnut Latte and other cold beverages.

#9 *NEW* Chocolate Bonbon

To pair with the hot chocolate drinks, we have the all-new Chocolate Bonbon,
a delectable hand-crafted pastry with "surprises" awaiting for us inside! 

I love the Chocolate Bonbon filled with Passion Fruit Puree - fruity, tangy and
it lends a hint of sweetness to the bittersweet hot chocolate drinks.

Ice Cream Bar
Artisanal Ice Cream @ RM10 - RM12 (Single) / RM17 - RM19 (Double)

At the ice cream bar, a total of 12 chocolate and non-chocolate flavours are available every day. They also serve fruity sorbets for the health conscious. I would definitely come back for more flavours here.

A detailed list of ice cream flavours and toppings is displayed at the counter for your reference.

Take-home Items
#10 Artisanal Chocolate Granola (RM20) and Ice Cream Pints (RM33)

Take-home items such as Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate, Ice Cream Pints, Artisanal Chocolate Sable and Artisanal Chocolate Granola are available in-store. You can also purchase them from The Dark Gallery's web-store and enjoy free delivery for orders of RM150 and above. 

In conjunction to the festive season, The Dark Gallery is having some great promotions:

1. Raya Gift Box
- Pick any 6 of our Sablés/Chocolate Granola/Bean to Bar chocolate at RM100

2. Breakfast Promo (10am-12noon)
or The Chocolate Granola Milk Bowl at RM12

3. Ice Cream Pints Promo
Buy any any 4 of The Dark Gallery’s artisanal ice cream pints for the price of 3! 

Overall, The Dark Gallery provides me my very first eye-opening journey around the world to explore the single origin chocolates. Time to enter into this beautiful wooden space and gain a well of knowledge on chocolates yourselves!

1. The Dark Gallery is more than just specially curated for dark chocolate lovers; it provides a redefined chocolate experience altogether. 
2. Reasons to visit: Quality over price; Composition over portion;  Fresh “made-on-site” varieties over the average store options. 
3. Recommended: Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter, Chocolate Rhapsody, Brownie, Sea Salt Butterscotch Ice Cream.

The Dark Gallery
MyTown Shopping Centre 
L1-023A and L1-K-007,
Level 1,
MyTown Shopping Centre
(linked to IKEA Cheras)
Jalan Cochrane, Cheras,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Website: www.thedarkgallery.com
Facebook: facebook.com/discoverthedark
Instagram: instagram.com/discoverthedark
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm daily


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