16 June, 2017

June Fashion Shopping Haul : Summer-Perfect Outfits!

It has been awhile since I last did a fashion post on my daily coordinates. But you’ll still be able to see plenty of #FiShOOTD shots on my Instagram. Nowadays, I don’t shop from foreign sites as often as before, but I do miss those affordable pieces from my last round of shopping with Sammydress.

When it comes to clothes and accessories, Sammydress is one of the few trusted websites that I still shop for. The reason I don’t like overseas website is because of the delivery time – some can take up to months to arrive at my doorstep! But not for Sammydress. My order reaches in two batches – the first one arrives in just 5 days upon ordering.

Casual Long Sleeve Lace-up Mini Dress
(Direct Link: HERE)

The first piece I have here is a simple, white-and-milk-brown contrasting dress. I love how it combines several details which I have soft spots on – Deep V-neck lace up front with tassels, lace insert at the back of the dress, and very soft, lightweight material that doesn’t look too “cheap”.

The earthy tone is so easy to match with! Something of the skin color or similar earthy shade will probably be the safest option, but if you like a bolder look, perhaps you can try pairing it with bright and loud colors! :)

I pick something brown for my casual weekend date. And I must emphasize again, the criss-cross lace up neckline is really pretty; a must-have piece in your wardrobe this season!

❤ ❤ 
Eyes Print Skater Skirt
(Direct Link: HERE

Something different from the earlier piece I bought (and nothing close to my usual style too), I’d say that the skirt I have here is pretty bold – Loud prints. Bright colors. Cute style. – It’s just so not “me” but I guess I manage to put it on well?

It feels good to act cute and young once in a while :P 

The skater skirt is made of thin, silk-like material and is secured with a non-elastic waistband. It does “fly” as the wind blows, but don’t worry, it’s not sheer at all. Lightweight, comfortable and vibrant enough to be part of my summer-perfect wardrobe collection. 

❤ ❤ 

 Alright, happy shopping, babes! Hope you will find something to renew your wardrobe too :P
Here are two coupon codes for you, just enjoy your shopping at www.sammydress.com

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For more information, please visit:
Sammydress Website: www.sammydress.com
Sammydress Facebook: www.facebook.com/sammydressfashion


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