31 August, 2017

[FASHION] Street Style Outfits from SOSOXA

Everytime when it comes to a fashion post, I got really excited because I just can’t wait to show you what I’ve gotten here from my online shopping haul. This round, it’s a little special because my friend has opened a local online boutique, SOSOXA. What a cute name right?

SOSOXA is here to bring us the trendiest pieces of sophisticated clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and more.

I know, I know, there are just way too many online boutiques out there right? What distinguishes SOSOXA from the rest is that they never compromise on quality of the fashion pieces, which matches with the price tags. It’s not “cheap-cheap” but you really pay for quality here :)

Thumbs up to the speedy delivery, I made my order on Monday and received the parcel on Wednesday! Just in time for me to fit them into my luggage for my trip to Australia.

Sasha Embroidery Bag (White) @ RM59.00

The embroidery satchel bag is major loveeeee! The exterior design and interior quality are just awesome. I love how it is adorned with gold studs surrounding the lovely floral embroidery on the white surface. The quality of PVC is pretty thick, not easily scratched but making it dirty is almost unavoidable. Well, it's okay, because I love white!

Thick strap is quite uncommon on a satchel bag, but this one in bold red and white stripes is a great complement to the overall trendy and edgy look.

On the inside, there are two main compartments with a cute buttoned pocket in between. The size is not exactly "big", but is sufficient for my camera, wallet, passport, sunshades and few beauty essentials when I use it during my recent vacation.

Thanks for accompanying me throughout my vacation.

Kesha Long Ribbon Shirt @ RM59.00

Perfectly slim fitting, non-sheer material, good quality buttons; What else can I ask for? Good to pair with work skirt for an edgy corporate look, and with denim shorts for a cute weekend fun day out.

Not forgetting to mention they have weekly new arrivals to feed your fashion cravings too.
Now, it's shopping time, feel free to drop by at SOSOXA's social media sites below for more:

Website: www.sosoxa.com
Instagram: @sosoxa.official
Twitter: @sosoxaofficial

29 August, 2017

Jeulia Best Selling Women's Jewelry Sale

I was browsing through a couple of online shopping sites recently and found plenty of affordable jewelry on sale at Jeulia. The best part is, I came across over thousands of selections of jewelry for sale, including necklaces, bracelets and rings for different occasions. 

So I thought if you are looking for affordable jewelry, why not take a look at Jeulia? 

Jeulia Rose Gold Tone Double-heart Women's Necklace
(Direct link: HERE)

The first piece that caught my attention is this double-heart necklace in elegant rose gold tone. It is such a cute jewelry that melts every girl's heart right? Trust me, if you get this for your girlfriend / wife, I am sure they will love you more than before :P

Jeulia Rose Gold Tone Tone Charm Women's Cultured Pearl Bracelet
(Direct link: HERE)

To be honest, I am really a huge fan of rose gold jewelry. Anything in rose gold tone definitely captures my heart, especially when it is paired with pearl elements. Simple yet sweet looking! 

Jeulia Two Tone Intertwined Cocktail Ring
(Direct link: HERE)

Whereas for rings, I found plenty of interesting designs of cocktail rings and wedding bands. Perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Feel free to check it out and let me know if you found anything you love! 

Review: b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask Pack + Nano Bio-Cellulose Mask Sheet

b.liv is not something new to me. I remember the first time using its No.1 bestselling Blackhead Sebum Gel few years ago. And now I am here exploring more products of the brand – MASKS! 

What is b.liv?
Pronounced as “believe”, b.liv was established in 2009 and originated from a cosmaceutical brand. b.liv is the only skin care brand in the over-the-counter market to have undergone trials and testing in more than 200 professional skin care centers prior to being retailed. In this way, you can get effective skincare solution at home and save a trip from visiting professional skin care centers :)

Bubble Masks and Sheet Masks are available in store. Let’s try them out!

b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask (50g) @ RM99

First, let the skin “breathe” again by putting on this purifying mask that combines oxygen bubble and rice powder to brighten and enliven complexion. Ideal solution for those with dark and uneven skin tone.

Why Oxygen?
❤ Promotes cell regeneration
❤ Restore radiance and freshness
❤ Promotes the production of collagen
❤ Enhances the absorption and effectiveness of other skincare products

Key Ingredients:
❤ O2 Bubble: Purifying
❤ Rice Powder: Brightening
❤ Red Soft Beads: Exfoliating

How To Use:
1. Apply a small amount onto face and gently massage.
2. Bubbles will form. Leave on for 5-10 minutes.
3. Massage once more for deeper cleansing.
4. Rinse with lukewarm water.
5. Proceed with remaining skin care steps.

Purifying + Brightening + Exfoliating

The gel-like texture is lightweight and slightly runny. But it fizzes into soft foam upon touching the skin. I notice there are red cellulose beads that melt away as I massage to exfoliate dead skin surface.

Apply the gel on the face.

After a while, it turns into very fine, bubbly foam.

Upon rinsing, it turns into milky liquid once gotten in contact with water.

Although it bubbles up quickly upon application, it does not give any tingling sensation to the skin. It feels fresh and mild on skin. But the bubbles go off in just 10 minutes time.

My skin does appear brighter instantly after using the mask for only 10 minutes! A more consistent usage will deliver at least one shade lighter for the skin. Plus, it has well-balanced pH that feels comfortably soft on skin, without causing any breakouts.

If you have acne skin, try it out because it can lighten your acne scars too! But I have to always remember to keep the inner lid on the jar all the time to prevent it from oxidation. It is good to use for 12 months.
I like the pleasant, light “rice” scent it exudes.

What I Like: 
Considering the slightly steep price for this small jar, I still feel it is worth an investment for those who want quick solutions for softer, smoother and more glowing skin. 

Nano Bio-Cellulose Mask (4 pieces/box) @ RM129

Well, apart from the home beauty solution, I prefer using sheet masks whenever I am travelling. Latest in my collection is Nano Bio-Cellulose Mask Range for a quick access to good skin! 

What makes it special is the premium quality of cellulose mask sheet itself.

Extracted from plants and fermented by microorganism, and formed with nano scale fiber at 30 nanometers in diameter, the mask sheet has fine fibre structure that allows better performance in essence penetration through the inner skin layer.

The fiber structure of Nano Bio-Cellulose is 1/1000 times thinner than human hair. Hence, the mask can retain a high volume of serum, allowing deeper contact of the skins crevices and wrinkles.

Among the 3 types, the first thing I need is a moisture boost.
Hence I'm using the Hydrate Away Moisturizing Bio-cellulose Mask!

There are 3 types to choose from:
❤ Hydrate Away Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask
Deeply hydrate, repair and clarify skin.

❤ Age Eraser Youth Preserving Bio-Cellulose Mask 
Firm up skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

❤ Soothe Me Now Soothing Bio-Cellulose Mask
Calm, repair and rejuvenate skin.

The texture of the mask is so smooth and soft, thanks to the nano bio-cellulose structure. I appreciate the use of double layer of gauze sheet protection for hygiene purpose. Upon removing the protective layers, the mask feels very thick and does not tear off easily.

It feels like soaking the skin with lots of moisture essence!
Very comfortable, soothing and relaxing especially after a long day out.

The bio-cellulose texture of mask makes it "stick" extra well on the face. Perfect fit for Asian face size too. 

Don't waste the remaining "essence" in the sheet pack! Always apply it over the neck.

 What I Like: 
The mask gives a moisturizing and soothing boost to my skin instantly. Plus, the essence is quickly absorbed into the skin, hence putting on the mask for 15 minutes is more than enough for maximum absorption of nutrients into the skin. 

The best part is, it delivers clinical proven result effectively - The skin hydration level increases by 15.6% after 2 hours of single use, and subsequently increases by 16.1% after 4 hours of single use.

*Results based on an independent clinical study, individual may vary.

b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask Pack and Nano Bio-Cellulose Mask Sheets are currently available at SASA and major online stores (HERMOLazada, 11street and GEMFIVE).

Special Discount For You!
You can enjoy 25% OFF upon any purchase on b.liv online store
by entering my code upon checkout:

For more information, please visit:
Website: www.bliv.com/my
Instagram: instagram.com/bliv

27 August, 2017

August Fashion Haul from DressLily

Howdy babes! ❤ It's time again to show you guys my fashion haul of the month.
Start following me on Instagram for more fashion shots if you haven't!

This month's fashion loots come from DressLily, an overseas shopping site that ships internationally. My parcel is air-flown from Hong Kong into Malaysia and it takes only 1 week! Thanks Kerry Express for the great job all the time.

FYI, standard shipping is FREE for any orders on this website.
So no worries about the shipping fees and just keep shopping!

Glad that my parcel arrives just in time before my Sydney trip, so I can put on new outfits during this vacation. Let's see what I have gotten for USD40.00….

High-waisted Belted Slim Cut Pants
(Direct Link: HERE)

Let's welcome the first addition to my wardrobe. Although I don't usually wear long or 3/4 pants (because of my wide hips), I can't resist the beautiful ruffle trim design at the waist. It is a pair of perfect linen pants, updated in a pastel pink shade, with slim cut at the ankle. 

Classic with a twist, that's how I love it to be.

A versatile piece for mix-and-match outfits to fit into different formal / informal occasions.

Lace-up V-neck Knit Sweater
(Direct Link: HERE)

One piece of bottom is just nice, now here comes another piece which is my personal favourite. Showing off this piece of comfortable, loosely-fit knit sweater along the vibrant street of Sydney is just perfect as I can feel the winter breezes during this season.

However, I find it rather long for my height (162cm) as it turns out to fit as a knit dress instead of a knit top.

Zooming into the details, I can't help but to fall in love with the lace-up V-shaped neckline and and lace-up sides around the wrist. Nice to cuddle with it too.

Turquoise Geometric Leaf Charm Bracelet
(Direct Link: HERE)

Oh ya, did I forget to mention that DressLily also offers a wide variety of trendy tea length dresses, fashionable clothing as well as accessories, bags, watches etc to complete the outfit? I pick a thin silver bangle beautifully adorned with turquoise leaf charms to pair with my watch. Classic!

❤ Reliable, fast delivery.
❤ Wide variety and latest trends.
❤ Good quality clothing that is true-to-size.
❤ Minimal difference between real-life products and product pictures online.

Let's go shopping now! xoxo.

25 August, 2017

The Tokyo Restaurant @ ISETAN KL - BEST Cheesecake in Town!

When a real good cheesecake becomes a hot topic in town, curiosity kicks in. It is interesting to find that such a real Japanese restaurant is famed for its cheesecake rather than for its well-executed sushi, tonkatsu and yakiniku. After sampling most items on the dinner menu, I’d say The Tokyo Restaurant is fairly an all-rounder in the fusion Japanese items ranging from sushi rolls to burgers and salad.

The Tokyo Restaurant, 4th Floor at The Table, ISETAN Japan Store KL

“The Table” is like a dining loft, occupying the entire 4th floor of ISETAN The Japan Store in KL as it houses 5 top-notch Japanese restaurants under one roof, so you can try a medley of authentic Japanese food and drinks here. And the most popular one is, by far, The Tokyo Restaurant.

This tastefully designed restaurant bar cum café offers an eclectic ambiance where diners can enjoy a fusion Japanese menu at the dining area overlooking the open kitchen, or take a sip of signature cocktails at the bar, during the day or night.

Note: Be prepared to queue during busy hours i.e. Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Dinner Menu: 6pm - 11pm

The Tokyo Restaurant not only gives a taste of Japanese cuisine, but also a good mix of Western, Chinese, Mexican and Italian. The variety of sushi rolls here is limited but unique – Foie Gras Sushi and Wagyu Aburi Sushi are amongst the premium ones that catch my attention.

Tofu Wakame Seaweed Salad @ RM14

We thought of ordering some basic salads such as the Tofu Salad and signature TTR COBB Salad but never have we expected that the salads will turn out to be so awesome.

The tofu salad is something more of a healthy Japanese style as it is heavily loaded with tofu, wakame seaweed, vegetables and crispy salmon skin. Not forgetting to mention the drizzles of roasted sesame sauce around the platter, with bonito flakes dancing on top.

TTR COBB Salad @ RM14

TTR COBB Salad features a delicious medley of deep fried shrimp, chicken, gorgonzola cheese and summer salad, all topped with generous drizzles of salsa-like "tabasco mayonnaise" that adds a zesty kick to the overall healthy combination. Both salads are great options for light eaters.

Sushi Roll Platter (6 pieces) @ RM38
California Roll, Unagi Eel Sushi and Salmon Ikura Sushi; 2 pieces each

The sushi rolls are mind-blowing! Unlike many Japanese eateries, The Tokyo Restaurant does not have a full-fledged sushi bar serving an extensive range of sashimi and sushi. But the few selections of sushi that they serve here are made perfect – yes, by saying “perfect”, I mean they are all fresh, appealing and taste great.

First timers should go for the trio sushi platter where 3 types of signature sushi are beautifully presented on a platter – Unagi Eel Roll, Salmon Ikura Roll and California Maki. The taste? Absolutely fresh, well-flavoured and delicious combination that you shouldn’t miss. Highly recommended!

Unagi Eel Roll (2 pieces) @ RM14

We just can’t get enough of the Unagi Eel Roll (Yes, they’re just too good!) hence we add an additional portion (2 pieces) to satisfy the unagi cravings. The melty texture of unagi and its thick sauce coating is just irresistible for any unagi fans. I love how the sushi rice is rolled with roasted sesame for an added aroma and texture.

Sashimi Sushi Tacos (2 pieces) @ RM18

We are craving for more sushi but we are done with the rice for now. Hence, we opt for the Sashimi Sushi Tacos, a modern interpretation of sushi by replacing rice with mini pita pockets. The sashimi, again, is melting good and I am amazed by the excellent combination of flavours it creates!

Beef Teriyaki Burger @ RM36
Home-patty with teriyaki sauce served with French fries

I am not a beef person so I may not appreciate the big beef burger – two soft charcoal sesame buns layered with thick beef patty – but it seems that my dining partner is not impressed too. The burger is mediocre, lacking of some juiciness from the patty.

Umami French Fries @ RM14

Unfortunately, the fries served with the burger are disappointing. Hence we opt for something more flavourful. The Umami fries represent an enhanced version of fries, as it is well-seasoned and topped with sprinkles of bonito flakes. The homemade mixed salsa sauce is the bomb! So addictive that I have to ask for another helping of the sauce. 

[MUST ORDER!] 6th Avenue Cheesecake @ RM18

Be warned, this is not an ordinary cheesecake. It achieves that "firm" cake texture, but when the whipped cream slowly sips into the "pores" of the cake, it melts the cake away and turns into creamy, pasty texture. As the rich creamy cheesecake melts in the mouth, strong aroma of milk explodes on the palate - So good, so satisfying especially cheese lovers!

After meal, adjourn to the bar serving cocktails and wines if you feel like chilling a little longer there. It is also common for diners to grab a leisurely drink here before their meal at the other restaurants at The Table.

1. Be prepared for spending at least RM50 per pax, but the food and experience here are totally worth every penny spent.
2. Excellent food quality and taste although the menu may be quite limited for some.
3. The search is over, I can have my most favourite cheesecake here! The Cheesecake is the No.1 must-try item here. Will definitely be back for more, but it’d be even better if I can have a whole cake for my birthday!

The Tokyo Restaurant. Bar & Cafe
4F The Table
ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur
LOT 10, No. 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2119 2622
Business Hours: 11am to 11pm (last order 10pm)
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