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13 August, 2017

Review: MAMONDE Flower Pop Eye Brick + Blusher

It’s been only a year plus journey for Mamonde’s expansion journey in Malaysia but
the brand has never failed to wow us with new floral-inspired lineup and brand concept.

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If you do not already know, Mamonde is a skincare brand that mainly uses only flowers as its key ingredient. Latest in the store are the 2 new Mamonde products – Flower Pop Eye Brick and Flower Pop Blusher.

Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick (2.3g x 4) @ RM99

Available in 5 colours:
No.1 Golden Beige
No.2 Laura Coral (as shown on picture above)
No.3 Burgundy Pansy
No.4 Pale Purple
No.5 Rosy Road

I’m in love with Mamonde’s all-new multipurpose, portable eyeshadow quad! Look at the pearlescent shades with light shimmers, so pretty right? Plus, it is infused with White Flower Complex (which comprises Madonna Lily, Edelweiss and Lily Magnolia) that helps keep the skin around the eyes moisturised.

How To Use:
Step 1: Lightly apply and spread the base colour (#2) over the eyelids.
Step 2: Apply the medium colour (#3) up to the centre of the eyelids and blend the colours.
Step 3: Give a touch of the deep colour (#4) along the lashes to add dimension to the look.
Step 4: Add an extra touch of the highlight colour (#1) at the centre of the eyelids and along the under lashes for a shimmering effect.

My No.2 Laura Coral palette is a sweet-looking palette of 4 golden shades:
Light gold, basic gold, rose gold and shimmery bronze.

The fine powder is easy to pick up using a brush, and it glides smoothly along the eyelids.

Very smooth, almost gel-like texture that sits on the eyelids well.

Color Payoff (Without Flash)

Color Payoff (With Flash)

Color Payoff: 
The shades are shimmery but very light. The beautiful blend of colors is beautiful,
plus it does not look heavy and mottled on the eyes.

No traces of excess powder upon application over other parts of the face.

What I Like: 
The shade I am using here (No.2 Laura Coral) is suitable for a sweet "princess" makeup look.
If you love that naturally-looking, demure eye makeup, this is for you.

Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher (7.5g) @ RM59>

Who say blushers must be pink or red? Mamonde has recently released this series of newly-formulated blusher that offers an array of fresh colours to brighten up the complexion. No, it doesn’t contain any shimmering pearls, but it comes with a coat of camellia oil that promises a glowing complexion once applied onto the cheek.

Available in 6 different shades:
No.1 Pansy (as shown on picture above)
No.3 Daisy
No.5 Peony
No.6 Camellia
No.7 Rose Bay
No.8 Ginger

The formula is rather special here – It uses the Flexible Binder System to hold the highly pure powder particles in ensuring a clear, sheer and longer lasting colour on the cheek.

Inside the clear, see-through round casing, the blush is molded into a rose shape. Plus, it also comes with floral fragrances. Isn’t this a love at first sight?

The shade No.1 Pansy is a basic purple blusher, which many people tend to shy away because the color often appears shockingly deep or strong, but hey it can actually be more natural looking than the basic pink or peach! In fact, purple shade is great for color correction and brightening the complexion.

How To Use:
#1 Apply a little bit directly under your eyes to brighten dark circles.
#2 Apply lightly on cheeks and pair with pinky eye shadow and a pinky-nude lipcolor.
#3 Use it as a lipstick balancer.

Texture / Adherence: 
Fine, smooth powder is easy to apply against the cheekbones and stay in place well.

What I Like: 
I love pairing it with a peachy nude lip for that "softer" korean look.
Overall, the blusher is pretty versatile and pairs well with different makeup combinations.

Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick and Flower Pop Blusher are available at all Mamonde beauty counters nationwide.

A quick shoutout for the grand opening of Mamonde’s 6th beauty counter at Parkson KLCC!

Remember to check out the design of this beauty counter based on its latest brand concept ‘Journey of Flowers’, featuring an illustration of Mamonde’s very own pressed-flower pattern at the centre. Service wise, on top of skin consultation, the new counter also offers complimentary Flower Touch Hand Massage service to all its customers.

For more information about Mamonde, please visit:

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