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21 January, 2018

JONLIVIA Launches the First Skincare-Fitness Fusion Pants & Simplezy Challenge Finale

Do you remember my review for JONLIVIA Unisex Physio Braces and Hotpants S+ in 2016? After being a satisfied user of JONLIVIA hot pants, now I am getting my second pair of pants from them which is the all-new BlazePants Brightening Series

JONLIVIA BlazePants Brightening Series

Newly launched in 2018, this pair of latest skincare-fitness fusion pants has 3-in-1 functions:
❤ Burn calories 4 times faster
❤ Provide 50% UV protection
❤ Brighten and moisturize skin

It is also the very first fitness pants made of White Rose Brightening Technology, which uses hundreds of organic rose petal components to help release vitamins and minerals to brighten the skin. With this BlazePants, we not only can burn more than 2000 calories, but also have our skin brighter than before. 

I personally love the snug fit, and airy fabric with built-in ventilation that gives
maximum comfort while wearing it for both indoor and outdoor activities. 

Now, meet Jon Lai, the mastermind behind this successful brand! 

In conjunction to the launch of the BlazePants Brightening Series, JONLIVIA has gathered more than 1,000 people at Boulevard, Ground Floor of Paradigm Mall recently to host the Slimplezy Challenge Finale and first giveaway of JONLIVIA Blazebelt to the loyal customers.  

Also during the event, JONLIVIA showcased the brand new active apparel look,
featuring the trendy bags from THULE.

Slimplezy Challenge is the first ever major event sponsored by JONLIVIA to pit 20 people against one another to a fitness goal. The 20 contestants from all walks of life gather for a series of high-intensity workouts and challenge themselves towards losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle.

After 1.5 months of intense training, here comes the most exciting moment when the grand winner is announced.

The grand prize winner managed to lose 3.8kg in just 1.5 month time! And all the top three winners
have walked away with cash prizes and return flight ticket sponsored by AirAsia. How cool is that! 

Once again, congratulations to all the winners and I'm looking forward to the next challenge organized by JONLIVIA!

For more information about JONLIVIA, please visit:
Instagram: @jonlivia


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