02 January, 2018

Stay Healthy & Beautiful with GINTELL

Say Hello to the international supermodel and GINTELL brand ambassador, Amber Chia!

New year, new resolutions! We want to stay healthy and beautiful everyday, don't we? GINTELL, Malaysia's leading healthcare product chain store has recently organized a health and welllness fair at IOI Mall Puchong to raise awareness on the importance of healthy lifestyle and achieving a balance between beauty and health.

This event marks the first collaboration between GINTELL and Amber Chia Academy as the students from the academy are invited for a fashion show performance at the mall.

Students of Amber Chia Academy are divided into 2 categories -- adult and children.
One of the kid models on stage is only 4 years old; How talented she is!

The event is graced with the presence of Amber Chia. She mentions that people can go great lengths in order to become more beautiful, but more often than not they neglect the other aspect in life which is health. GINTELL"s innovation on the massage chair such as the yoga stretch and acupuncture points is a great start for healthy lifestyle.

Do you know that physical inactivity is one of the leading risk factors for global mortality? Especially in this technology era, a lot of us tend to have very sedentary lifestyle everyday. That's why GINTELL's revolutionary massage chairs come in handy as a healthy alternative to those with inactive lifestyle to enjoy this luxurious comfort at their own homes.

The newly launched DeSpace Star of the UFO Massage Chairs that Amber is sitting on, boasts unique elements such as the Moon Hand Grasp feature. This is an intelligently designed massage roller balls using a very humanized massage technique. So, you will enjoy the massage as if a real masseur is doing the job for you!

There is also the 4D Reflex Spa which is a complete reflexology session involving calf and knee heating therapy, covering all 27 acupuncture points.

GINTELL's DeSpace Star also comes with pre-set massage programmes such as the 210-degree Yoga Stretch programme which helps prevent hunchback, o- and x-shaped leg and kyphosis as well as improve joint mobility, body posture and balance along with correcting body alignments. How to enjoy these benefits? Make sure you use the massage chair regularly!

On top of that, GINTELL also features the i-Sensing System which automatically measures the users' body length accurately and provide support to users of height up to 180cm. Other impressive features include the Zero Gap Recliner for space-saving techniques, i-Memory Programme for personalised massage techniques and Zero Gravity for users' ultimate comfort.

You can try out the massaging chairs at the roadshow or visit any of the 100++ branches in major malls across Malaysia.

GINTELL DeSpace Star massage chair is currently priced at RM11,836, and the good news is...
You can enjoy a special launching rebate of RM2,000 with every purchase of DeSpace Star from 1 January 2018 onwards!

For more information about GINTELL, please visit:
Call: 1800-88-6332
Website: www.gintell.com

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