20 April, 2018

Natasha by dr. Fredi Setyawan Beauty and Wellness Centre @ Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

Hi, I am here at Natasha by dr. Fredi Setyawan Beauty and Wellness Centre in Bangsar! 

When I first heard about Natasha by dr. Fredi Setyawan, I honestly do not know it is so popular in Indonesia! In fact, Natasha is one of the leading Indonesian brands for skincare, with close to 100 outlets open in all major cities.

The story begins over 20 years ago when dr. Fredi Setyawan, eager to care for his wife, first created personalized skincare for her. Over the years, he has invested lots of time in learning more about facial treatment techniques and attending numerous international beauty seminars.

The products developed by dr. Fredi is specially catered for the skin of the tropical Southeast Asian region's inhabitants. From the first Natasha outlet in Ponorogo, East Java, the expansion has gone global.

And now we are glad to be at its very first flagship store in Malaysia....located along Jalna Maarof, Bangsar (same row as McDonald's)!

During the introduction session, we get to know some of the most popular products among Natasha's beauty line -- Facial Cleanser, CC Cream, Neck Cream and Mask

Besides that, there are also plenty of products for the skin, body, neck and hair. Pricewise, they fall within the low to moderate range, with each item priced between RM20 to RM150. Let's look at them one by one....

Natasha Skincare Products
❤ Facial Cleanser
❤ Toner
❤ Serum
❤ Day Cream
❤ Night Cream
❤ Eye Cream
❤ Sunblock

Natasha Skincare Series for Men
❤ Facial Wash
❤ Sunscreen Gel SPF30
❤ Oil Control Serum
❤ Refreshing Moisture Gel

Natasha's Hair Series
❤ Shampoo
❤ Herbal Conditioner
❤ Anti-dandruff Serum / Hair Growth Serum
❤ Oil Hair Vitamin / Water Hair Vitamin

For Body and Neck
❤ Body Lotion
❤ Bath Shower
❤ Neck Day Cream / Neck Night Cream

❤ UV Two-way Cake
❤ Silky Loose Powder
❤ Lipsticks

Dr Christy (most left) is also here with us at the meet-and-greet session to share with us the latest beauty tips and tricks so that we can get to know more about our skin and take better care of it.

Demonstration using Facial Cleanser Oxygen (O2) Bubble

The 2-in-1 Natasha Bubble Facial Cleanser is the star product among all, which I personally love it too because it can be applied directly onto the skin (no water required!) and then it effectively cleanses away the dirts using its micro-bubble technology.

Plus, you don't need any makeup remover before using this cleanser. How nice it is to do two steps in one! Ideal for travelling :) 

....followed by a quick demo on how to apply the CC Cream too.

Natasha is not just a place for us to shop for good skincare, but also to seek professional consultation and enjoy various treatments for the face and body. For members, there will be plenty of privileges and special promotions specially for you guys from time to time. 

While touring one of Natasha's treatment rooms, I notice the room is so cosy and comfortable
that I can spent one whole afternoon being pampered here from head to toe.

At Natasha, you can choose from various types of facial treatments specially targetted for different skin issues: Acne reduction, rejuvenation, brightening, peeling pigmentation, peeling moisturising etc.

For clinical aesthetics treatments, there are many types available here too: 
❤ Filler and botox
❤ Laser treatments
❤ Platelet Rich Plasma
❤ Microoxy dermabration
❤ HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
❤ Tripollar Radio Frequency
❤ Medical injection
❤ Subcision
❤ Mesolift
❤ Jetpeel
❤ Lifting

For the individual treatment room, it offers greater privacy amidst an equally comfortable ambiance.

This place is so cool! They even have a hair treatment room for customers.

For spa treatments, you can also choose from different packages of
foot soak, massage, scrub, milk bath treatments.

Well, if you think Natasha is just a "clinic" or beauty centre, then you are wrong. On the second floor, it even has a cosy and relaxing lounge area for customers to chill and relax, for the best of overall experience here. 

Oh did I forget to mention that Natasha even has its own magazine? How awesome is that.

Overall, Natasha is an amazing one-stop centre to keep us beautiful from head to toe. With the good quality of products and services plus the prime location in Bangsar, I believe you should drop by at Natasha and experience it yourselves.

For more information about Natasha, please visit:
 Natasha by dr. Fredi Setyawan
No. 96, Jalan Maarof,
Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.
Call: 03-2201 9922 / 03-2201 9944
Instagram: @natashaskin_my
Business Hours: 10am - 8pm daily

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