28 May, 2018

Raya Fashion Shopping Haul : Walk Comfortably with Bata Shoes

Hi! If you have been following me on Instagram, I am sure you have seen plenty of #FiShOOTD ❤ Since I have a dinner party over the weekend, today's outfit is pretty cool-chic style, featuring my recent shopping haul from Bata.

Dress: from Bangkok
Leather Jacket: Zaful
Heels: Bata
Necklace: Soufeel
Hair: Number76

Taking a closer look, I have chosen a pair of mid pointed heels with velvet straps and buckle details,
in turquoise blue color that fits into the Raya celebration theme.

My Shopping Experience in Bata
Bata has been one of the hottest topics in town recently. Apart from Malaysians' current favourite RM11.99 slippers worn by our beloved Prime Minister, do you know that Bata actually has plenty more products to offer?

In conjunction to the Raya festive season, Bata has introduced the latest Hari Raya 2018 Collection, featuring plenty of mid to high heels, sandals for women, leather shoes for men and children's selection too.

 And I have been eyeing on the latest collection of pointed heels
which come in a comfortable height, beautiful colors and designs.

Some of the heels from the Raya collection which I have tried. Which would look the best on me?

Personally I prefer mid-high heels so that I can walk comfortably in them, that's why I choose this pair of Bata heels. Design wise, the simple strap design and turqoise blue color exude a sense of elegance that allows me to put them on for any formal occasions. 

Plus, the strap design is able to hold the feet securely and comfortably.
Among the 3 colors available (timeless beige, lavender pink and turqoise blue),
the latter is most vibrant yet easy to match with any outfit.

Oh did I forget to mention that Bata is having a Raya promotion now?

From 18 May 2018 onwards, spend RM149 in a single receipt and
get RM25 discount voucher and one Marie Claire wristlet for free.

*While stock lasts.

Time to locate the nearest Bata Stores among the 228 outlets across Malaysia and start shopping!

For more information about Bata, please visit:
Website: www.bata.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/BataHome
Instagram: @BataMalaysia

23 May, 2018

CIMB F.I.R.S.T. Customised Solution for You

Do you remember all your FIRST experiences being an "adult"?
Perhaps from financially independent to building your own family? 

At my current age (mid-twenties), many people have been telling me to buy my own car, a house, and then get married etc. At the first instance, I thought it may seem a little far-fetched to talk about settling down and preparing myself for my 'own family'. But on the second thought, it is never too early to plan! 

Unlike our parents' era, we are so privileged now to have proper services from banks to assist us in our financial planning. So, I am here being one of the first users of the recently-launched CIMB F.I.R.S.T. 

CIMB F.I.R.S.T. is all about getting personal to us, consumers. It is the first in-market, holistic solution that fulfills the first 5 basic banking and financial needs:

F: Finance
Ideal financing for property / car / tailor made personal loan.
I: Insure
Coverage for illnesses.and retirement.
R: Returns
Customise your own investment portfolio and accumulate wealth.
S: Save
Save while you spend!
T: Transact
Enjoy cash rebates when you use credit card.

Tengku Dato' Sri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, Group CEO of CIMB Group
 was here with us during the launch of CIMB F.I.R.S.T. to give us a better insight of this financial tool.

From left to right:
Mr. Mohamed Rafe Haneef, CEO of Group Islamic Banking;
Mr. Samir Gupta, CEO of Group Consumer Banking;
Tengku Dato' Sri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, Group CEO of CIMB Group;
Mr. Mohamed Adam Wee Abdullah, Group Chief Marketing Officer; and
Mr. Desmond Teoh, Regional Head of Preferred Banking and Segment.

The launch event was also graced by the fellow celebrity friends.

Mr. Desmond Teoh, Regional Head of Preferred Banking and Segment 
briefly explained on how does CIMB F.I.R.S.T.  work.

Based on the demo, it actually sounds very promising especially for those in mid-twenties who are uncertain about what's coming next in life. 

Before you walk into any CIMB Bank branch, you can always get started with CIMB F.I.R.S.T.  at www.cimbbank.com.my/cimbfirst to discover your financial needs or goals. All you need to do is to answer 3 questions on the self-profiler and it will map out a customized financial solution based on your profile.

Here's how CIMB F.I.R.S.T. works.

Step 1: Choose the category you are in.
Whether you are a student, single professional, married couple, family, retiree, entrepreneur
or expatriate, CIMB F.I.R.S.T. has some personal financial advice for you.

Step 2: Input your current age and monthly income.

After answering the 3 questions, the CIMB F.I.R.S.T. self-profiler will let you know what you need  or can do. In other words, it gives you customized products and services to help you achieve your financial goals based on your profile or life stage.

At my age, my main concerns are merely getting my own car and house. But after using CIMB F.I.R.S.T., I realise I need to plan more than that. Having sound investment, insurance plans, saving and smooth day-to-day transaction matters are equally crucial. So, let's get started with CIMB F.I.R.S.T. to know what your financial needs are. 

To find out more on CIMB F.I.R.S.T., please visit:

22 May, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: ELIANTO Durian Musang King Makeup Collection

Are you a durian lover? ❤ When the Malaysian cosmetic brand, Elianto Make Up unveils its very first tropical-inspired make up collection made from the King of All Fruits -- Durian Musang King -- it wows me and I am really curious about it. 

ELIANTO has always been known as a brand synonymous with beauty using natural botanical skincare. But the limited edition durian-flavoured collection is a huge surprise for many, because who would have thought of "smelling and tasting" durian on the eyes, face, lips and even body?

As we know, Musang King durian itself has very deep yellow flesh. Hence, when incorporated into the makeup collection, it gives rich yellow colors for the lip care, lip color, highlighter, mono eyeshadows and lastly its refreshing yet earthy scent of Durio Bloom EDP fragrance

Let's see how we can play with the bright, pigmented colors!

 Durian Musang King Lip Care (SPF18) (3.3g) @ RM39.90 each
Available in 2 colors:
#1 Natural Pinkish Color
#2 Light Yellow

Can you imagine tasting durian on the lips using the Durian Musang King Lip Care everyday? Despite of the strong durian scent on the nose, I actually can't taste any durian on the lips. 

Yellow shade is actually colorless on the lips.

Whereas the pinkish shade gives a natural healthy pink touch to the lips.

As it contains moisturising yet non-greasy natural ingredients such as Natural Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil and Vitamin E, it works well as a lip balm for better hydration and comfort. Plus, it also has SPF18 to protect lips from harmful UV rays. 

How To Use:
Apply evenly on lips as often as needed, especially under dry, cold or windy conditions.
Use before applying lip color.

Durian Musang King Lip Colour (2.6ml) @ RM39.90

For those who are daring to play with colors, this distinctive and highly pigmented Musang King golden yellow lip color is for you. The creamy texture glides smoothly on the lips and finishes it with a velvety smooth, slightly matte finish.

Interestingly, the sweet durian scented formula initially gives an intense flavour on the lips then it subsequently turns into a subtle yet soothing scent.

How To Use:
Apply evenly on clean and dry lips.

Durian Musang King Eyeshadows (2.5g) @ RM19.90 each
Available in 2 colors:
#1 Yellow
#2 Cocoa

Even the eyeshadows smell pleasantly good with durian scent! And I love how its micronize pigments formula gives a softer and more velvety finish.

How To Use:
Apply onto eyelides / under eyes using eyeshadow brush and blend out gently.

Although the 2 vibrant Musang King shades can be applied alone or blended for more attractive look, I find that it is lacking of adherence on the eyelid. And the color is not as pigmented as I'd expect.

Durian Musang King Highlighter (6g) @ RM59.90

Lastly, it is the yellow highlighter which I feel kinda skeptical about because it is sheer yellow in color, matte and nothing shimmery. Nevertheless, this shade still works well to brighten up the contours and give a naturally radiant look.

How To Use:
Apply small amount along your cheekbones with a blusher brush, and blend well.

1. Overall, ELIANTO Musang King tropical makeup collection gives a total change to my usual makeup routine.
2. Kudos to Elianto for these innovative products for transforming our occasional durian fruit indulgence into something we can enjoy everyday!
3. Ideal for those who love trying out makeup products in a fresh, playful and daring way.

ELIANTO Musang King makeup collection is available at 50 selected Watsons stores and Watsons online at www.watsons.com.my.

For more information about Watsons Malaysia, please visit:
Instagram: @watsonsmy

To find out more about ELIANTO makeup, please visit:
Facebook: fb.com/eliantomakeup
Instagram: @elianto_make_up

19 May, 2018

Playing with Hair Style x Addwigs

Hi! I am not sure if you guys love playing with your hair style -- be it hair length or color -- but one thing for sure is, I believe, you should at least try out with wigs before changing your hairstyle or when dolling up for special occasions.

Recently I saw this website called Addwigs that offers a lot of premium quality hair wigs in different styles. Do you know that having a fabulous hair day not only change one's style but also the state of mind? That's why Addwigs always emphasizes on fine quality and attention-to-detail manufacturing of hair products for satisfying the customers.

Price wise, I find that hair wigs are not cheap. But since Addwigs is the hair wig distributor and manufacturer, you can get better deals there. 

Taylor Swift Celebrity Customized Human Hair Lace Wig
(Direct Link: HERE)

The first thing that caught my attention is the customised lace celebrity wigs, which means that you can have your favourite celebrity's hairstyle anytime you want! I have always liked this America’s most untouchable pop sweetheart, Taylor Swift, and I thought having a blonde wig similar to her hairstyle could be something cool! What do you think?

10-inch Short Curly Style Bob Wigs 100% Human Hair Lace Wigs
(Direct Link: HERE)

Another possible style that I would consider is the bob style wig. I have never cut my hair short before, but if I ever wonder how would I look like with a bob haircut, I guess getting this wig is a good start. The bob style looks so natural and comes in various textures and lengths too.

Loose Curly Human Hair Full Lace Wigs
(Direct Link: HERE)

The wigs are available in 360-lace, lace front, full lace or U-Part options, but I personally think that  full lace wig is probably the best pick because of its incredibly natural appearance. Plus, it is easier to wear a full lace wig that is completed with sheer lace base covering the whole head. It is lighter and more breathable for the head so you wouldn't feel anything!

Now, tell me which is your favourite too!
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